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Preview An Unreleased Lil Wayne Song During Evan Hernandez’ Skating Session At The TRUKSTOP [Video]

Tue, May 3, 2016 by

Preview An Unreleased Lil Wayne Song During Evan Hernandez Skating Session At The TRUKSTOP

Professional skateboarder Evan Hernandez had a skateboarding session at Lil Wayne‘s private indoor TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami, Florida last month.

While Evan was showing off his skating skills, an unreleased Weezy song could be heard playing in the background, which sounds like it could possibly be called “I Know Better“.

You can check it all out in the clip after the jump below! What are your thoughts on the Tunechi snippet so far?

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  • Malik

    Alot of people cut the check so they can take this flow

  • Malik

    Ight hq I held it down for a lil, hoe ass niggas ain’t show up but it’s coo we ran up some digits we ran up some money

  • La Raza(POP,IJD,H.I.D.E,R2MC,)

    Damn everybody left already

  • BerkeleyNigga510

    This fat ass Beaner is not a skateboarder

  • SUPA M


  • ymovoyoussef🙏

    Supposedly Chance, Sean and Post Malone are dropping this week lol

    • LIL MK

      U post malone fan!?

      • ymovoyoussef🙏

        Nah but I’ll check it

    • & Travis

      • ymovoyoussef🙏


  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Another day another dollar

  • Back to the studio 🎙

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Yea Wayne definetly gave Drake the beat fof Child’s Play. The song samples a New Orleans bounce song and everything

    • ymovoyoussef🙏

      New orleans sample and ?

      • NOAH 40 Shebib


  • Chance3 needs to drop already man

    • ymovoyoussef🙏


  • ymovoyoussef🙏

    We need a PSA. Even if it’s by HoodyBaby just a psa

  • We need sum New Wayne 🔥🔥🔥

  • TooReal

    I staying rich trying not to make poor decisions everything I do I plan it (planet)out like a solar system 🔥🔥🔥

  • MatchMadeInHell

    Post droppin sumthin soon?

    • ymovoyoussef🙏


  • Young GOAT ( Excellence)🔥🔥

    Turn the 9 upside down its a 6 now🔥

    • ymovoyoussef🙏


  • 09Wayne

    Wayne needa hop on real friends for D6

    • ymovoyoussef🙏

      Shots at Baby.

    • ALLRED-7

      He just needs to drop SOMETHING, tbh lol

  • Yo boy bought too much coke, Ive been recording all night 💀

  • Ye

    So Wayne didn’t make the richest rappers list???!!!!

    • Khosta

      His networth still $150 mill

  • ymovoyoussef🙏

    I predict a new post soon

  • Young GOAT ( Excellence)🔥🔥

    Turn the 0 upside down its an O now🔥

  • 09Wayne

    She drive me crazy like an über wit dimentia,
    You know the kush good when after 1 hit it hit ya,