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Feature Friday #34: Fat Joe – The Profit (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Aug 1, 2014 by

Fat Joe The Profit Feat Lil Wayne

This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is Fat Joe‘s “The Profit” track featuring a dope verse from Lil Wayne.

The song, which was produced by Cash Money‘s DJ Khaled, appears on Joe‘s Me, Myself & I album that was released back in 2006.

“I’m from New Orleans, homeless but don’t forget the sun even shines on dog shit”

You can listen to “The Profit” after the jump below!

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  • hoe

    getting impatient for the Krazy video ahhhh

    I want a new single

    • fewcha

      i just want the full song of the mannie snippet ya diggg

      • WeezyDaGOAT

        Everyone wants that shit to drop. Weezy plus Fresh equals fire.

  • Godzilla

    Fat Joe Ain’t Fat Anymore Hah

  • Time

    DJ Khaled produced this???

    • fewcha

      he used to be a producer before he became someone who does nothing

      • nfs444

        Does producer mean he made the beat? LAWLZ

        • WeezyDaGOAT


      • Jay-v

        A producer don’t just make beats, they have ideas to songs, and bring artist together in the studio to make song and some prodcers mix and master songs too, so dont say khaled does nothing, because he does all that.


    I lost my virginity to this song!! WHOOOO he was big!!!!


    • WeezyDaGOAT

      Who up voted this shit

      • BIG NIPPLESSS!!!

        You just jealous he was bigger than you!! #smalldick #bigbush

        • WeezyDaGOAT


          • ratatate

            she just said small dick and big bush

    • nfs444


      – and yes I just replied to the top comment so I could skip to the top. Fuck you judge me.

      • nfs555

        You do realize that facebook is just run by a bunch of trolls… right?

        • nfs444

          I know, I was just excited.

        • nfs444

          wtf you copied my name btw

  • Hussain_TMT

    Wayne started in the 90s and into a new generation where rappers like fat joe are irrelevant, just shows how consistent and unique Wayne really is, appreciate people

    • Exactly. Not many people make it this far without falling off.

      • TinaTurnup

        Truuuu! Some people just dont realise how much of a legend the nigga is.

        • Khosta

          he is the best ever

      • (Original) Jae Millz

        I made It pretty far and never fell of LAWLZ

    • WorldWeezy

      acutally fat joe wasen’t “irrelevant” in the 90s, you would know that if you acutally knew anything about hiphop, Joe was PRETTY relevant in the Big pun days…

  • simpson

    I remember this song and how it got overlooked cause make it rain was on the same album even this song is a lot better than make it rain

    • fewcha

      naw make it rain is better
      especially the remix were wayne spits a verse

      • Crack house >>>>>

        • Nathan Bryant

          That hook was mean. I like the video that showed Joey meeting up with him and asking him to “go into that torture dungeon” and kill the hook, and he did.

      • Nathan Bryant

        That’s a lie. Make it rain was not better. Cool song but not better. Make it rain was some thing to play on the radio or club. Profit was a street and hard body song. You won’t hear that on the radio. Lyrically tougher.

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          i think the remix verse from weezy > his verse on profit

          • Nathan Bryant

            I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree on that one. It’s cool though.

  • DVD

    facebook down for anyone else?

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    not played this in a min


  • YMCorey

    Fuck the coach I keep shooting like Kobe.. The money knows me better than anybody, I’m sitting in the coupe with the titties out it.. #RealWayne

    • Nathan Bryant


  • Nathan Bryant

    No disrespect, but to this day I only play Wayne’s old stuff. His old music and features. Less then a handful of his recent stuff I play. Just not the same. He still the man though. I’m hoping C5 is closer to his roots than trying to stay popular with today’s fans and relevance. Music is really dry right now in general.

    • fewcha

      if moment came out in 2008 no one would say it doesn’t sound like the current wayne

      • JustAGuy234

        not true, while the lyrics are closer to old waynes the voice, delivery, and attitude is are not there.

        Wayne used to have this Cocky, “I’m that nigga, i WILL eat any rapper” vibe when he attacked the mic. Now its not there.
        Old Wayne is more than just the lyrics. A lot of elements made him.

        Also the flow on moment isnt anything special (NOT SAYING ITS BAD)

        I dont need Old wayne back IF wayne can find a way to recapture a high level, and get back to being a real PROBLEM.

        a lot of stuff recently was average or slightly above average. BUT because its wayne words like average arent good enough. (thats how a lot of people view it)


    dude wayne said he is “weezy the future”
    now he made the future. wayne a beast.

    • Just like he predicted he would have Lollipop and it would be big.

      • WeezyDaGOAT

        I remember when he said he was one sellout record from being famous

  • Jon Royal

    I just can’t wait to see who is featured on C5. (besides drake and nicki)

  • blakindianjuggy

    When Wayne was on the hook it was a rare occasion, but usually the song always became a hit

  • kway

    danny you forgot to add waynes first song called Hollygrove

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger

    YOU for life

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger

    YMCMB for life

  • Linoh Locc

    Wat ever happend to Fat Joe ? Lol

  • Khosta

    Damn Wayne went in, if only this was a new song being released today alot of people wouldn’t believe it and this was when Fat Joe was dope..

  • TinaTurnup

    Fuckkkk this is the wayne i love! Out of all his different flows he’s had over his career 06 – 07 was definitely my favourite.

    • Khosta

      mine was TinaTurnup wayne

  • Khosta

    imagine if this was Tha Carter V, these songs were only released now as C5
    01. Go Getta
    02. Told Y’all
    03. After Disaster ft Juelz santana
    04. Kobe Brynt
    05. Outstanding
    06. Dear Anne
    07. It’s Young Money ft Gudda
    08. Terrorists ft Cory Gunz
    09. Feels so right
    10. I hate Love
    11. I’m a Monster (Eat you Alive)
    12. Million Dollar Baby
    13. Pray to the Lord
    14. Dear Lord
    15. The Best Thing yet

    What do you guys think, Legendary?

    • nfs444

      Nah. Those songs were meant to happen back then… Not now, it’s a different age. People would probably end up saying that shit is wack now a days even tho it’s legendary. @lilwaynehq:disqus

      • Khosta

        nah man these songs never die though

    • nfs444

      The only song on there I’m not familiar with is I Hate Love… Gotta go Youtube that shit.

  • Trey

    Yo did anybody hear euros new tape??????????? This nigga is on his way to becoming a legend

  • 5*$tunna

    What happened to demolition pt3??

  • Ayanda Mili

    erou is the best

  • Weezy da future

    Danny I love u for these ft Fridays

  • BEE

    Aye old memories ryt here. Have y’all checked out Euro’s July? Hot stuff.

  • ℓιℓ ¢няιֆֆֆу ∂α ℓιgнт$кιηηє∂

    DANNY Is the beat from the last weezy Wednesdays gonna be on carter V

  • ℓιℓ ¢няιֆֆֆу ∂α ℓιgнт$кιηηє∂

    I can just imagine drake and wayne going in on that beat or just wayne

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    I just saw this pic on wayne fan page on facebook.

    • lwhq




    • Aye

      Fly in

    • triggacity_813

      Hustler Music

    • Trey

      The Sqad up tapes and 500 degreez

    • Glenn

      Lights off,fuck tha world and watcha wanna do on tha block is hot

    • Dannytheman

      Duffle Bag Boy. Yes it was a feature, but when I heard it, he really stood out to me.

    • TBRA

      Go DJ

    • Khosta




  • This week!

    C5 single coming soon!!!

    • triggacity_813

      Says who

      • This week!

        Kid creez

  • Man fuck cortez…ol Potatoe head on a stick lookin ass.

  • Byrd

    Does anyone know if the Carter V billboards are still up? If so, why would spend so much money creating hype and then wait to release an album for months? If not, why would spend so much money creating hype and then take the billboards down and wait to release an album for months?

    • BEE

      kos cash money and wayne so scared and insecure that the album might not be as successful as any of the previous carter albums. For one thing, the hype is pretty low compared to c2, c3 and c4.

      • Byrd

        Is the hype low because YMCMB is scared, or is YMCMB scared because the hype is low? I feel like it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

        • BEE

          lol i swear. that’s how it is, i guess it’s both ways. The pressure to come thru builds up d longer they wait tho.

          • Byrd

            truth–they don’t make it easy for themselves

        • triggacity_813

          I don’t think they’re scared..remember he did say he wanted to surprise drop it so he could still be doing that.. Either way it’ll sell crazy its carter 5

  • triggacity_813

    I think they gonna do a surprise drop for C5 like they said from the get..this album big enough that no matter what its gonna do number so they not worried about that..idk it’d be dope if they did

  • Antony

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