The Game – Fuck Yo’ Feelings (Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)

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The Game Fuck Yo Feelings Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

We heard a snippet 2 weeks ago, now here is the full version of The Game‘s “Fuck Yo’ Feelings” song featuring Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

The Ocean & Nova-produced track will appear on Game‘s forthcoming Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf compilation, which you can pre-order here before it drops on October 14th.

Hit the jump to stream the full version of “Fuck Yo’ Feelings“!

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  • j moolah

    Ayy A1

    • Drilon_G

      It’s just us nigga

  • Drilon_G

    2nd comment and my nigga Danny coming with the clutch. Thnx dan the man


    Dope track

  • Finally!!!


  • YoungJT1092

    Finally something to cool the drought a bit!

  • Ak

    Finally some new shit

  • Patrick H

    Does this mean the Weezy music drought is over now?

    • fewcha

      if we get a c5 single this week then yes

      • Time

        And I hope it’s a solo Wayne song. That’s why Moment and Dusse are good and Grindin and Believe Me are average

        • Tune Up ©

          You guys make D’usse and Moment seem so overrated I swear.

          • TRUKFIT

            THEM SONGS ARE 10/10 THO LOL

            • Tune Up ©

              No you guys got your heads so far up Wayne’s ass that you think it’s this really amazing top what ever track but it’s not.

        • SavageJoker

          You high ass fuck Grindin go harder than all of them that u just named

          • Luke

            Forsure. It goes Grindin, Believe Me, Moment, Dusse

  • Soo Woo

    October gonna be a dope month

  • Drilon_G

    Fuck yo feelings

    • todd

      Yall Niggas stay postin irrelevent pictures…

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        they do it just to get top comments and more upvotes smh

        • zues

          Dude so let them post pics you niggas are getting to picky about what to post on a fansite…god its not a fucking commandment stone carving

  • Weezyf

    To Everyone who said wayne fell off nigga fuck yo feelings

  • No weezy verse but song is still dope.

  • Drilon_G

    I feel like lil wayne should of had a verse tho




  • Young Cuban

    Weezy THA GOAT

  • fewcha

    yooo chris brown killed this

  • weezy

    No verse but still dope song

  • Avonasace


  • Jbadd504

    I knew wayne wouldn’t have a verse the moment I knew It was the games song lol

    • Tune Up ©

      Kuz Game know Wayne is the real Hook King.

    • SeattleAtHome

      Scared to have a wayne verse overshadowing himself

  • Cv

    Expected to much, lol I’m already sick of it

    • Right I overplayed the snippet and this full version doesn’t really have any new weezy on it except from the intro.

      • Time

        True shit.

  • Silly

    It needs a fire verse from tunechi

    • Time

      I agree and in that autotune he using.

    • dave

      Replace Chris Brown with Wayne for a verse and you got another dope Game and Wayne song where Wayne makes it 3x better.

  • Huh

    Where can i download this shit

  • 504HardHead

    Weezy on autotune >>>

  • Cocaine Biceps

    breezy a rapper now?

    • He been rapping, you just late.

    • 504HardHead

      Yah son breezy always did dab n that rap shit YA heard me

  • Lil22

    Weezy is On dat Cup again

  • Denilson Tunechii

    What verse of wayne ? :c

    • Time



    haven’t had a wayne song in like what 2 weeks and a verse????? I don’t care about nigger game he’s whack

    • Longer than 2 weeks I think.

    • Time

      Game dope.

      • dave

        this albums gonna be good, all his songs he’s putting out are like B- or higher to me.

  • Jay weezle

    Killed the hook

    • Time

      With 3 lines hah

      • dave

        idk the first few lines about the no ceilings on his rarri and 2oz in the double cup killed it even more. and the “soo woo” at the end.

  • Jay weezle

    When Tha Carter V sells a milli first week

    • JC Freeman

      Then when people hear the album

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        breh wtf is this lol

    • TittyNipple

      Sqad up

    • truth

      you guys are straight up delusional if u think weezy is selling anywhere near a million

      • BME RG

        Really??? true wayne fans will keep the milli a album going

    • CMB_

      “where you at” video shoot


      first day

  • Time

    Finally new music but why no verse 🙁

  • Jay weezle

    This is how Young Thug TRIES to sound on his hooks, but fails

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      stop hating
      you know the game’s flows on this are straight jacked from thugger

      • dave

        nah he’s had this flow

  • Mulabitch

    Young Mula Baby, f-fuck your feelings and this is no ceilings.

  • JC Freeman

    LilWayneHQ members meeting Wayne

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you would probably kiss his penis not his ass

    • todd


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  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    imma need another weezy song soon to hold me over until c5
    i overplayed the young thug and birdman mixtape

    • Orri

      What mixtape? :O

      • TRUKFIT


    • dave

      it had some banger beats but theyre all just too average to make a whole mixtape together, theyre like the C- team

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    dedication 2?

    • lil_muthafucka

      D1 , Over here

  • Davidson Lumas

    idk how yall feel about this but id luv to hear the weekend on C5. yall heard “often” or “king of the fall” i just started listening to him bout a week ago.

    • lil

      It’s the weeknd but I agree

    • CV

      Hell na partynextdoor over the wknd any day

  • we got london on the track

    Wayne hooks don’t sound unique anymore :/

    • triggacity_813

      Cause niggas taking his style

  • dave

    “2oz in my double cup”

    “This shit gonna kill me”

    Wayne on that sizzurp for c5 so its obviously gonna be good as fuck.



  • kizz

    Drought 2 > C2 > Dedication 2 > C3 > C1 > Drought 3 > No Ceilings > D5 > C4 > IANAHB > IANAHB 2



      • kizz

        i know why you dont agree, C5 > Drought 2 > C2 > Dedication 2 > C3 > C1 > Drought 3 > No Ceilings > D5 > C4 > IANAHB > IANAHB 2

    • triggacity_813

      Put drought 2 behind no ceilings

  • Tuned

    I told yall that some music is dropping, first this and plus Mack tweeted CV

  • Nijee

    This Song Is Dope But Wayne Should Had Verse

  • Nijee

    Wayne Is Making Come Back I Think C5 Is Going Great Album

  • Linoh Locc

    Hell yeah !!! New slappz

  • Wayne

    That was the worst hook ever wayne should’ve never agreeded to do a hook he should’ve done a verse

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy F is back !! Nigga fuck yo feeling fuck yo feelings nigga fuck yo feelings

  • lil22

    One of his best hooks

  • Weezy1337

    I like it, i miss auto tune Weezy

  • President Carter

    The roast of LWHQ Begins!

    • SeattleAtHome

      1) Tune In
      2) D.M.C.
      3) Hot Boyz
      4) Lights Out
      5) Catchy
      6) Carter 1 (skit)
      7) Fresh Beat
      8) Dedications ft. Drake
      9) Carter 2 (skit)
      10) Features ft. Mannie Fresh, Maino, N.O.R.E.
      11) Best Rapper Dead or Alive
      12) Stay Tuned
      13) Carter 3 (skit)
      14) King Carter
      15) Waynes’ World
      16) Don’t Bury Me ft. Robin Thicke
      17) New Pac
      18) Lock Down ft. Jeremih, Mystikal
      19) Cell #23 (skit)
      20) Carter 4 (skit)
      21) Devol
      22) My Legacy? ft. Turk
      23) Miss ‘Cita
      24) I Am Music ft. Kevin Rudolf
      25) Side Bitch
      26) Unforgettable ft. Christina Milian, Drake
      27) Tune Out

      • Amazu

        This a dope track list tho

    • 504HardHead

      Hahaha u stupid son lol

  • President Carter


    • triggacity_813

      Let’s get it

  • BEE

    Hate this shit, game please stick to ur style.

  • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

    I’m loving it like McDonald’s. Wayne would have rapped his ass off on that hotass beat.


    Weezy they say u ain’t selln a milli,
    Weezy they say u need a new promo team
    Fck yo feelings
    Weezy they say u lost it after c3
    weezy they say u sweet

  • TBRA

    Swear only weezy can body a track with three words. This nigga is still goat and tbra.

  • Khosta

    This the wayne I like, think other wise fuck your feelings

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    WTF! Wayne don’t even have a verse, Chris B had a verse Wayne’s on the hook LOL. Sounds good though.

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  • ttjunior

    Wayne say only one line, and still kills it.

  • Kai Balduin

    You heard what the GOD said ! FUCK YO FEELINGS !!!!!!!

  • WeezY Wee

    WeezY on autotune>orgsm. No homo:*

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  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    Luv it!!! #REALSHYT

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