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Fat Joe Reveals The Advice He Received From Lil Wayne About Going To Jail [Video]

Thu, Nov 10, 2022 by

Fat Joe Reveals Advice He Received From Lil Wayne About Going To Jail

Fat Joe is the latest special guest on the “Red Table Talk” show where he sat down with the hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris and Willow Smith for an interview.

In their conversation, Joe shared the advice he received from Lil Wayne about serving time in jail, as well as what it was like when he went to visit Wayne inside Rikers Island.

“Lil Wayne is my brother, man. One of the saddest things I ever did was go visit Lil Wayne in jail. And not only that, they had him, like, chained up. They had him, like you know, really chained up, like, Lil Wayne! This little, like, no, no, they had him in shackles and all that. They had him like he was the killer of all, right? So you know, I went to see him… He’s my brother, he lives across the street from me in Miami. I was like: ‘Yo, Wayne, what’s up?’ And he was like: ‘Nah, man, I’m just telling you right now, be humble.’ I said: ‘How do you do it?’ He said: ‘Just be humble, bro. Don’t go in there on somethin’. Just go in there humble. You know, if you be humble, they’ll respect you.'”

Joey Crack served a three-month sentence in prison after he plead guilty to tax evasion in 2013. You can watch a clip of the New York rapper speaking about Weezy and watch his full convo on “Red Table Talk” below!

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