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Turk Reveals How The Hot Boys All Met & Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The G.O.A.T. [Video]

Turk Reveals How The Hot Boys All Met & Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The GOAT

Turk recently sat down with B. High and Wicked of Ghetto Mafia for an interview, which you can check out below.

At the 3:55 mark of their conversation, Turk reveals how all of the Hot Boys first met (himself, Lil Wayne, Juvenile and B.G.), as well as how there were originally 5 of them before Lil Derrick aka Bulletproof was killed.

The YNT founder also explains why Tunechi is the G.O.A.T. (it is due to him being a part of every generation), when exactly he knew that Tune was different from a young age, and how he felt after Weezy referenced him on the “My Homies Still” single while he was incarcerated!

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Allan Cubas Talks Signing To Young Money, Lil Wayne Being His G.O.A.T. & More [Video]

Allan Cubas Talks Signing To Young Money, Lil Wayne Being His GOAT & More

Allan Cubas sat down with FluWop earlier this year for an interview inside Rich Mind Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana, which you can watch in full below.

During their conversation, Allan talks about officially signing to Young Money, why it is a “blessing” to sign with his childhood idol Lil Wayne, the deal coming from a phone call with Petey Lo, and much more.

The new Young Mula signee also called Tunechi the “greatest of all time in his opinion”, confirmed the whole YM roster has been working on something together that is “coming out soon”, and assured everyone that no one works harder than Weezy!

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Lil Eazzyy Calls Lil Wayne His Generation’s G.O.A.T. [Video]

Lil Eazzyy Calls Lil Wayne His Generations GOAT

Lil Eazzyy recently sat down with Cam Capone News for a one on one interview that you can watch below.

Around the 15:30 mark of their convo, Eazzyy was asked about which music artists influenced him who he listened to while growing up.

After the host talked about how he grew up on old-school rappers and has noticed a lot of younger rappers are calling Lil Wayne the G.O.A.T., the Chicago rapper then had the following to say:

“That is the G.O.A.T., that’s the G.O.A.T. for real. Yeah, that’s my generation’s G.O.A.T. for sure, I was locked in on Wayne, he probably was my first… I didn’t really think about Wayne, him and [G] Herb, that was my first artists I started picking up on.”

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Russ Reveals He “Grew Up On ’07 Lil Wayne” & Calls Wayne One Of His G.O.A.T.s [Video]

Russ Reveals He Grew Up On 07 Lil Wayne & Calls Wayne One Of His GOATs

Russ recently chopped it up with DJ Suss One for a virtual interview on Dash Radio’s “Wake Up With DJ Suss One” show.

At the 6:45 mark of their conversation, Russ revealed he “grew up on ’07 Lil Wayne” before later on mentioning “Wayne is up there for sure” when asked who his GOATs are at 9:25.

After saying he originally got interested in rap from Eminem and 50 Cent, the Atlanta resident rapper goes on to say he then got into Weezy‘s music and remembers being in high school when “A Milli” first dropped. You can check out the full convo below!

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Polo G Names Lil Wayne & Tupac Shakur As His Two G.O.A.T.s In Hip-Hop [Video]

Polo G Names Lil Wayne & Tupac Shakur As His Two GOATs In Hip Hop

Polo G recently participated in a virtual interview with John Ochoa from The Recording Academy aka The GRAMMYs, which you can watch below.

While discussing his latest album, THE GOAT, Polo was asked who he thinks is the greatest of all time in hip-hop to which he named both Tupac Shakur and Lil Wayne:

“To me, arguably Tupac. That’s considering that he was before his time and he is the inspiration to a lot of great minds today. And then I could say another person like Lil Wayne just because of the long run that he had and being the best of the best for a long time, and just the influence that he had on a lot of great minds today. So those my two GOATs.”

The Chicago native also mentioned in their conversation that he grew up listening to Wayne‘s music! Would you like to see a collaboration between Polo G and Weezy?

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