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Unreleased Lil Wayne Music Plays While He Takes Part In A Photo Shoot [Video]

Fri, May 1, 2015 by

Unreleased Lil Wayne Music Plays While He Takes Part In A Photo Shoot

Yesterday, Lil Wayne took part in a new photo shoot at the Miami Design District Art Walk in Florida.

Tunechi‘s hair stylist Nikki Nelms captured a short video from the photo shoot, which you can check out below.

During the clip, two (or possibly three) unreleased Weezy songs can be heard playing! Could they be from the forthcoming Free Weezy Album?

Photo credit: Marisa Flores
Video credit: Nikki Nelms

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  • Wtf Is Tune

    As ya can see in this video wayne new style is basically about love. Will he be turning to drake? He has this new flow and creativity that we havent seen yet

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    • Realshitboiboi

      You the police

  • Makin love can’t wait to hear that shit. I like wayne’s love songs