Lil Wayne – Fingers Hurting

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Lil Wayne Fingers Hurting

After giving us a preview earlier, Lil Wayne drops the full version to his freestyle over ILOVEMAKONNEN‘s “Maneuvering” song that he has called “Fingers Hurting“.

The Metro Boomin-produced track will appear on Weezy F Baby‘s upcoming Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, due to be released on Tuesday, January 20th.

You can listen and download Tunechi‘s “Fingers Hurting” after the jump below!

Download: Lil Wayne – Fingers Hurting

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  • Dewon Dukes

    Sorry4thewait2 on repeat tomorrow bt ready to hear those beats I know he got migos on there gon b the hardest

  • KoolaidakaDeiquian Jones

    if you come,up here lookin for C2 C3 dd3 or No Ceilings then u need to go bump those projects lookin for those u will be sadly dissaponeted besides this is 2015 im not lookin for reruns im lookin for new greatness which I gaurentee Wayne will acomplish this year cuz Wayne still the best rapper his sh!t freestyle is way better den anything these new rappers been droppin

    • boooooooooooobs
  • TRIPPY_94

    Yo ya’ll need to go Check out gotti new tape.

    • Crown4weezy

      shits ass

  • El jeffe

    Yall remember siege? He was the biggest troll i think.. Seattle aint bad!

  • C5Slime

    LA weekly did an interview with Wayne about the lakers if yall care

  • dat nigga

    fuck all you hating ass niggas……i havent heard something good like this for a long while…..if you think it’s whack get to a studio and beat this……

    • kingfresh

      Can’t nobody do dat

  • T-Bonez

    Go check my version to tie my hands on youtube..let me know what yall think

    Street Prodigy Tekz Thinkin’ Of You

  • Michael

    Y’all see Wayne’s tweet ? Maybe Kid Ink on S4TW2. If he is, I’m personally hyped because I’ve been listening to Kid Ink for years, use to jam to his mixtapes way before he became mainstream & I always thought it would be dope if Wayne & him collaborated !

    • C5Slime

      nah he just made a song called Hott Boy similar to RHQ’s Cash money song

    • Ali

      Kid ink is dope, i love his album I still got it on my phone my own lane!

  • Michael

    Also Vlad just did another interview & asked Charlamagne the god about Lil Wayne’s troubles with Cash Money. Danny post it up !

    • FukAhater

      I wouldn’t post it, I wanna hear Wayne news not what other rappers think about lil Wayne unless is some one real big. But that’s cool

  • Ali

    Lol you lot know this song bang! Love it!

  • FukAhater

    I honestly love his new voice. I personally use too think his c4 voice is the best but dis voice is da best for me now. Reason why is because it fits with the flows his been using but I could see how it can remind you of young thug but it’s still unique. U can tell his working hard as fuck cause dis 2 songs make me feel like I did with no celings but it’s modern an pretty crazy. It’s a new era so of course the older ppl might be still stuck in the past but that’s normal

    • kingfresh

      THANK U

    • mortimerr2014

      Its listenable but I’d much rather something little less annoying

  • question

    Quick question guys, do you think S4TW2 will drop tonight at midnight or tomorrow night? Just curious…

    • mortimerr2014

      When datpiff timer ends

    • Ali

      Not tonight, not tommorow it’ll be delayed. I don’t know till when tho.

      • mortimerr2014

        No we will get it tomorrow night or sometime tomorrow

      • ThaCarterV

        Why the fuck are you trying to say it’s going to get pushed back?

        • Ali

          Huh Cuz they always push shit back, I hope it don’t tho.

          • ThaCarterV

            Then don’t put that negativity out to the universe whoadie

            • Ali

              Ay yo stfu I’ll say whatever I want, and it’s just a prediction. Don’t get butthurt I want the mixtape as much as you so chill.

              • ThaCarterV

                Why you yelling at me fam

                • Ali

                  I’m not yelling. Lol how do u yell over the Internet lol.

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  • ThaCarterV

    People so god damn annoying saying it’s going to get pushed back. YOU KNOW NOTHING

    • Ali

      Yeah and you know everything, everybody listen to this dude. Young spokesman right here.

  • Wasted,ImGood,,SwagSurf(etc.)

    If you guys think this is good you all need to redownload No Ceilings and listen to Wayne murder every beat on that tape. But Lil Wayne would like to thank you for “buying my shit,” as he’s said in an interview. I’m still riding with YM and them till Weezy retires but right after that its over to A$AP Mob

    • cameronch98

      Couldn’t say that shit any better

  • 504bodyguard

    Nigga can’t wait to smoke a blunt
    An enjoy #SFTW2
    And see who eles beat got murked

  • This song is good but sh!t goes harder.. Im just waiting on it to download. Perfect timing,

  • ColeTrippy

    Y’all haven’t been following Weezy or datpiff long enough if u think it’s dropping at 10pm cuz datpiff timer ends then. Datpiff doesn’t know when he’s gunna drop it. Once 10pm hits they’re gunna add another hour to the timer and keep doing it til he drops it.

  • neon

    why sounds wayne like a boy with no balls ??

    Hi voice is soo high, not good 🙁

  • plugTae

    I hope the internet don’t crash and so far I fucks wit this track omm

  • plugTae


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