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Drake Does His Lil Wayne Impression For Tim Westwood x Birdman Speaks On Weezy Retiring

Thu, Mar 29, 2012 by

Above, you can watch Drake do his Lil Wayne impression while Tim Westwood interviews him out in London, England. Did you think Drizzy‘s impression of Weezy was good or a bit corny ❓

After the jump, Birdman speaks on Jay-Z dissing him in the “H.A.M” track with Kanye West and Tune‘s response in “It’s Good“. Baby also speaks on the way Tunechi has been dressing lately and says he will retire when Wayne does.

Jay-Z said that line about “Baby money” and you were on the radio like “Man, we’re going to keep spending this baby money.” Instead of side-stepping it, you addressed it.

I thought that was funny for a nigga to holler out “Baby money.” I was like, “Wow, fuck, what do you mean ‘Baby money’? Nigga, that ain’t no little money. We around here getting it.”

It wasn’t nothing, we ain’t trip. I was like, “Yeah, since it’s such a big deal, fuck yeah we got ‘Baby Money.’ That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from ‘Baby Money.’”

So when Wayne spit that line on “It’s Good” about “Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money” what do you have to say about that?

I don’t think that’s a diss record. It wasn’t more than what he said. Niggas was G’ing up about what was said. We did that, done that, off that brother. We’re on our money train.

In the past few years Lil Wayne has become a fashion icon. What do you think of the way he dresses?

We just living life, having fun. We ain’t tripping on nothing. We know where we come from. We ain’t bothering nobody. They gonna dress how they feel, come as they go.

Wayne recently has hinted at retiring. Have you guys ever had that discussion?

He was saying by the time he hits 35 he’d retire, I heard him say that. But nah, he’s on a mission right now.

But do you think when he hits 35, he’d seriously consider retiring?

One thing about my son is that what he says is what he means. When he does retire, that’s when I’m going to stop fucking with it altogether because it ain’t gonna be no need. He’s going to take us where we need to go. When he retires, that’s when I stop.

So you’ll retire as well?

Yeah. It won’t be no need for me no more because he’s going to take us further than I ever could. I been doing this shit for 22 years, another six or seven years for him. When that day comes, you won’t hear or see Stunna. But until then, we’re going to go hard like there’s no tomorrow.

You can read the full interview on Complex.

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