Lil Wayne Says He Has Recorded “Like 90” Songs With Dr. Dre [Video]

Wed, Oct 24, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Says He Has Recorded 90 Songs With Dr. Dre

Carrying on with his MTV interview, which took place last week in Las Vegas, Lil Wayne reveals that he has recorded nearly 100 songs with Dr. Dre throughout his music career.

We already know that Weezy and Dre have been in the studio working together after Wayne first mentioned it on Drake’s “Ransom” song: “Me and Drizzy both wrote on Detox”, but I’m pretty sure none of us knew that they had this many unreleased records!

You can watch a video after the jump of Tunechi talking about working with Dr. Dre and collaborating with him to drop his own Tunechi Beats By Dre Pro headphones line.

“I’ve always worked with Dre. I’m not sure if you guys know how Dre works, Dre always send you a song, so I done probably did like 90 songs for Dre. You just never know which one he gonna put out.”

“I’ll always be up to work with Dre, it’s always cool with him. As far as the headphones, I’m super-excited about that collaboration, I couldn’t be more excited.”

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  • Mrs. Tunechi

    FIRST BITCHES HAHAH i love tunechi doe<3

  • Tunechi Release them Tracks!

  • Oladeleayo

    I rep Nigeria…tunechis d best. Follow me on twiter @oladeleayo

  • Weezy i <3 ur music keep blessin us ymcmb till i die young mulah.

  • Sean bryan

    If lil tunechi is down with it so are the fans help me yell it out @YMCMB

  • LP

    Dr Dre is a perfectionist, meaning he will probably only release a few of these songs ever Dre beats and Wayne verses could be lethal tho



  • paper

    they could put out like 5 collabo albums damnnnn

  • rap shit

    wtf??? why wont they release at least 1 lololol

    wayne better be all over that detox album with eminem and 50 cent

  • #TeamDrizzy

    Ransom is my favourite Drake and Wayne song together xD

  • fre$h

    haaaa that boy tunechi gonna have music coming out for our granchildren growing up
    its sooo crazy how much he records
    we gonna have music dropping even after dude dies
    young mulaaaaa babyyy

  • JSPR

    Think about the number of bars Wayne has spitted in his entire career. Nobody talked about pussy more.

  • Baby F Weezy

    I call this bullshit

    They will have more like 10 – 20 songs, not 90


  • illuminatgod

    lil wayne u r my godfada n anitine u do r alwyz nice, luk at d video u just lunched, sweet itz so tunechi

  • thats whats up

  • YungGod

    Just release the songs!! Wayne better release all his music he has. One year He should release a song everyday which im pretty sure he can do

  • yooo

    i think by saying 90 songs he means a lot song and not really 90… dumb danny

  • yooo


  • daReal214

    Hopefully at least one of those beats are on I Am Not Human Being II

  • 90 songs really and not one has been released smh why are they holding back on these tracks wayne and dre need to stop playin with headphones and get this dam music out

  • Danny Tanner

    Bull Shit

  • Fish702562

    Lil Wayne -outstanding I know that was a Dr. Dre beat right??

  • Banned 4rm TV

    if yall know wayne, you would know he dont like releasing old music like that.

  • tony_montana

    Weezy’s the new tupac,he has a whole lot of unreleased music,s0 when the nigga dies or retires,they’ll still be releasing his music for years after…he’s already a legend I’m telling you!

  • fish702562

    @danny M i could of sworn outstanding was a dr dre beat,it says it is everywhere i research it at

  • Ganavvb

    Detox is a fucking fairytale people

    That shit never coming out

    We all know dre cool on the beats but 90 songs my fucking ass thats a bigg fuckibn lie 90 songs gahahaha

    Maybe 9 and they probally have the same lyrics as dedication 4 meaning, eating pussy, smoking weed and slateboards

  • fish702562

    dannyM fasho thanks for clearing that up!! now back to hearing old lil wayne songs since its throwback thursday

  • arth

    wow!!!! never expected, they should drop a collabo!!!!

  • Jazz Jolanski~ Future YMCMB Rapper

    Totally gettin the Tunechi Beats when they drop!! Man I’ll start a new swag @ school.. LOL << totally sounded like a beggar.. Feel free to reply #dont beg it Jazzeh, mofo -.-

    Future YMCMB Rapper is Outtie!
    Rap~~ btw TOTAL COPYRIGHTS TO ME, any1 that dares 2 copy without my permission, I will personally hunt down /stab my fork Into Thier eye, and make them WATCH me eat it!!!! :@

    Bitch, ima white Nicki,
    Don't u even THINK about takin' the mickey,
    To shut u up all ya need is a lil' dicky,
    Well hoe , u aint gettin' NONE from ME!! xD

  • @ lil wayne

    Lmfao lil wayne can neva b lyk 2pac ….2pac wrote rap eminem completed it & lil wayne can’t read it as a matter of fact if 2pac was still alive lil wayne should b working @ mcdonalds right now …he needs to rap about life and not about pussy like only he got a bitch wayne needs to step up or step down

  • silec’s f babyyyyyyyyy

    ok like everyone else I am also fans of tunechi then I would like that to me fase fun at EMA 2012, while the YMCMB Represent the abittude like to do entoucas means that cable and fans I will also I would like to know if he ripped the stage as he did at the VMA 2chainz with this good luck all the media label that I YMCMB is Silec’s F babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy