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Feature Friday #29: Chamillionaire – Fly As The Sky (Feat Lil Wayne & Rasaq)

Fri, Jun 13, 2014 by

Chamillionaire Fly As The Sky Feat Lil Wayne & Rasaq

This week’s “Feature Friday” portion is Chamillionaire‘s “Fly As The Sky” song featuring a verse from Lil Wayne, as well as a verse from his younger brother Rasaq.

The Mannie Fresh-produced track appears on Chamillionaire‘s debut studio album, The Sound Of Revenge, which was released back in 2005.

“They call me Birdman Junior, I’m flyer than the rest; I’m tryin’ to get a couple cool pigeons to the nest; And if you look at how the jewels glisten on my chest; Then you will be impressed, and yes that’s VS”

You can listen to “Fly As The Sky” after the jump below!

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  • Elliott

    Mannie fresh killed this beat

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    shit how many collabs to cham and weezy have? i only heard rock star i think

    • Get it shawty remix and the PNC remix.

      • YMCorey

        Party like a rockstar too

        • What do you think the PNC remix is?

          • cvon

            That’s my shit!

        • Linoh Loccl

          Party like a rockstar was da shit bro !! Weezy killed da fckn song !! I still bump dat song lol

    • Nathan Bryant

      Rock Star was dope.

  • What happened to Chamillionaire?

    Does he still make music?

    • fewcha

      i think so

    • DannyK

      Yes but in small doses

    • TellMTheName

      Hell yeah. He is busy with his album. After leaving Universal he released a boatload of tracks and 3 EP’s.

  • 2014

    mannnn I need some c5 updates

  • fewcha

    2005? shiiittttt that was nearly 10 years ago O_o

  • burgers lol

    who remembers when weezy was at the Houston university?

  • This Was Dope

    “Me and Lil Wayne spotting game, leave ya girl Weezy like his name”

  • JayHighAss

    Lil Wayne’s the president
    Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em
    Even if they celibate
    I know the game is crazy
    It’s more crazy than it’s ever been
    I’m married to that crazy bitch
    Call me Kevin Federline
    It’s obvious that he’ll be Cash Money till the death of him
    The ground shall break when they bury him, bury him
    I know one day they got to bury him
    Better lock my casket tight baby so I don’t

    • cvon

      Let the devil in…

    • Time

      Wayne’s best song

      • Weezy Da God

        It’s def on of his best songs for sure!

  • DannyK

    This was a hidden gem. No one talked about this track

    • TellMTheName

      Everything from Chamillionaire is still hidden. Only Ridin’ is know by people while he made so much better tracks.

  • master v

    Mike will made it just tweeted dat buy the world snippet dropin today,sign up to receive the snippet

    • PhilWeezy

      How do we receive the snippet I signed up already I’m confused can I have help please?

    • Skenny

      I don’t have a zipcode lol

    • Time

      The snippet will be posted on the forums when it gets released

  • Nathan Bryant

    You should start posting pics that relate to the post when doing Feature Friday or TBT.

    • Time

      I just googled ‘Lil Wayne Chamillionaire’ and there was no pics of them together. What Danny is doing is fine by posting new Wayne photos for the articles

      • 3Peat

        You didnt look very hard lol

    • d1440

      fuck ya feelings

  • nigga please

    I just saw a turk 2014 mtv interview he talking about the Lil Wayne and Birdman kiss was normal and They all used to do it he said all of them look up to bird man as a father and they was young and it was a household thing but he admitted that he will never do it now and the fans in the media blew it out of proportion you said nobody was gay they were just young and look at him as a father now I’m the biggest Lil Wayne fan ever and a hot Boyz fan and I don’t think neither one of them is gay but the fact that they use to kiss gay as f*** but I’m over that now that’s over 15 years ago wayne has shown us he loves pussy

  • Tune Up

    Call it what you want, baby just don’t call the cops
    Let em chase that drop, I’ma chase that guap

  • Jay weezle

    The buy the world snippet is dropping today, better sign up on that website


    Be sure to go to Mike Will’s twitter to sign up to get your snippet for Buy The World later today

  • Young Hitta

    I remember this song, this was my shit back in middle school

  • Jay weezle


    • Time


  • Weezy Fan

    Wayne on 0 to 100 for D6

  • LuvCoolJ

    This is my favorite era of wayne…that bullshit he on now tho, smh

  • Anti

    Glad I never heard this

  • Ym

    Damn I miss this flow

  • tunexx

    The buy the world snippet is out.. sounds dope

  • PhilWeezy

    Yo buy the world snippet is out!! Post it Danny it has half of weezys verse! Song sounds nice!!

  • PhilWeezy

    Yo buy the world snippet is out!! Sounds dope!!

  • Ym

    Buy the world snippet is out weezy bodied that shit

  • TBRA

    Buy the world!!!


    On that buy the world snippet Seems like Wayne really stepped up fr ! It played the end of wayne’s verse and only a few seconds of the start of Kendrick’s..

    But this nigga Mike Will made us,wait this long for this? Hyping it up like crazy.. Only way this song will really take off is if Wayne and Kendrick perform this at the BET awards. . The song seem like it will be good.. But not like how Mike Will hyped it up to be.. Unless Wayne snapped through his whole verse and kendrick started snapping .. I can’t tell what direction kendrick went in yet from the snippet

  • Ricardo Sousa

    Link For Download!!

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