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Lil Durk Recites Lil Wayne’s “Go DJ” Verse & Calls Wayne “The Real GOAT” [Video]

Lil Durk Recites Lil Wayne Go DJ Verse & Calls Wayne The Real GOAT

Lil Durk recently sat down with Rob Markman for a one on one interview with Genius‘ “For The Record” series, which you can watch below.

To wrap up the conversation at the 28:00 mark, Durk was asked to rap a verse of someone who has influenced him to which he started to rap a verse from Lil Wayne‘s “Go DJ” single.

After reciting the verse, the Chicago rapper then called Tunechi “the real G.O.A.T.” and revealed it was Tune who made him want to grow dreads and dye his hair blonde!

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Regina Hall Calls Lil Wayne “Dope” & “Unique” [Video]

Regina Hall Calls Lil Wayne Dope & Unique

Regina Hall sat down with Genius last month to take their “The Lil Rappers Quiz”, which is a quiz about rappers who have “Lil” in their name.

While answering the question correctly about which “Lil” rapper has the most GRAMMY awards by saying Lil Wayne, the actress and comedian revealed she thinks Wayne is dope and unique as nobody else sounds like him.

You can watch Regina take the quiz and praise Mr. Carter in the video after the jump below!

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Skip Bayless Speaks On His Friendship With Lil Wayne, Reveals A Good Deed Wayne Did For Craig Humphreys’ Son Sam + More [Video]

Skip Bayless Speaks On His Friendship With Lil Wayne, Reveals A Good Deed Wayne Did For Craig Humphreys Son Sam

For episode 2 of UNDISPUTED’s “#SkipRidesTheTrollerCoaster” series, Skip Bayless revealed how his relationship with Lil Wayne came to be.

At the 6:05 mark of the video below, Bayless told the story of how he first met Tunechi in 2008 (which involves Nelly), mentioned they talk regularly and text all of the time, discussed Tune‘s passion and knowledge for sports, praised the “No Mercy” theme song, and called him a “creative genius”.

The sports columnist also explained how much of a good guy Wayne actually is by sharing another story that involved Craig Humphreys‘ son Sam, who found out he had testicular cancer at the age of 21-years-old. After finding out that he is a huge fan, Weezy made a 20-minute phone call to Sam for support. Skip then went on to say he believes this motivated Sam to battle the cancer before adding that him and Mr. Carter shared a joke about it always being “all the white kids” – even at his concerts!

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Lil Skies Takes A Quiz On His Idol Lil Wayne [Video]

Lil Skies Takes A Quiz On His Idol Lil Wayne

Lil Skies recently appeared on Genius‘ “The Genius Test” series to take a quiz on one of his biggest influences in music – Lil Wayne, which you can watch below.

At the start of the video, the Pennsylvania-born rapper called Tunechi “the G.O.A.T.” and revealed how Tune influenced him to be himself in his music. If you recall back to last year, Skies paid homage to Wayne with his “A Milli“-inspired music video for “Welcome To The Rodeo“.

Some of the questions that Lil Skies got right included finishing the lyrics off from “6 Foot 7 Foot“, which artist is not signed to Young Money, how old Mr. Carter was when he first recorded under the name of Baby D, what was the title of the Destiny’s Child single that Weezy appeared on, and more.

Skies got a total of 76% on this quiz and some of the questions which he got wrong were: the title of Lil Wayne‘s debut studio album, which DJ hosted the Dedication mixtape series, what project Wayne released exclusively on TIDAL, and listing as many Weezy and Drake songs that he could in under 15 seconds!

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T-Pain Says “T-Wayne 2” Is “Definitely Happening”, Reveals When Him & Lil Wayne First Clicked [Video]

T-Pain Says T-Wayne 2 Is Definitely Happening, Reveals When Him & Lil Wayne First Clicked

T-Pain sat down with Rob Markman from Genius earlier this month for a one on one interview to promote his new album, 1UP.

During their conversation at the 46:50 mark, Pain revealed when him and Lil Wayne clicked as a friendship and when they recorded their T-Wayne joint project.

The Tallahassee music artist also confirmed that T-Wayne II is “definitely happening”, but he is currently holding it up as he is on tour. Check out everything that T-Pain said below!

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LSD (Labrinth, Sia & Diplo) – Genius (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

LSD Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Genius Remix Feat Lil Wayne

We first heard a snippet a couple of months ago, and now here is LSD‘s official “Genius” remix featuring a verse from Lil Wayne.

“A B C D R U G H I J K L S D

If you didn’t already know, LSD are a group consisting of British singer Labrinth, Australian singer Sia and American music producer Diplo.

You can stream the “Genius” remix after the jump below and purchase it on iTunes here! What are your thoughts on this collaboration?

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