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Lil Wayne Reveals Why His Deal With SUPRA Went Wrong During “Sneaker Shopping” [Video]

Lil Wayne Reveals Why His Deal With SUPRA Went Wrong During Sneaker Shopping

Lil Wayne, who was rocking a pair of Prada Camouflage Combat Boots, recently went “Sneaker Shopping” with Joe La Puma at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, Florida for the Season 10 finale of their series.

During their trip, Wayne recalled drawing the Nike “swoosh” and the Adidas “three stripes” on folders back when he was in school, what he wore in Juvenile‘s “I Got That Fire” music video back in 1999, and how his deal with SUPRA in 2012 got messed up because they didn’t want to do what he envisioned (they wanted something to rival Kanye West‘s Yeezy shoe).

Before spending $7773.55 on sneakers, Weezy spoke on his favorite sneakers to skate in, Kendrick Lamar remembering him rocking the Reebok Workout Low shoes when he signed his Reebok deal, deciding what to wear for court-side NBA games, Drake giving him exclusive Jordans, his stylist Marisa Flores laying out between 100-200 pairs of shoes each night for his shows, TRUKFIT, and more.

You can check all of this go down in the video after the jump below. Tunechi also revealed he has not been to a shopping mall in over 15 years! Did you like the Dior sandals, Balenciaga trainers, Versace slippers, and Dolce & Gabbana sneakers that Tune picked out to buy?

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Unreleased Lil Wayne Music Plays While He Takes Part In A Photo Shoot [Video]

Unreleased Lil Wayne Music Plays While He Takes Part In A Photo Shoot

Yesterday, Lil Wayne took part in a new photo shoot at the Miami Design District Art Walk in Florida.

Tunechi‘s hair stylist Nikki Nelms captured a short video from the photo shoot, which you can check out below.

During the clip, two (or possibly three) unreleased Weezy songs can be heard playing! Could they be from the forthcoming Free Weezy Album?

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Lil Wayne Goes For A New Look, Gets A Few Of His Dreadlocks Colored

Lil Wayne Goes For A New Look, Gets A Few Of His Dreadlocks Colored

On Friday, Lil Wayne decided to have a change in appearance by getting a few of his dreadlocks colored. After a skateboarding session with Marley G and N.O. Capo in Los Angeles, Tune got the colors red, purple and teal colored in his hair.

You can see another photo of Weezy F Baby with the natural hair stylist who did this job for him after the jump below. She also mentioned that this is the first time that Wayne has ever had color in his hair!

What are your thoughts on Tunechi‘s new look?

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Lil Wayne Talks The Hot Boys, Relationship With Birdman, Creative Style, Young Money & More

Lil Wayne Talks Thinking He Would Retire With The Hot Boys, His Creative Style, Young Money & More

I have just come across a Lil Wayne interview online that took place at the Wize & Ope flagship store in Paris, France back in October, 2013. Even though this interview is not exactly “new”, I am posting it because I don’t believe I’ve seen the full version posted online anywhere before and especially not here on LilWayneHQ!

During the interview, Tune speaks on how he feels to see his Young Money artists be more than what he expected, always thinking that he would be in the Hot Boys group forever until he retired, the first time he realized he had a gift at rapping, his very first rhyme, being a great father, his stylist Marisa Flores, what his definition of a “clique” is, why he doesn’t write down his lyrics, meeting Cortez Bryant, his relationship with Birdman, partnering up with Wize & Ope, and more.

“I think when you write something down you become restricted, you’re focused on what your writing and therefore you can always write the same things, and you fall into the same pattern. Whereas if you do it from your head then everyday you wake up different.”

The interview seemed to get pretty awkward towards the end, but it was funny when the guy interviewing Weezy called the Hot Boys the “Lost Boys”. Tunechi also mentioned in the interview that if he ever stopped rapping it would be to make more kids!

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Lil Wayne Launches TRUKFIT Clothing Line For Women

Lil Wayne Launches TRUKFIT Clothing Line For Women

Lil Wayne‘s clothing brand, TRUKFIT, have just announced a Juniors line for women that includes tops, shorts, leggings, hats, and accessories. All of the apparel has been designed by Tune and his stylist Marisa Flores.

The women’s clothing line, which Young Money artist Chanel West Coast is the official model for, will be available for purchase from retail stores, such as Dillard’s and Jimmy Jazz, on September 25th.

“When I created TRUKFIT, I wanted it to have something for everyone. Now my female fans can get their TRUK on too. I’m psyched to have my artist, Chanel West Coast, involved as she personifies what TRUKFIT Juniors and this life is all about.”

Hit the jump to view more photos of Chanel rocking her TRUKFIT clothing, courtesy of the official website!

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