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Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss On Tha Carter IV Track

Thu, Aug 25, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss On Tha Carter IV Track

I’m sure most of you Wayniacs have already heard Lil Wayne‘s “It’s Good” record off his Tha Carter IV album featuring Drake and Jadakiss, but if not, you will be able to listen to it on August 29th when Weezy‘s album will be available in stores. Anyways, on the track (which all of the artists kill by the way), Tunechi disses Jay-Z and Beyonce with these lines:

“Talkin ’bout Baby money? I got your baby money
Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga”

This is because of what Jay-Z said on his “H.A.M.” song with Kanye West about Birdman:

“I’m like really half a billi nigga
Really you got Baby money
Keep it real with niggas
Niggas ain’t got my lady money”

In an interview with VIBE Magazine for their October/November issue, Wayne says he is not worried about any fallout with Jay and that he doesn’t think he will take any action:

“I know there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did,” says a confident Wayne when asked if he had second thoughts about recording his acidic verse for ‘It’s Good.’ “I know for a fact music is about perception. You can’t do anything but perceive what you hear. I know that for a fact. So I can’t ever be upset about someone’s reaction. I’m not going to say I don’t know what would happen before I even say something on record,” he explains. “I do know what will happen. I’m aware of it. But it is what it is.”

Jadakiss has already said he wants nothing to do with the Lil Wayne and Jay-Z “beef” on Twitter:

Y’all hating ass cocksuckers better chill… they only sent me a track wit NO verses and I recorded that verse 3 months ago! #leavemeoutofit
When I diss niggas or have a problem with any rapper, I say there names without hesitation and y’all know this already!

So what do you think about Tune‘s diss to Jay-Z, and do you think Jay will respond ❓ Let us know in the comments below.

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  • LIkeMe

    When is C4 COmming?

  • K-Freshh

    some of the shit wayne says does sound like sumthin drake would say…..but the thing is, wayne uses lots of metaphors in his music and drake only uses a couple…..and i dont understand why some of yall are hating on drake?!?! he’s obviously gonna take weezy’s spot eventually…..and to be honest with u, i wouldnt be surprised if Take Care is better than C4!! C4 did not meet a lot of people’s expectations.. .and about that interlude and outro shit, its obvious that wayne cant spit that fast anymore….thats the reason why he wasnt on them! picture rick ross with metaphors….thats how waynes flow is now…and its crazy cuz his flow on sorry 4 the wait was 10x better than C4! that just proves that he’s a mixtape rapper, and he should just do that until he retires.

  • gio

    JAY-Z suck little waynes little dick..

  • AzzazeL

    i allready have the carter 4 =/! Who wants it add
    i will give you a torrent, or you can find it on piratebay 😀

  • J9429

    LMFAO at this Lil Wayne dick riders having a bitch fit. Hov and Wayne will always be the best in my book. Wayne said himself he’s not worried about a fall out and it’s no serious beef. So get a life you punk asses dissing Jay-Z like you even matter.

  • J9429

    And by the way it was Birdman who started this in an interview on Hot 97 talking about Jay-Z’s money.

  • Lil

    The CARTER IV AUG. 29. He will be on the intro, interlude and outro. AUGEST 29, Its Goin Down. Lil’WAYNE is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • derrick tune chi

    if jay zee reply at 4′;00pm,,,wezzy will reply at 4;05,pm,,

  • dungas

    ztunechi his flow is not amazing on this album…its slow as shit and it sounds like the no love verse on almost every song. he had amazing flow on no ceilings, drought 3, tha carter 1, tha carter 2, tha carter 3, even ianahb he had better flow with more variety. On sorry 4 the wait he had amazing flow too…the title track had lifted my expectations for c4 but they were shot down. he only flows good on megaman and president carter. i was expecting flow like that verse from jail, and it blows this entire album out of the water still.

  • dungas

    also, for every good line on the album you can find one that is incredible stupid

  • dungas

    @fuckeminem no, its the finished version. it leaked because people got the cd some are even giving it away to promote their site.

  • real-talk

    there will actualy be 2 more songs on the carter 4 at target.

  • dungas

    sorry 4 spamming but i have to clear something up. birdman didnt say shit about a carter 4.5


    as in C4. 5*
    u kno 5* stunna…his tats..

  • junie

    duh @dungas and this wat weezy said about dissin hov

    I know for a fact music is about perception. You can’t do anything but perceive what you hear. I know that for a fact. So I can’t ever be upset about someone’s reaction. I’m not going to say I don’t know what would happen before I even say [something on record]. I do know what will happen. I’m aware of it. But it is what it is.”

  • junie

    the verses on c4 was weak but the beats on that bitch was firee

  • Lil

    The version that was leaked is the UNFINISHED version. On AUG.29 the full album will be released, which will contain one more track and more verses. The CARTER IV Coming soon

  • real-talk

    theres gonna be 2 more tracks asshole

  • junie

    @lil how you know nikka

  • real-talk

    Curenssy just tweeted he about to drop a track with him and tune.

  • Nestor

    Just like 50 Cent, Jay-Z hates on every rapper that isn’t in his game. It’s about time Weezy. He needed to start making songs about dissing other bitch ass rappers. Thank God for Lil Wayne! YMCMB all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!! Best rapper EVER!


    junie u need to shuttup….ur a bandwagoner thts for damn sure. i dont like to call one person out but ur a damn maggot!
    …i doubt there will be any songs we havent heard on c4…. the entire tracklist that was expected to be official leaked so people are just HOPING its not all leaked… it is tho.

  • junie


  • d.k

    who said that drakes the second best rapper thats funny lmao good joke cause we all no eminem out sells lil wayne and thats a fact but personally lil wayne and eminem are on par with each over and i cant say whoes better because there both good but with different styles its like with 2pac and biggie there both good accept 2pac is ovoisly better

  • real-talk

    Eminem dont even outsell Lil Wayne tho? Unless your talking about a rock album or IANAHB which wasnt even promoted. Last Major rap album lil wayne dropped sold 1 million first week nigga.

  • Youngcarter

    Jayz i don’t know the reason why u always brag with ur fuckin money.If u get money go and inpregnate ur fuckin wife.Never fuck with lilwayne cause he’s a real man.When u talk about music then is lilwayne ure talkin about.He has done it all(weezy).Hes the father of music but jay z wat u know is just talk shit.


    so ur saying nobody can talk shit until they had a baby? ur logic is retarded. face facts yall weezy just wacky lil dude with a temper behind the mic and a bunch SWAG….

  • definex

    This album got delayed like 4 times…we waited over 3 years and there’s 2 full songs without him even rapping on it…WTF

  • Juan monroy

    Everyone is stupid this album was deep, Wayne has never rapped this way, he’s in the illuminati but he’s against it so FUCK JAYZ AND HIS BITCH Weezy has more tracks and lyrics than any motherfucker in the history of the GAME, President Carter is my favorite

  • 1st of all jay z is old now and his bitch too i just think jay iz jealouse that birdman gona beat him with money soon enough i ain’t fucking with the niggar too he makes me sick let me disse him it goes like this:Jay wasup wit your wack linez fat mouth niggar u messng with da YMCMB fam bitch go get your bitch hacked am just an 15 year old niggar think you old in this game but ma big bro wayne got it all stop your talking you out of da game(red card)YMCMB is the best you just da weakest..yeah..and thank you wayne for the reply in the carter iv and damn i love the track she will whan you say I TRYD ATTENTION BUT ATTENTION TRYD ME Damn hot love ya ma fam YMCMB hope 1day i wil be there YoungSA


    yea really good wordplay… hiphop is a joke game

  • wavyboii

    wayne will kill jay-z anyday so jay-z should call a truce while he qot the time

  • ok?

    Why did Weezy sound brain dead on Nightmares of the Bottom?

  • dungis

    because hes clearly addicted to pills now. i swear i know pill addicts he sounds straight up pilled out on this album

  • chris

    on watch the throne sogn welcome to the jungle he disses lil wayne im surprised none of yall havent noticed it yet

  • chris

    (Where the f*ck is the sun? wayne in jail)
    It’s been a while,( Momma, look at ya son
    What happened to my smile?..permanent grill)
    (My tears is tatted My rag in my pocket) obvious
    (I’m just looking for love, I know somebody got it..reference to his waynes how to love single)
    Champagne for the pain, Weed for the low
    God damn I’m so high, Where the f*ck did I go?

  • txb

    i dont understand how jay z dissing birdman on HAM like baby can mean anything, like when he says baby money cood mean, small money, but unless jigga already amitted he dissed birdman then i wont fully understand…….but anyway C4!

  • Marcus

    Lil Wayne is fkn shit, C4 is the worst shit ive ever heard. WTT prob the best rap album ive heard in ma life

  • Loyalty

    A lil while back Wayne was complaining about not getting any good beats. I think that could be what is going on with C4. The beats on C3 were EPIC! C4 not so much….

  • zz

    gay-z have no talent in rap, but he’s rich caus he love trade his soul

  • lil wayne already fucked beyonce ! . fuck jay z !!


    all the lights were good beats and those beats werent super complex or something

  • It’s about time somebody stood up the Jay-Z. Wayne’s right, he won’t bite back.

  • Can anyone

    Can anyone email me a link for the carter 4? Yes I’m still going to buy it id just appreciate a link to get it now. And I don’t want anyone to post it here so EVERYONE will have the leak. Thank you

  • J the rain

    What I wanna know is how y’all talkin shit bout Jay and his money and his business when your money and your business is nonexistent. Sounds like a bunch of hatin over shit that shouldn’t even concern you. Lil Wayne doesn’t even say anything semi-intelligent but he doesn’t pretend that he does so he’s tolerated. He’s just popular because. the nigga says himself that he can’t rap so all weezy-worshippers shut the fuck up and sit down. And if you dissin Jay, get your money up then talk shit. talk shit about his lyrics but you know you lying so if you aren’t a billionaire or the next rising star, SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • JayeeGeeh

    Its Good Is the Shit ! Mann Fuck Jay-Z, Its YMCMB, Hopefully dey go at it = More Songs.. #LilTunechi ! C4 : ] & Plus it don’t even matter, its Rap & its Lil Wayne, Its gon happen.

  • LiLTunechi277

    iF LiL Wayne & Jay Z Havee Beef Yall Already Know LiL Wayne iS Going 02 Kill Em’ There’s No Doubt About That. iT Doesn’t Make No Sense 02 Start Problem With LiL Wayne Cus LiL iS Going 02 Go iN & You Know He Aint Stopping But Anyways Copp The Carter iv On Augest 29th , Lovee You Weezy <3

  • me

    wtf is wrong with gay-z, he know he should not mess wit weezy, and now weezy gon murder him


    Weezy knows he got it, jay z and kanye shouldn’t even have a record deal I don’t kno why he even tryin to diss weezys gone kill it everytime.


    all imma say is Jay too ugly for his lady money. Expected better from Beyonce but then again it’s pretty clear that it isn’t about the looks there by the sound of its all about the money :/ Jay should be talking about his own money not his lady money ‘cos Birdman was talking about his money not his lady’s.
    FOLLOW > sobiamanchester

  • Cristobal

    jayz stop it.. go retire.. i heard nuthn after waynes d.o.a. remake.. send something else to the mix tape weezy.. wayne says its good. its good.

  • WEEZY123

    jay z talks wen he rapss lil wayne doesnt soooo…lil wayne is way better

  • Dúx

    The rap game z 2 small 4 both carters ,1 hs to step down nd its u gay-z .u r fuckin wit a nigger who doesnt gv a fuck.u r a dead wood man!!! Young… forever

  • fuck you jay-z, weezy the best alive

  • LuN

    Weezy F bby and F for fuckn Beyonce.

  • D

    Does anybody know what kind of fitted Wayne is wearin??.. shits tight

  • So fuck this Gay-z, is another bitch from New York, would be well to ally with G-bitches to have a chance in front of Lil Wayne…so fuck East Cost…West Cost dog the true gangstars!!!

  • i really think weezy have done what is sopposed to be done!!! after all tunechi is simply the best so far.

  • volcomnukka

    You know the whole Wayne Jay-z beef is all for publicity and album sales they really don’t hate eachother. Their lines to eachother are so subtle, nothing extreme like the Jay-z Nas beef. I can see Jay-Z replying with something minute like…..
    “I’m killing you niggas
    Suffocating, you feel a little wheezy nigga? (lil weezy, lil wayne)
    I see your scared money, you feel a little queezy nigga?” (reference to scared money by young jeezy and lil wayne)
    Damnnnnnnnn Jay should use that I should be a ghost writer but like I said if he replys it wont be anything big. Jay-z and Weezy are both my favorite rappers but of course i like Lil Wayne A LOT more, just kind feel like he could of did better on the Carter 4

  • Wayne fan

    Wayne did it right and said wat needed to say


    SURE jay IS GOOD BUT tunechi IS A KILLER,, we’l put your lights out nigga,,dnt mess with YMCMB coz ya’ll cant see us like the bride shoes,, aint coz you put a bun in the oven mean you should mess with wayne,,, jay should learn better to pick fights,, coz he’s fucking with anigga that dnt give a fuck…… ROGER THAT

  • brooklyn

    ayo for all yall hating on jayz shut tha fuck up cause all is not even like that. bet if his ass come to yall face now yall will shut tha fuck up. he got more money then all yall and LIL WAYNE imma big ass lil wayne fan and imma big ass jayz fan so yall hating on jay for what? he gettin his yall aint gettin shit! but looking stupid. so imma need for all to shut up. childish ass bitches and they not even beefing yall look hella stupid! THEY MADE TO MANY SONGS TOGETHER if yall looked at it

  • Zaria :)

    I think Wayne had every right of dissing Jay because Jay think he the stuff- which he’s not- You diss Baby you diss Tune. As simple as that Jay needs to stay in retirement and worry about that baby Bey carrying. Regardless Wayne is going to continue to make his money sooo get off his nuts 🙂 Follow me on Twitter @Lowkey_ImZee #TeamTunechi <3

  • $young Meck$

    im a young rapper you can google me…i really didnt like jay but cuz he’s too anti crisis but these r the thing s that keeps the rap game alive!!!!…check me out on reverbantion as young meck google me!!!!!!….$YMCMB$ for lyphe

  • Da Carter

    While as for me l will like to see the end of this Diss all about

  • dtown

    since when does money make you a better rap artist…..bill gates gives away daily more money than jay z can imagine but has nothing to do with being able to rap…..having 12 songs in the top 100 only being topped by the beatles, crushing jay z and kanyes single week itunes record in 1 day shows whats up……me lie women lie numbers dont lie

    im beside myself so that makes 2 of me nikah

  • 5fuckyour6


    congrats you wasted your important and exciting life to write a fucking essay about C4 when no one gives a shit about what you thought about it and wayne dont give a shit what you think either

  • D-Nut

    Wayne is a risk taker an he can reach more people now at 27 than jay can at 40 so jay to keep his name on the front page he has to say shit about how birdman an how much money YMCMB has vs ROC Nation… everyone said wht they peice now lets move on an get bac to the money

  • good jop

  • Meech

    Dumb!! 5top da Bull5hit and make ya M-O-N-E-Y!!! #RealTalk! B^ut Ima alway5 5upport my brutha5….031@Tunechi…….

  • f-k u jay z lil wayne best rapper alife nigger

  • Fuck jay z “wi gon burn ur soul slow with ether!damn u motherfucker..

  • lv

    first off HOV tlkin facts…wayne wtf we all know u aint kidnapping no f**kin beyonce so chill lil nigga and to yall tlkin bout wayne & drake will kill Hov & ye go commit a successful suicide