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Fabian Marasciullo Reveals What Equipment Lil Wayne Uses To Record & Having To Hire 3 Engineers To Travel With Wayne Everywhere

Fabian Marasciullo Reveals What Equipment Lil Wayne Uses To Record & Having To Hire 3 Engineers To Travel With Wayne Everywhere

Lil Wayne‘s Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum mixing engineer, Fabian Marasciullo, recently chopped it up with Reverb News to share insights into Wayne‘s recording process.

Fabian discussed working with Michael Jackson back in the day, what equipment he uses to mix Tunechi‘s vocals, what microphone Tune uses to record, hiring three engineers to travel with Mr. Carter everywhere he goes, learning to record him on his private plane, and more!

You can check out everything Marasciullo had to say about Weezy after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Gifts Nyjah Huston With A Pair Of Gold “Beats” Headphones For Winning 2014 Tampa Pro

Lil Wayne Gifts Nyjah Huston With A Pair Of Gold Beats Headphones For Winning 2014 Tampa Pro

For winning the 20th annual Tampa Pro skateboarding competition, which was sponsored by Nike SB, Lil Wayne gifted Nyjah Huston with a pair of gold Beats By Dre headphones.

If you didn’t already know, Tunechi attended both day 3 and day 4 (the final day) of the skating contest that took place at the Skatepark Of Tampa in Florida over the weekend.

You can view another photo of Weezy F Baby with the gold Beats headphones, as well as Nyjah Huston rocking them after the jump below. Congratulations to Nyjah!

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Lil Wayne Visits Dillard’s Store In Louisville To Promote His TRUKFIT Clothing Line [Photos]

Lil Wayne Visits Dillards Store In Louisville To Promote His TRUKFIT Clothing Line

On November 30th, Lil Wayne made an in-store appearance at Dillard’s Inc. store at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky to promote his TRUKFIT clothing line and to personally thank his fans that have been purchasing his apparel. Wayne was originally supposed to make an appearance at the store on October 27th, but he had to reschedule after suffering from two seizures in the air.

Two people who are regular visitors of LilWayneHQ.com got the chance to meet Weezy F Baby at this event after spending $500 on TRUKFIT clothes – Jimmy Mays and Summer Wortham. They both took some pictures with Tune and also received a signed pair of TRUKFIT Beats By Dre headphones from him to say a thank you for supporting his clothing brand.

After the Dillard’s event, Jimmy attended a dinner with Lil Wayne‘s manager and best friend Cortez Bryant at Maker’s Mark. During the meal, he mentioned to Cortez about this site and asked him if he and Weezy know about it. Tez said they do know about it and left me a message saying: “Luv! Keep doing your thing” – so I’m extremely delighted about that!

You can view plenty more pics of Tunechi at the Dillard’s store after the jump below, courtesy of Jimmy and Summer.

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Lil Wayne Says He Has Recorded “Like 90” Songs With Dr. Dre [Video]

Lil Wayne Says He Has Recorded 90 Songs With Dr. Dre

Carrying on with his MTV interview, which took place last week in Las Vegas, Lil Wayne reveals that he has recorded nearly 100 songs with Dr. Dre throughout his music career.

We already know that Weezy and Dre have been in the studio working together after Wayne first mentioned it on Drake’s “Ransom” song: “Me and Drizzy both wrote on Detox”, but I’m pretty sure none of us knew that they had this many unreleased records!

You can watch a video after the jump of Tunechi talking about working with Dr. Dre and collaborating with him to drop his own Tunechi Beats By Dre Pro headphones line.

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More Pictures & Footage Of Lil Wayne Performing At His Beats By Dre Party In L.A.

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing At Beats By Dre Party In Los Angeles

This week, I have posted pictures and videos of Lil Wayne performing live at Playhouse Nightclub on September 6th in Los Angeles, California to celebrate his new partnership with Beats By Dre headphones and the launch of his Beats Pro line. Today, lots more photos and another clip of Weezy performing at this party have surfaced online, which you can check out after the jump below. Enjoy!

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Lil Wayne Performs “No Worries” & “Pop That” At Beats Party, Release Date For His Headphones

As you know, Beats By Dre headphones hosted a party for Lil Wayne on September 6th at Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the launch of Wayne‘s new Beats Pro line.

During the event, Weezy F Baby performed live with Boo, DJ Scoob Doo, Detail, DJ Drama and DJ Stevie J. You can watch some front row footage of Tunechi performing “No Worries” in the video above and “Pop That” in the clip after the jump below, which also shows him giving out 50 free pairs of his cherry red Beats!

I know a lot of you have been wondering when you will be able to purchase Tune‘s Beats By Dre headphones, well according to RapFix, they will go on sale for a limited amount of time in the middle of next month (October). Don’t worry if you miss the chance to purchase a pair though, because Beats will debut another set of Weezy headphones around the same time in a red and black color scheme that will be available for purchase from other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

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