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Big Sean Says Lil Wayne Is “Going Down In Rap History For Sure” & Talks About “Deep”

Big Sean Says Lil Wayne Is Going Down In Rap History For Sure & Talks About Deep

German website HipHop.de recently caught up with Big Sean for an interview about his latest album, Dark Sky Paradise, and how the “Deep” collaboration with Lil Wayne came about.

Sean discusses how it felt listening to Tunechi‘s verse for the first time and why he appreciates it. He also revealed that he used to ride to school bumping Tha Carter and Dedication, as well as that Tune will be “going down in rap history for sure”.

You can check out the conversation in the video after the jump below. Be sure to skip to the 7:00 mark to go straight to the Weezy question!

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Lil Wayne Shows His Support For J. Strickland’s “Shoot To Kill” Photo Book

Lil Wayne Shows His Support For J Strickland Shoot To Kill Photo Book

A few days ago, J. Strickland and Paradise Plus‘ “Shoot To Kill” photo book was released. The book, which can be purchased for $30.00 from this website here, has 125 pages of black and white photographs from the past 15 years.

Lil Wayne has shown his support for “Shoot To Kill” with a short Instagram co-sign clip, which you can watch below. He tells the camera: “Shout out my man J. Strickland, you already know! Shoot To Kill, watch ya motherfuckin’ head cause you might be the target, check it out!”

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Big Sean Discusses Lil Wayne Recording On “Deep” & Recites His Verse Word For Word

Big Sean Discusses Lil Wayne Recording On Deep & Recites His Verse Word For Word

In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid on his The Whoolywood Shuffle radio show, Big Sean talked about his latest album Dark Sky Paradise, working with Lil Wayne, and plenty more subjects.

At the 8:00 mark of the conversation, which you can watch below, Sean mentioned Weezy heard a few songs from his album but he knew straight away that “Deep” was the one he wanted to record a verse on.

Sean Don also spoke on Tunechi giving him a nice co-sign in his verse, Tune letting him know that he meant every word of what he said, and then recited the verse word for word!

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Big Sean Speaks On Lil Wayne Giving Him A Co-Sign In His “Deep” Verse

Big Sean Speaks On Lil Wayne Giving Him A Co Sign In His Deep Verse

We saw Big Sean chat to The Breakfast Club about Lil Wayne‘s verse on his “Deep” song yesterday, and now here is another interview of Sean talking about the verse; this time with MTV. If you haven’t yet heard “Deep“, Weezy gives Sean Don a nice co-sign in his lyrics:

“I feel like Sean don’t get enough shine; Is it because he ain’t got the tattoos? He ain’t throwing up signs? Well let me throw up mine and also let me share this vision of mine; Fuck the finish line, just finish in lines; And if getting your point across crosses the line; Some of the time, then cross it with pride; That’s real my nigga, remember that; And it ain’t about if they remember you, they remember rap; So just spit it back and hope somebody diggin’ that; Cause this shit is deep”

In the interview that you can watch below, Big Sean spoke on being humbled by the co-sign, Tunechi calling him one of his favorites when they were in the studio together, working with Drake and Kanye West on “Blessings“, and more!

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Kid Ink Hints At Getting Lil Wayne On His “Like A Hott Boyy” Remix

Kid Ink Hints At Getting Lil Wayne On His Like A Hott Boyy Remix

In January, we saw 2 videos of Kid Ink speaking about Lil Wayne giving him a cosign on Twitter for his “Like A Hott Boyy” song (see them here and here).

Now here is a new interview of Kid Ink discussing Weezy shouting him out on Twitter, growing up listening to Cash Money music, being a fan of the Hot Boys, and more.

Kid also mentioned that if Tune would of had the “Like A Hott Boyy” beat in time, he would of recorded a freestyle over it and put it on his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape. However, Ink says it’s still possible and he hopes to get him on the official remix anyway.

You can watch the conversation in the clip after the jump below. If you want to go straight to the Wayne question, then skip to the 4:00 mark!

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