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Videos: Lil Wayne’s “Behind The Music” Bonus Clips

Fri, Sep 11, 2009 by

Here are some clips from Lil Wayne‘s VH1 “Behind The Music” show that is airing tonight. If your going to be watching this show later, then there is no point in watching these videos 😛 Just wait for tonight haha.

Lil Wayne talks about how young minded he was when his father passed away and the need to escape his home during the difficult time:

Lil Wayne talks about his love of the guitar sound and the endless possibilities that comes with the instrument:

Lil Wayne discusses how he developed the idea to enter the stage last without the Hot Boys:

Lil Wayne talks about where the inspiration to cover his body in tattoos came from:

Only the US peeps can view these videos, because of the restriction, and we will post up the full show tomorrow after it has aired 🙂

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