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Reginae Carter Drives Her Father Lil Wayne Around [Video]

Fri, Jun 13, 2014 by

Reginae Carter Drives Her Father Lil Wayne Around

Today, Reginae Carter uploaded a video to her Instagram page of her driving her father who we all know as Lil Wayne around. In the clip, Tyga’s “Hookah” single featuring Young Thug can also be heard playing on the radio.

It’s crazy to see how fast time has gone, because I’m sure we all remember seeing Reginae as a little girl on The Carter Documentary. Nae Nae will be releasing her Young Money debut music video for “Mind Going Crazy” soon too!

Hit the jump to watch the short video of Reginae Carter driving her pops Weezy around!

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  • Ya heard me

    Wayne should remix hookah on dedication 6

    • fewcha

      and keep that thugger hook

  • pazz

    daaammnnnn now naenae can drive? I feel old rofl

  • justicefortrayvon

    She took him to the studio #Carter5season

  • Aww that’s cute.

    • Young Hitta

      Please Pause!!!!!

      • Tha fuck. It’s daughter and father. You are obviously an orphan.

        • Young Hitta

          I know but still……..and no im not an orphan, dont try me nigga!!!

    • Cups stuffed

      u fukkin need stop dickriding, u comment every post to much staph bruh

  • fewcha

    imagine the hate she would of got if she crashed lol

    • polo

      stfu dickrider

  • Young Hitta

    Lol!!!!!!!! You know Wayne gettin old when reginae driving him lol but atleast he went to the studio tho lmao

  • Oink

    Can weezy even drive himself lol?

  • Oliver

    Feature Friday Danny?


    good thing he went to the studio wayne should do like 14 tracks alone on c5 than he can feature other artists on other tracks

  • Taylor

    No!!!!!!! I feel so old!!! I remember when Nae was just a baby and Wayne was bringing her to the award shows back in the hot boy days

  • Brent

    See y’all are at ground and my daughter is my sky

  • LuvTunechi

    Tuu adorable. ;+)) I remember when toya was pregnant with Nae. It is so cute watching her drive. My Beautiful Boo Wayne is an amazing father n alwayz has been. He is luving n would du anything tu b there for all his kids. ♡♡♡♡♡TUNE♡♡♡♡♡


      …… alrighty

  • Linoh Locc

    Thanks cool , now sum c5 news lol

  • King Weezy F

    Wayne a great person, he got time for his kids and keeps making music, respect that


    La la la la la la la la la..

    La la la la la la la la la..

    La la la la la la la la la la.

    • Anti

      Shout out Spurs


        1 to go

        • Based Guy

          i’m a heat fan and that pic is going to be in my nightmares

          • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

            It should

            • Based Guy


  • Anti

    She said ok like she was gon ignore him later on

  • MrNinoBrown

    BeliveMe #2 Hot rap Songs on billboard and pass from #36 to #26 on Hot 100 in one week. They have to drop the music video for this song before the beginning of their summer tour it will be an amazing promo for the song and for the tour. But what is sure is that at the end of this summer tour BelieveMe will already be platinum.

  • Bleezymula

    His & Her’s Ferraris nigga 1 for me 1 for my daughter nigga……

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      dont think she in a ferrarri here

      • Skenny

        I think it’s a Bently

        • wasTheDeal

          Mercedes G wagon g63 almost 100k Mercedes suv

  • #1 fan

    Bruhh wouldn’t it be dope if wayne done a reality show? Some shit like Family Hustle or summ

    • tunchh

      no everytime he focus something else he loose his music, a god example of that is trukfit and mountain dew.

      • #1 fan

        And skating but like people need to see the other side of wayne yanno

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      no and weezy said he would never do a reality show

      • triggacity_813

        I will be on vh1 when I’m done being famous

    • No.

    • thats for struggling artists, not billionaires??

  • young mula

    “fewcha” and “Tunechi Lionchess” u guys must be the worlds biggest dickriders ever exited. U fags are here in a minute as the post is here. What do you guys do in a day? Reloading LWHQ? I been shaking my head for you 2…

  • Ken Lopez

    That’s cute / great father and artist

    #trukfit all day!

  • Ken Lopez
  • Ken Lopez

    Team tune guys let’s buy trukfit and two copies of c5 . This man has worked his ass off . #respect the king

    . Good day to all my waynatics

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      breh i will buy c5 but u will never catch me rockin trukfit loool

      • Ken Lopez

        Haha no doubt at least you buyin the album . I just also really like the clothing . I have so much trukfit and mix it with other brands

      • guest

        im curious wat do u rock? versace? givenchy? jus wanna know, ofc u can rock watever u like. But i dunno how a wayne fan gon diss trukfit. Then again dats d difference wit some wayne fans, feeling too cool for wayne.

        • Guest

          lol its like something a 6 year old would rock.

        • Ken Lopez


    • TheTruth

      bro u look gay as shit. that long socks even makes it gayer. are u gay bro?

      • Ken Lopez

        Yea I’m bi sexual . He has all kinds of fans . Stop hatin I’m a cool dude

      • Ken Lopez

        And if I am gay what the fuck does that matter your probably fat as fuck and lil wayne dosnt like fat bum niggas . Especially not fresh ones . But no beef bro like I said I’m a cool gay guy

    • Ye’

      Fuck them dudes trukfit is fresh

      • Ken Lopez

        Thanks bro that cheered me up

        • BEE

          dope as fuck tho! Imma get me some trukfits

          • Ken Lopez

            Thanks bro you should jimmy jazz has a lot of trukfit on sale go online

      • BEE

        I second that

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    she look kinda hot

  • when the buy the world single coming out?

    • PhilWeezy

      June 17 Tuesday on iTunes

  • C5 double disc

    What if Wayne delayed c5 cause he’s gonna make it a 2 disc album. Just saying? Danny what do you think?

    • YoungJT1092

      That would be magnificent! I can tell even if its not double disc, it’ll have more tracks than any of the other Carters.

  • Skenny

    The government disabled the internet in Iraq
    I almost died when I lost connection
    But thank god I’m just working on another IP

  • Best

    Reginae drives her father Wayne around. That’s some family shit!

  • those pants #KILLIN IT

  • martianonmars

    Nae nae all grown up its great too see weezy and his daughter together that’s special I hope they do a few songs some day rapping and show all fans around the world hip hop family cash money records Lol $$$$$$$


    One of the coolest dads ever

  • PrincessLi


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