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Drake & Lil Wayne Recall Their Songs Leaking In The Past, Listening To “Lollipop” On The Bus With Kobe Bryant & Announce A New Song

Drake & Lil Wayne Talk About A New Collaboration, Their Songs Leaking In The Past, Listening To Lollipop On The Tour Bus With Kobe Bryant & More

During episode 2 of “Young Money Radio” last night, one of the special guests that called in to speak with Lil Wayne was none other than Drake.

They spoke about Drizzy‘s father Dennis Graham, his son Adonis who Wayne says he can’t wait to meet, Tunechi‘s boys Facetiming celebrity females, the new Dark Lane Demo Tapes project, and how a lot of Tune‘s music got leaked from getting his car washed. The two of them also recalled the night Weezy played “Lollipop” for Drake and the late Kobe Bryant on his tour bus while getting angel wings tattooed.

Towards the end of their conversation, Drizzy Drake revealed him and Wayne will have another collaboration on the way as he is sending over some new music “by mid-week or maybe Monday night”! I wonder if this could appear on the deluxe edition of Funeral, or the 6 God album that is dropping in the summer of this year?

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Lil Wayne Appears In Jay Jones’ “Late Nights, Early Mornings” Documentary [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears In Jay Jones Late Nights Early Mornings Documentary

Jay Jones has released a new documentary called “Late Nights, Early Mornings”, which was directed by Flot and shot by B Dragon.

At the beginning and middle of the mini film, which you can watch below, Lil Wayne appears on FaceTime with Jay‘s father Ronald “J-Dawg” Jones.

There are also appearances from Mack Maine, actor Jason Mitchell, PJ Morton, Nesby Phips, Fee Banks, Jay Jones’ grandma, and more.

During the documentary, Jones revealed it is a dream for him to record music with Tunechi that he has not yet woke up from, as well as spoke on how Tune goes to the studio for 26 hours straight and then heads to the skate park!

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Spanish Mike FaceTimes Lil Wayne On “The Nine Club” Podcast [Video]

Spanish Mike FaceTimes Lil Wayne On The Nine Club Podcast

Spanish Mike appeared on the latest episode of “The Nine Club” podcast to chop it up with Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart.

During the show, the guys FaceTimed Lil Wayne to ask him how his Bumbu rum and skateboarding tricks are going. After letting them know, Wayne also mentioned that he will drop a skate part video “very soon” and will be back on the podcast “soon” as he paid them a visit last year.

You can check out Mike‘s full interview on “The Nine Club” in a video after the jump below. At the very end, they also show a new clip of Weezy doing a trick on his skateboard!

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Juelz Santana Says Him & Lil Wayne Have “Started Working On That Shit” & Want Drake On It [Video]

Juelz Santana Says Him & Lil Wayne Have Started Working On That Shit & Want Drake On It

It looks like Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana could have started back working on their collaboration project, I Can’t Feel My Face.

While backstage during Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live Showcase at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night, Juelz was spotted on FaceTime to Drake and asked him to send a song over for his and Weezy‘s upcoming joint project:

Juelz: “Yo nigga Weezy gon’ call you, you know we started working on that shit, you gotta jump on something for us man. Send us something man.”
Drake: “Mack told me, Mack told me you were cooking up some shit.”
Juelz: “Yeah send us one.”
Drake: “I got some joints, I got some joints.”
Juelz: “That’s wassup, you know we fuck with you boy.”
Drake: “I’ll send it over tonight man.”
Juelz: “Yeah for sure, love.”

You can watch the conversation in a clip after the jump below! Who is excited to hear Tunechi and Santana are back working together on music?

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Zoey Dollaz Announces “Mula” Collaboration With Lil Wayne

Zoey Dollaz Announces Mula Collaboration With Lil Wayne

A couple of days ago, Zoey Dollaz announced he has a collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Mula” dropping soon.

Zoey thanked Wayne on Twitter for sending him the verse and Facetiming him before then tweeting: “I still can’t believe I got a verse from @LilTunechi”.

You can check out Dollaz‘ tweets about Weezy after the jump below! Are you looking forward to hearing “Mula“?

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DJ Khaled Announces New Collaboration With Lil Wayne [Video]

DJ Khaled Announces New Collaboration With Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled has announced on his social media pages that he received some new vocals from Lil Wayne.

This means we can be expecting a new Khaled and Wayne collaboration sometime this year when he releases his next album.

Below, you can watch DJ Khaled reveal the news in a Facetime session with his engineer Juan, who can also be seen with Weezy and Mack Maine in the picture above.

If you are not convinced that this video means DJ Khaled and Tunechi do have a new song on the way, just remember Khaled did “top secret” videos for all of the features on his previous album, Major Key!

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