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Damian Lillard Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Recording Process, “Run It Up” & More [Video]

Damian Lillard Speaks On Lil Wayne Recording Process, Run It Up & More

Damian Lillard aka Dame D.O.L.L.A. recently sat down with HotNewHipHop for a one on one interview to chat all about his new single “Run It Up” featuring Lil Wayne.

The NBA player and rapper revealed “Run It Up” is probably the best song he has released to date, as well as what he learned from being in the studio with Weezy.

Dame also spoke on Tunechi‘s recording process, Birdman clearing the feature, and told a story of Tune coming up with a hook idea while a beat played in the studio!

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Photographer Gunner Stahl Reveals Lil Wayne Is His Biggest Inspiration [Video]

Photographer Gunner Stahl Reveals Lil Wayne Is His Biggest Inspiration

Gunner Stahl, who is a 25-year-old photographer from Atlanta that has captured a lot of rappers in his lifetime, recently chopped it with Complex on their “The Culture” series.

In an outtake from their conversation, Gunner revealed that Lil Wayne has been the biggest inspiration on his whole life, because he has seen Wayne work so hard every day of his life to be the best.

For an example, Stahl used the story of how Weezy went straight back to recording after he was told he had sold 1 million copies of his Tha Carter III album. You can check out the photographer’s interview after the jump below!

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Scarface Calls Lil Wayne “The Best”, “Greatest Rapper Of His Time”, “A Millennial” & More

Scarface Calls Lil Wayne The Best, Greatest Rapper Of His Time, A Millennial & More

Rap website HipHopDX recently did a video to show why Lil Wayne has to be named one of the greatest rappers of all time.

I normally stay away from posting these type of videos as their just opinions and usually have information wrong (not that I don’t personally think Wayne is the GOAT), but at the end of their video they got Scarface to call in and he said some nice things about Weezy.

“I think that Wayne will go down in history as one of the best. He’s not one of the best. He’s probably THE best. Wayne, that’s a dangerous lil’ nigga, man… he’ll be the greatest rapper of his time. He’s a millennial. He’ll be the greatest millennial of all time. Nobody can beat him. You give me a motherfucker that popped out of their ass in the 80s that’s THAT good… shout out to Lil Wayne, man. He’s so fucking dope. FUCKING dope!”

You can listen to Scarface‘s compliment to Tunechi in a video after the jump below from the 10:00 mark. If you didn’t already know, Tune has done 2 features for Scarface on “Forgot About Me” and “Big Dogg Status (Remix)“!

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Lil Wayne Calls I Am Not A Human Being 2 “One Of The Best Lyrical Albums Yet”

Lil Wayne Calls I Am Not A Human Being 2 One Of The Best Lyrical Albums Yet

Lil Wayne went on Twitter earlier today to share his opinion on his I Am Not A Human Being 2 album, which was released just over 3 years ago.

This is a pretty rare thing from Tunechi, because Tune doesn’t really use social media at all and especially to share his thoughts on his own music.

The tweet read: “ain’t smellin myself but IANAHB2 is seriously STILL one of the best lyrikal albums yet”. So it seems like Weezy has had a change of heart after previously calling it a “bum-ass album”.

What do you Wayniacs think about this and do you agree with Wayne? My personal opinion is that IANAHB2 is a good album, but there may be one too many filler songs, as well as not needed features!

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Lil Wayne Plans To Be The “Best Skater Alive” Next Year [Video]

So Lil Wayne went from saying he is the Best Rapper Alive to he wants to be the Best Skater Alive. I’m sure a lot of you won’t be happy about that. Anyways, in the video above you can watch some unseen clips from Weezy skateboarding at different skateparks. Enjoy!

“I promise you this day next year, I will be… not 10 times better, not 100 times better, not a million times better, but the best!”


Kevin Rudolf – Cash Money Hero’s [Long Snippet]

I know a lot of people are waiting on this record, and we have had like two snippets already, but here is the best version of the snippet which Skim found. You can even hear a bit of Wayne‘s verse… so what do y’all think from the previews? Sounds fire right?

Also, everyone at LilWayneHQ.com would just like to wish all of our readers and members a Happy Christmas – we hope you have a great day 🙂