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Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Witnessing Lil Wayne’s Recording Process In Person [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Witnessing Lil Wayne Recording Process In Person

Machine Gun Kelly has released a new documentary on Hulu called “Life In Pink” and there is a part in the doc about Lil Wayne.

Inside the documentary, MGK recalls what it was like working with Wayne on his Mainstream Sellout album and witnessing his recording process in person.

“I pressed play on the song, he’s like: ‘is that what we’re doing?’ ‘Yeah.’ He’s like: ‘alright, you guys got time?’ ‘Yeah, for sure.’ He goes in the courtyard, smokes fifteen blunts, he just takes each, his eyes are closed just playing the track over and over again. He comes back in the studio and we can see him in the courtyard, we’re just kinda sitting there amazed, like, that’s the G.O.A.T. forming his thoughts around a track that we made. He comes back in at 5:30 in the morning. He’s like: ‘y’all ready?’ He goes in the booth and he lays his shit like, one time. Just like, one time through.”

You can watch the rapper/singer/actor speak on this moment in a clip from his “Life In Pink” documentary after the jump below! Have you checked out the full doc?

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Baby E Talks Unreleased “Girls From The Hills” Collab With Lil Wayne + How Wayne Doesn’t Move Without A Blunt & A Gun [Video]

Baby E Talks Unreleased Girls From The Hills Collab With Lil Wayne + How Wayne Doesnt Move Without A Blunt & A Gun

Earlier this year, Baby E chopped it up with TM NYC for a 1 hour and 30 minute virtual interview that you can watch in full below.

From the 33:10 mark, Baby E spoke about how he first linked up with Lil Wayne through a guy called Petey Lo and how he then got signed to Young Money. The Pensacola native was hesitant Petey really knew Wayne at first until the YM affiliate got Weezy on a Facetime call with E to say a quick message: “Is this real enough for you white boy?” LOL.

Baby E then discussed “Finessin’“, Tunechi‘s working process and witnessing him record more or less 20 songs every single day, Birdman, the best advice he ever received from Tune, his favorite collaboration with Mr. Carter being an unreleased song titled “Girls From The Hills“, and why and how he left Young Money. He also added: “it’s really sad to me we [himself and Lil Wayne] have so much great music that will never see the light of day”.

The former YM artist also confirmed he has wrote “a lot of stuff” for Lil Wayne and that Wayne does not move anywhere without a gun or blunt on him. Baby E then shared a story of how one time they were all on tour and they all threw away their drugs off the tour bus as they were arriving to a checkpoint, but left all of the machine guns!

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Lil Wayne Stars In 1-Minute Special Before Packers vs. 49ers NFC Championship Game [Video]

Lil Wayne Stars In 1 Minute Special Before Packers vs 49ers NFC Championship Game

Before the NFC Championship game between Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers yesterday at Lambeau Field, Lil Wayne appeared in a 1-minute special.

In the commercial, Weezy spoke about his favorite NFL team Packers while rapping along to his classic song “I’m Me” and even smoking a blunt on national TV!

You can check out the 1-minute Tunechi special on the Packers after the jump below. Unfortunately for Tune, his team lost the game 13 – 10.

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Gata Recalls Working With Lil Wayne In The Studio & Smoking 55 Blunts With Him In A Single Day [Video]

Gata Recalls Working With Lil Wayne In The Studio & Smoking 55 Blunts With Him In A Single Day

Davionte “Gata” Ganter, who has previously collaborated with Lil Wayne on “Just Me And Her“, “Stacks On Deck” and “Exquisite“, recently participated in an interview with Robby Berger on Zoom during the quarantine for The Brilliantly Dumb Show.

Not long into their conversation, which you can check out after the jump below, the sidekick and hype man for Lil Dicky discussed what it was like when he spent 2-3 years hanging around with Tyga and Wayne, as well as being on tour with them both.

“I worked with the Best Rapper Alive, shout out Weezy”

While talking about a road trip on Tunechi‘s tour bus, Gata revealed that Tune had a personal blunt roller on payroll and they smoked up to 55 blunts in one single day. He also reflected on actually being in the studio with Weezy as people nowadays work via e-mail!

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Blink-182 & Lil Wayne’s Team Present Him With A Special Blunt & Birthday Cake On Stage In Brooklyn [Video]

Blink 182 & Lil Wayne Team Present Him With A Special Blunt & Birthday Cake On Stage In Brooklyn

For an early 37th birthday gift and to say thank you for joining them on their North American tour, Blink-182 presented Lil Wayne with a special blunt.

The rock band gifted Wayne this blunt while on stage during their final show together at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City on September 20th. Weezy even brought his homie T@ out on stage to light the blunt for him.

Tunechi‘s team also brought a birthday cake out for him during his set, which included Tune trying to push Mack Maine‘s face in it. You can check out some footage of all this go down after the jump below. Enjoy!

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