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Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Witnessing Lil Wayne’s Recording Process In Person [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Witnessing Lil Wayne Recording Process In Person

Machine Gun Kelly has released a new documentary on Hulu called “Life In Pink” and there is a part in the doc about Lil Wayne.

Inside the documentary, MGK recalls what it was like working with Wayne on his Mainstream Sellout album and witnessing his recording process in person.

“I pressed play on the song, he’s like: ‘is that what we’re doing?’ ‘Yeah.’ He’s like: ‘alright, you guys got time?’ ‘Yeah, for sure.’ He goes in the courtyard, smokes fifteen blunts, he just takes each, his eyes are closed just playing the track over and over again. He comes back in the studio and we can see him in the courtyard, we’re just kinda sitting there amazed, like, that’s the G.O.A.T. forming his thoughts around a track that we made. He comes back in at 5:30 in the morning. He’s like: ‘y’all ready?’ He goes in the booth and he lays his shit like, one time. Just like, one time through.”

You can watch the rapper/singer/actor speak on this moment in a clip from his “Life In Pink” documentary after the jump below! Have you checked out the full doc?

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J.R. Writer Speaks About Lil Wayne’s Creative Process In The Studio [Video]

JR Writer Speaks About Lil Wayne's Creative Process In The Studio

J.R. Writer was the special guest on episode 25 of The Bootleg Kev Podcast, which you can check out below.

During their interview, J.R. mentioned he doesn’t get intimidated by being in the studio with Lil Wayne, as well as revealed what Wayne‘s creative process is like inside a studio.

Bootleg Kev also said in their conversation that “Royce Da 5’9″ is a much better rapper than Lil Wayne for the record”, but Writer replied “it’s debatable” with a smirk on his face knowing damn well he is not on the same level haha!

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Lil Wayne Appears On “Skip And Shannon: Undisputed”, Addresses Retirement Tweets, Racism, Birdman & More

Lil Wayne Appears On Skip And Shannon Undisputed, Addresses Retirement Tweets, Artists Supporting Him & Birdman

This morning at 9:30AM, Lil Wayne made an appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Skip And Shannon: Undisputed” show to chat with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, which of course we already know Wayne has the theme song for.

While on the show, Weezy spoke on his retirement tweets by saying he did them after an argument with what’s going on with his Cash Money situation, explained he hasn’t deleted them as he still feels “mentally defeated”, mentioned he will never work with Birdman ever again even if he pays him what he is owed, and how it felt to have a bunch of music artists like Drake, Young Thug and Kendrick Lamar come to his defense.

Before the interview wrapped up, Tune also talked about creating the “No Mercy” song, wanting to work with Michael Jackson and Prince, why there are no such thing as “remixes” anymore, how he became a Green Bay Packers fan in New Orleans, Aaron Rodgers, the only politics to himself are his kids, LeBron James, his tattoos, Kevin Durant‘s decision to sign to the Warriors, Dwayne Wade returning to Chicago, Colin Kaepernick‘s protest, being blessed enough to never deal with racists throughout his life, being saved by a white police officer when he shot himself, not thinking there is such thing as racism anymore after seeing every race at his shows, and plenty more!

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Angel “Onhel” Aponte Talks Producing For Lil Wayne, His Work Ethic, Creative Process & More

Angel Onhel Aponte Talks Producing For Lil Wayne, His Work Ethic, Creative Process & More

Back in March, ChicpeaJC interviewed Grammy nominated music producer and engineer Angel “Onhel” Aponte about producing for Lil Wayne, working with him in the studio, his work ethic, his creative process, what a studio session is like with Wayne, and more.

During the interview, Onhel mentioned that he worked on the upcoming Weezy and Kendrick Lamar collaboration called “Mona Lisa” that was produced by Infamous, which will appear on Tha Carter V when it can finally be released.

You can check out the conversation between ChicpeaJC and Angel “Onhel” Aponte after the jump below. It’s a good read!

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Lil Wayne Talks Drugs, Love, Family, Cash Money, Fans & More In Unreleased Vibe Interview

Lil Wayne Talks Drugs, Love, Family, Cash Money, Fans & More In Unreleased Vibe Interview

Benjamin M. Ingram recently posted an interview he did with Lil Wayne back in early 2008 on the new Myspace to celebrate Tha Carter III reaching it’s fifth anniversary. This interview was done for Vibe magazine, but for some reason it was never published.

During the interview, Weezy F Baby spoke about his health, his creative process, planning to retire at 35, being in love, drugs, his family, why he works as hard as he does, playing the guitar, his relationship with Mannie Fresh, Tha Carter III, what motivates him, Cash Money Records, what he would be doing if he was not in the music industry, fans, legacy, if he would rather be Jay-Z or 50 Cent, and plenty more.

You can read the full interview after the jump below. It is a great read for any Tune fan!

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