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Lil Wayne Appears In Samsung’s “Champagne Calls” Commercial For Their Galaxy S7 Phone [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears In Samsung Champagne Calls Commercial For Their Galaxy S7 Phone

After getting Lil Wayne to star in their “Why?” commercial a couple of weeks ago, Samsung also got Wayne to star in their new commercial titled “Champagne Calls”.

The advertisement shows Weezy and his homies pouring champagne on their Galaxy S7 mobile phones, as well as putting them in a fish tank to show that they are water-resistant.

You can check out the latest Samsung commercial starring Tunechi in below! Whhhaaaattttt?

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Lil Wayne Stars In A New Samsung Commercial For Their Galaxy S7 Phone [Video]

Lil Wayne Stars In A New Samsung Commercial For Their Galaxy S7 Phone

During the Oscars last night, Samsung premiered a new commercial titled “Why?” for their Galaxy S7 mobile phone that is water-resistant, memory expanding, and shoots perfectly in low light.

The advertisement, which highlights some of the features that make the phone special, has appearances from a bunch of celebrities including Lil Wayne, William H. Macy, Wesley Snipes, Doc Rivers, James Harden, and others.

“Why can’t I pour champagne on my phone?”

You can check out the Samsung commercial starring Weezy in after the jump below. Other advertisements that Tunechi has starred in include: Apartments.com in 2016, Beats By Dre in 2012, Mountain Dew in 2012, FIFA 12 in 2011, Gatorade in 2009, and Nike in 2008!

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Lil Wayne Attends An NBA All-Star Game After-Party, Girl Gets Topless [Video]

Lil Wayne Attends An NBA All Star Game After-Party, Girl Gets Topless

Check out some footage in this post of Lil Wayne and Young Money‘s Mack Maine, Hood, and Lil Twist attending Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, New York City on Valentines Day (February 14th) for a 2015 NBA All-Star Game party.

During the clip, Weezy can be seen jamming out to his own songs like “Gotti” and pouring champagne into glasses and handing them out to people in attendance. A female can also be seen going topless and shaking her boobs as Wayne‘s “Coco” freestyle plays.

You can view some photos of Tunechi from the evening here and see the crazy footage after the jump below. Just be sure to skip to the 2:35 mark and make sure you are not at work or at school while watching it!

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Lil Wayne, Drake & Detail Work On Music At The YOLO Estate [Video]

Lil Wayne, Drake & Detail Work On Music At The YOLO Estate

Wild Moguls have released some footage that they filmed at the YOLO Estate in Los Angeles of Drake, Lil Wayne and Noel “Detail” Fisher working on music, as well as having a little party with a few females and champagne bottles.

The date of when this footage was filmed is currently unknown, so we don’t know if this studio session was for a previous Weezy and Drizzy collaboration, or a new song that has not yet been released.

You can watch the rare clip after the jump below. Drizzy Drake also shows that he can throw a American football into a basketball hoop with no problem at all!

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Recap Of Lil Wayne’s Day At Tampa Pro 2012 In Florida [Video]

In the video above, you can watch a 10 minute recap of Lil Wayne‘s day at Tampa Pro in Florida last month. You can see Weezy watching skateboarders show off their tricks at the event, go for a little skating session himself and then hand out Beats By Dre headphones to the skaters who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It looked like Tune had a great time at Tampa Pro, especially at the end when bottles of champagne were popping!

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