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Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne’s Genius, Talent & Career With Talib Kweli [Video]

Mannie Fresh Discusses Lil Wayne Genius, Talent & Career

In the latest episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli“, special guest Mannie Fresh made an appearance to chat with Kweli himself and co-host Jasmin Leigh.

During his conversation, Fresh spoke all about Lil Wayne‘s genius, talent, and career by revealing how Wayne is “super creative”, how he was always the first one to arrive to the studio and the last one to leave, and his competitive spirit.

Mannie also chatted to Talib and Jasmin about how Tunechi didn’t start cursing in his music until the “Fuck The World” song, what it was like working on Tha Carter album, wanting to still get their Tha Carter/Fresh Files joint project out, and much more. You can check out the interview below!

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Lil Wayne Chats To Mannie Fresh About Their Upcoming Collaboration Album On “Young Money Radio” [Video]

Lil Wayne Chats To Mannie Fresh On Young Money Radio About Their Upcoming Collaboration Album

In this post, you can find Lil Wayne‘s full conversation with Mannie Fresh that took place last Friday (June 26th) for episode 9 of his “Young Money Radio” show on Apple Music.

During their conversation (watch below), Weezy talked to Mannie about producing all of the songs on the Cash Money Records’ artist albums back in the day, his upcoming joint album with Bun B, and much more.

Tunechi and Fresh also discussed their forthcoming collaboration project, which could possibly be called Tha Carter/Fresh Files, as well as when they plan on releasing it (could be 2021) and having 7 songs completed for it already!

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Mannie Fresh Says He Has A Bunch Of Unreleased Cash Money & Birdman Disses From Lil Wayne [Video]

Mannie Fresh Says He Has A Bunch Of Unreleased Cash Money & Birdman Disses From Lil Wayne

Mannie Fresh was a recent guest appearance on Power 105.1 FM’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show, but of course DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee had to do the interview from their own homes on Skype as everyone is currently quarantining.

Throughout their conversation, Mannie discussed his recent Instagram Live battle with Scott Storch, who he thinks Lil Wayne should battle live with on social media, fans wanting one more joint album between himself and Wayne, having a bunch of unreleased songs with Weezy, and more.

The New Orleans DJ, rapper and record producer also revealed he keeps reminding Tunechi every time he see’s him in person to drop their Tha Carter/Fresh Files project, but a few of the songs are from the time he was dissing Cash Money Records and because he is in a better place right now, Tune does not want the tracks to come out!

“In my whole career, I never had a song that I done with somebody ever leak or anything that got in the wrong hands. If Wayne don’t agree with it then I’m not gonna put that song out. As tempting as it is a lot of times cause you’re like damn bro come on. Some of them songs that I got right now with Wayne was just out of frustration because of the deal that happened. He was saying some stuff on ’em. He was just like now he’s in a better space, in a better place… he was like nah dude: ‘I really don’t want them songs to come out because I don’t want to deal with the repercussions of them.’ He was like: ‘I’m over that. It was just me airing out and I rather not have that out there.’ So out of respect, I’mma respect his wishes and not put ’em out.”

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Mannie Fresh Expresses His Desire To Do One More Joint Album With Lil Wayne [Video]

Mannie Fresh Expresses His Desire To Do One More Joint Album With Lil Wayne

While on Instagram Live recently, Mannie Fresh expressed his desire to do one more joint project with Lil Wayne before he retires from music.

Mannie told his viewers that him and Weezy need to make history one more time with no other producers involved, as well as that the collaboration album doesn’t even need to be full of songs – just 8 or 9 will do.

It is not only Tunechi who Mannie Fresh wants to do joint albums with, he also wouldn’t mind producing full projects with Nas, JAY-Z and Jay Electronica. I don’t know what the hold up is, but Fresh and Tune need to go ahead and drop that Tha Carter/Fresh Files!

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Lil Wayne – Start This Shit Off Right (Feat Mannie Fresh & Christina Milian) [Original Version]

Lil Wayne Start This Shit Off Right Feat Mannie Fresh & Christina Milian

Similar to how he debuted a new Lil Wayne song that samples Alicia Keys last week, Mannie Fresh has also played the full version of the original “Start This Shit Off Right” on Instagram Live.

We have all heard this track featuring Mack Maine and Ashanti on Tha Carter V, but the original version actually features Fresh (who also produced it) on the hook, Christina Milian vocals, and different Weezy lyrics.

You can listen to Mannie Fresh play the original version of “Start This Shit Off Right” after the jump below. The CDQ version will appear on Mannie and Tunechi‘s upcoming Tha Carter/Fresh Files project, which currently has no release date!

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