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Lil Wayne To Start His Own Sports Management Company, Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be His First Client

Fri, Jul 25, 2014 by

Lil Wayne To Start His Own Sports Management Company, Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be His First Client

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is going to be starting his own sports management company soon, because he has been interested in getting into the business for a good amount of time now.

Mr. Carter‘s first client will be one of the best football/soccer players of today – Cristiano Ronaldo. We already know Ronaldo is a big fan of Wayne after earlier this year he mentioned he listens to his music before games and at home, as well as in the car.

If you are wondering how the deal will work, Tunechi‘s sports management company will partner up with Cristiano Ronaldo‘s agent Jorge Mendes’ company. Tune will then handle all of Cristiano‘s events and sponsorships in the United States of America.

Ronaldo has already made Weezy F Baby happy by getting the Prime Minister of Japan to throw up the Young Money sign, which you can view above, after he recently visited the country on a promo tour.

My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby!

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    Messi is the best player

    • it`s me


    • ArielDubon


    • Khosta

      no Neymar is

      • Time

        He is overrated

        • Khosta

          and Messi is underrated ???

          • [Original] Gudda Gudda

            why do they have to be either overrated or underrated?

  • off the wall

    nigga needs to stop doing things like this and focus on getting c5 out……. im about to go a whole summer with no weezy music and it sucks

  • Dayne

    This was surprising news to wake up to this morning, and with that being said I’m happy for Wayne to be able to venture into the sports world which he enjoys. People will say he’s copying Jay Z or whatever but Wayne is a HUGE sports fan as we all know so I don’t see it as copying, he’s just pursuing something he loves. Not to mention Wayne pulled one of the biggest sports icons in the world with his first client, bigger than anyone signed to Roc Nation. I’m excited to see how this unfolds and see who else aboards the YM ship.

    • #1 like my muscles got bigger

      what ever he does it will be copying jay cause jay done everything when you think about it

    • Jay weezle

      Jr smith

    • BEE

      Bigger than roc nation itself, cR7 is bigger than the whole industry.

      • Akila9D4

        Now you’re going too far. Yes Ronaldo is a huge icon, but he isn’t more famous than Eminem.

        Em is the only rapper who is more known than him though. I admit, Ronaldo is well known throughout the globe

        • BEE

          Ai, but he’s way bigger than Wayne.

      • mata

        Hahaha Lionel messi is the highest soccer star today u dumb fuck n still he eint bigger than Wayne

        • BEE

          If you think Wayne is bigger than Messi then ur da real mvp among fools boy.

    • Shaquan James

      Kevin Durant signed to roc nation

      • Bang

        This dude Cristiano Ronaldo is bigger than K.D

  • trukfit

    this is dope

  • fewcha

    feature friday today danny? we aint had one in weeks

  • ArielDubon

    Cristiano Ronaldo da goat.

  • haha

    messi and neymar lost

    • Khosta

      Neymar the best

  • Waelhalaby

    Im sure marcelo will be the next one, he always posts pictures of weezy on instagram, his quotes, and has his t shirts

  • I bet you Ronaldo will be the next to unleash something for Carter 5 Season like how Kobe and Floyd already did.

    • Time

      And hopefully that happens soon, I’m getting impatient

      • CMB_

        Me too…he needs to release that video for krazy

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          i think this sunday cause mtv are already showing a teaser

  • King Weezy F

    “Christiano Ronaldo” lmao


    Man Wayne sitting on a diamond mine! Cristiano Ronaldo the most famous sport star on the planet bigger way bigger than Lil Wayne now that’s big

    • Khosta

      not bigger than Wayne

      • Time

        He is lol

        • Khosta

          since you’re time you better watch what you say

        • Dawn Bosley

          I don’t even know who this Cristinao kid is! Was he in that commercial wayne was a part of for the World Cup?

      • BEE

        dude, he is WAAAAYYY bigger.

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        take this L

      • Monsa

        Cant really compare as they are both one of the greatest in their own lane. Football or soccer as u call it is the most viewed sport in the world. Wayne just a genre of music at end of the day

    • guest

      Never heard of him

      • Akila9D4

        Lol he’s the face of Soccer. The most popular sport around the world.

        • GeneralWeezy

          NAH ronaldo is the second face of soccer/football I know that shit footballs my favorite thing in the world and the number one footballer right nah is lionel messi everyone knows hes better than penaldo LOL

    • Realshitboiboi

      Nobody bigger than The DonDada & Weezy

    • GeneralWeezy

      Hes bigger than wayne around the world but wayne murders him when it comes to popularity in USA

  • Play

    I blame the World Cup and how big it was

  • Jon Royal

    Wayne is way more intelligent than what people make him out to be. Just because he raps about ignorant shit doesn’t mean he’s stupid. I try and tell people that Wayne is smart and intelligent as fuck.

    • triggacity_813

      Right I always show ppl an article where erykah badu talks about how smart & creative Wayne is..she even calls him a genius at one point. I love when he gets cosigns from artist like that

      • Jon Royal

        It’s funny how people in the music industry have so must respect for Wayne and has nothing but good things to say about him but society makes him out to be stupid. Wayne is greatness, regardless of his change in style and approach to music since Tha Carter 3.

        • triggacity_813

          Exactly..everybody’s favorite rapper to nas, jay z, even the newer rappers give Wayne the upmost respect

      • Time

        You got a link to that interview?

    • Drilon_G

      He is hella intelligent but lupe on top with that intelligent shit.

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda


  • blakindianjuggy

    Real niggas recognize other real niggas

  • Khosta

    Weezy making moves

  • Simone12

    The picture is too small. You can’t actually see any of their hands…

    • Time

      I bet none of them are even throwing up YM lol

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        they probably just waving and then ronaldo lied to weezy

    • Shaquan James

      You really look forward to those

  • TheBeardedWorm

    I’ve been waiting for him to make this official for years now!

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      woat beard

  • tunexx

    Sooo. No new song today? Damn. Figured wayne would jump in the sports game eventually

    • guest

      Yo just Shut the fuck up. This Nigga wayne is in the studio like 245. He needsa break he’s human. And ya keep asking for a new song each day. How smart would it be if he release mad songs off his album then when the actual album comes no one will wanna buy it cause they already bumped to it. Beyonce was smart she didn’t release no song off of her last album just so the hype will be up

      • Weezy

        According to your time period he gave, he is actually getting 2 days rest every 7 days lool

      • tunexx

        Get the Fuck outta here only reason I said that is because he sampled a song on that tour trailer. And he said he recorded 93 songs for CV… so yeah I think he could spare a couple songs. I ain’t stressing if he dont. I stay bumping all his other songs anyways

  • Khosta

    “I’m the little ass nigga known as big homie”

  • Khosta

    Lil Wayne

  • realassweezyfan

    Yall need to stop whinning, wayne has givin us enough music.. think about it.. theres just tooo much music.. go listen to some old shit,
    When i get tired i find old shit and it makes me so happy, like
    “& my name is weezy BABY!!!! &IM YOUNG MOOLAH BABYYY!!!!
    or maybe,
    Wake up in the mornin like, owweee oweeeee om my whatta night ima wake up in tha mornin like….

    Too many amazing songs..
    let him take his time so he can create classics again stop rushing the nigha.

    We got like 30 mixtapes
    and 15 albums
    And like 2745 other songs and yall complainin… smh

  • Lotty

    Wayne actually planned on majoring in sports psychology when he did his stint in college. I remember seeing an interview in 2002 that he was saying his future plans were to get into sports management. That guy sets a goal and does it!! Something I really admire about him “no handouts”!! SN: this was waaaaay before Jay-Z mention sports at all!! Before you call wayne a follower!

    • Godo Zilla

      I remember that too, that’s what I was just telling my cousin Wayne had set these goals yrs when he went to college and stick wit ’em unlike most people they give up or forget. I admire dat about Wayne as well. Btw you have the best comment about this topic think Danny should make this at the top list.

  • YMCorey

    Took long enough!! Nigga was talking about this shit back in 2005

    • Godo Zilla

      You gotta understand he was building his name & brand up. Kinda why people/everyone who’s a wayne fan likes him or admire him cuz of what he has done to get this far in the game. Things take time, btw most people do not get that opportunity to have their own management company at such a young age of 31, that’s really nice to hard to find as a reminder, to manage one of the best in history football/soccer players. Ranaldo !!!

  • Randy

    Hey Danny, whom do you like more, Ronaldo or Messi. I mean, assuming both were playing against each other, whom would you support more? Thanks.

    • I would have to go with Ronaldo because he has played for Manchester United and also performed to his highest level in the EPL.

      A lot of players call the EPL the hardest league in the world and I’m not saying Messi wouldn’t be a great player in the league, but I don’t think he would be as great.

      Both amazing players to watch though!

  • CV

    Correct me if im wrong but Wasn’t there a YM sports or something? I swear there was I believe JR smith was signed or whatever its called

  • bb5132014

    I would kind of say wayne did it before jay, but jay just took the bigger step first. yall remember YM athletes? JR smith & Chris Johnson.

  • Realshitboiboi

    Alotta yall aint real wayne fans . DonDada

  • Akila9D4

    Damn. I have to admit this is big.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    lol its impossible to tell if ronaldo was lying by saying they were throwing up ym

    • Akila9D4

      Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda Gudda

  • CV

    Thanks man. Does that still exists or what?

  • martianinvasion

    Public service announcement attention too all real weezy fans ima speak up right about now y’all need too let Tunechi aka Weezy F baby know that y’all want songs y’all wanna here for Dedication 6 mixtape and Carter 5 Album keep fans excited can he please drop more remixes and free styles of him going hard spitting dat fire flame we luv him for and put songs like related like Still got that rock Bill Gates Bitches And Bottles Right Above It Wasted John Steady Mobbin Hell Yeah Fuckin Right Hard body Throw Some D’s Sky’s the limit This Is Why I’m Hot Fuck Da Other Side Money On My Mind Hustla Musik On My Own BM JR Only Way Still Fly Neck Of Da Woods Leather So Soft Break Up Money To Blow Problem Solver I’m Me Gossip Shoot Me Down Forever remix Always Strapped remix Duffle Bag Boy remix Picture perfect feat Juvenile Fire Flame remix Down And Out freestyle Get Silly freestyle Working em bitches American Dream Wit Me Last Of A Dying Breed Turn It Up Eat You Alive remix Knuck If U Buck Green And Yellow Money Ova Here Where Da Cash At The Motto I’m So Paid Welcome To My Hood remix Hustle Hard remix We Outchea Hail Mary Nightmares Of Da Bottom She Will Do It Again 30 minutes to new Orleans $$$$$$$$

  • Shaquan James

    He doing what jay z’s doing

  • Jon Royal

    I never even knew he had a collab with her. That’s great.

  • lovewizard

    i hate this shit
    lil wayne is a money whore
    but he said it in carter 2

  • lewiz

    Ronaldo makes more money In a month than Lil Wayne In a year thats how big Ronaldo is. Messi still better 🙂 #fcb

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    Datz wassup!!! I nu he alwayz wanted tu get intu sports anywayz, so datz awesum! ♡ Tune ♡

  • nic p-pmo

    DAMN I wonder if mr carter sittin on old money still

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  • tonylilwayne so fresh

    hi lil wayne you are a big fan to me me you admire me man keep rappin your known for it rap into to die youngwee