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Jae Millz Discusses What Went On Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne vs. Jay Z’s Feud [Video]

Jae Millz Discusses What Went On Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne vs Jay Z Feud

Here is another clip from Jae Millz‘ interview with The Bootleg Kev Podcast, which you can check out below.

During their conversation, Jae recalls Kanye West coming to Lil Wayne‘s studio to personally play him his and Jay-Z‘s “H.A.M” collaboration.

After hearing the “I’m like: ‘really? Half a billi’ nigga, really?’ You got baby money” bar from Jay, the Harlem rapper reveals Wayne wasn’t feeling it at all and walked out the room while the song was still playing. Millzy also spoke on Tunechi going on to record the “It’s Good” verse days later and shared his thoughts on the Tune vs. Jay feud!

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Jay-Z Discusses Almost Signing Lil Wayne To Roc-A-Fella Records & More

Jay-Z recently sat down with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne to chop it up with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club radio show in New York City.

During the interview, Jay talked about almost signing Lil Wayne to Roc-A-Fella Records and Birdman stopping the deal from happening. He also shared his thoughts on Weezy F Baby‘s diss about his wife on “It’s Good“.

If you don’t want to watch the full 28-minute interview in the clip above, just skip to the 5:20 mark!


Jay-Z Disses Lil Wayne On “La Familia” By Responding To Kidnapping Beyonce Shots

Jay-Z Disses Lil Wayne On La Familia By Responding To Kidnapping Beyonce Shots

Nearly two years later since Lil Wayne dissed Jay-Z on “It’s Good” off Tha Carter IV, Jay has sent shots back to Wayne on his “La Familia” song off Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“Nigga wanna kidnap wifey, good luck with that bruh; You must gonna hide your whole family, what you think we wearing black for? Ready for that war, ready for that war ready; You ain’t ready yo’, you radio; You ain’t really ready, real nigga chea”

This “beef” all started after Jay-Z had dissed Birdman on “H.A.M.” by rapping:

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Drake Does His Lil Wayne Impression For Tim Westwood x Birdman Speaks On Weezy Retiring

Above, you can watch Drake do his Lil Wayne impression while Tim Westwood interviews him out in London, England. Did you think Drizzy‘s impression of Weezy was good or a bit corny ❓

After the jump, Birdman speaks on Jay-Z dissing him in the “H.A.M” track with Kanye West and Tune‘s response in “It’s Good“. Baby also speaks on the way Tunechi has been dressing lately and says he will retire when Wayne does.

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Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss On Tha Carter IV Track

Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss On Tha Carter IV Track

I’m sure most of you Wayniacs have already heard Lil Wayne‘s “It’s Good” record off his Tha Carter IV album featuring Drake and Jadakiss, but if not, you will be able to listen to it on August 29th when Weezy‘s album will be available in stores. Anyways, on the track (which all of the artists kill by the way), Tunechi disses Jay-Z and Beyonce with these lines:

“Talkin ’bout Baby money? I got your baby money
Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga”

This is because of what Jay-Z said on his “H.A.M.” song with Kanye West about Birdman:

“I’m like really half a billi nigga
Really you got Baby money
Keep it real with niggas
Niggas ain’t got my lady money”

In an interview with VIBE Magazine for their October/November issue, Wayne says he is not worried about any fallout with Jay and that he doesn’t think he will take any action:

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