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Lil Wayne Headlines Diddy, Christian & Justin Combs’ “Combsfest” At 2018 Coachella [Video]

Tue, May 8, 2018 by

Lil Wayne Headlines Diddy, Christian & Justin Combs Combsfest At 2018 Coachella

I previously posted up some pictures 2 weeks ago, and now we can see footage of Lil Wayne‘s live performance at 2018 Coachella in Bermuda Dunes, California.

Weezy put on a live show during Diddy, Christian and Justin Combs‘ “Combsfest” party at Combs Compound on April 13th, which was presented by PrettyLittleThing and BooHooMan.

Hit the jump to watch Tunechi perform “John“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “Rich As Fuck“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Go DJ“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Pop That“, “HYFR“, “Loyal“, “The Motto“, and “Steady Mobbin’” live at this year’s Coachella!

Photo credit: Danny Pollack.

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  • XOCorey

    This nigga needs a new set list smh!!!

  • Justin Cayz

    Can’t wait to hear Steady Mobbin and Go DJ

  • Raz!

    no a milli?

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

      I was just about to say the same thing!

      • FoFoBullDogg

        Lift Yourself might just be Song Of The Year

        • Patrick H

          Which song is that?

          • FoFoBullDogg

            It’s from Kanye

  • David D

    Why doesn’t he perform Vizine smh?

    • Daniel

      Same question would go why he doesnt make songs with the relevant artists right now…


        • Daniel


  • Giraffe Boy

    wayne needs to start freshening up what he performs at every show…… its not 2008 anymore

  • Don Plantmen

    I’ll pay someone to sort this by year they came out, im curious to know what the newest song off Wayne’s setlist is… just by glancing it looks like Loyal….

    “John“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “Rich As Fuck“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Go DJ“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Pop That“, “HYFR“, “Loyal“, “The Motto“, and “Steady Mobbin’”

  • YungJackBauer

    Nice setlist bro wtf. Weezy please do something

  • Don Plantmen

    I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, i believe the Cash Money Lawsuit is preventing him from performing other songs, in other words he is only allowed to perform a set amount and specific songs.. that would seriously explain why he hasn’t performed anything new…

    • NAHHHH

    • N.O. Samson

      Hypothetically, Cash Money owns all of Wayne’s masters & publishing, and the lawsuit is effecting him, then he wouldn’t be allowed to perform anything, but since Wayne performs different songs from different albums and other peoples features, then that clearly isn’t the case. HOWEVER, in the lawsuit Wayne said that he wasn’t registered as a co-owner of the sound recordings included on his 2013 album I Am Not a Human Being II, but that doesn’t even make sense because he still performs Rich As Fuck, No Worries, Love Me etc, I’m pretty sure legally he wouldn’t be allowed to & we would get sued for performing songs and making money from songs that he doesn’t own. I honestly believe that Wayne, Mack Maine or Tez (or all 3 of them) are just doing a bad job and constantly choose to perform the same songs all the time, this has been going on way before the lawsuit tbh

  • Don Plantmen

    Thought on Childish Gambino This is America video?

  • C5 IS A MYTH

  • FoFoBullDogg

    Can you imagine Tunechi performing Millyrokk, Gotta Lotta, Magnolia, I Feel Good and other RECENT “turn up” songs??

    I always picture a setlist like Dat, and it never disappoints

    • Patrick H

      Would be amazing but would never happen cause Weezy loves A Milli and No Worries too much.

  • Patrick H

    Weezy will headline Coachella 2020 with the same setlist.

  • ChichiAli

    Come on tunechi same songs being perform over and over then they are songs that’s old..