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Lil Wayne Presents The Best Team Award At The 2022 ESPYs [Video]

Lil Wayne Presents Best Team Award At The 2022 ESPYs

Lil Wayne attended the 2022 ESPY Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California on July 20th.

While appearing at the sports-related annual ceremony, Weezy joined John Boyega and Sunisa Lee on stage to present the Best Team award to the Golden State Warriors.

You can check out Tunechi giving out the ESPY award to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Juan Toscano-Anderson after the jump below, as well as also see how Tune made the audience laugh!

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Skip Bayless Speaks On His Friendship With Lil Wayne, Reveals A Good Deed Wayne Did For Craig Humphreys’ Son Sam + More [Video]

Skip Bayless Speaks On His Friendship With Lil Wayne, Reveals A Good Deed Wayne Did For Craig Humphreys Son Sam

For episode 2 of UNDISPUTED’s “#SkipRidesTheTrollerCoaster” series, Skip Bayless revealed how his relationship with Lil Wayne came to be.

At the 6:05 mark of the video below, Bayless told the story of how he first met Tunechi in 2008 (which involves Nelly), mentioned they talk regularly and text all of the time, discussed Tune‘s passion and knowledge for sports, praised the “No Mercy” theme song, and called him a “creative genius”.

The sports columnist also explained how much of a good guy Wayne actually is by sharing another story that involved Craig Humphreys‘ son Sam, who found out he had testicular cancer at the age of 21-years-old. After finding out that he is a huge fan, Weezy made a 20-minute phone call to Sam for support. Skip then went on to say he believes this motivated Sam to battle the cancer before adding that him and Mr. Carter shared a joke about it always being “all the white kids” – even at his concerts!

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Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Joke Around On Set Of “No Frauds” [Videos]

Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Joke Around On Set Of No Frauds

Nicki Minaj has shared some behind the scenes footage from on set of her “No Frauds” video shoot that you can see below.

In the two outtakes, Nicki can be seen joking around with her boss Lil Wayne asking him if he knew he would be signing the queen of rap.

The Young Money Barbie also asks the video director Benny Boom if he realized what it meant when the greatest rapper alive signed her!

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Lil Wayne & Dhea Are Not Getting Married…

Lil Wayne & Dhea Are Not Getting Married

…Well not anytime soon that is. Last night on Valentines Day, Lil Wayne tweeted “She said yes!” and his friends including Mack Maine and Birdman congratulated him. Everyone thought Weezy had proposed to his girlfriend Dhea and was getting ready to hang up the mic and settle down with his family. But he fooled you all! Tunechi just went on Twitter and tweeted this:


Video: Lil Wayne & Short Dawg Joke About The ‘Hot Sauce’ Incident In “The Nino Brown Story”

During a recent trip to Atlanta (before Wayne‘s jail sentence was postposted earlier this week), Scoob was finally able to present Wayne with the latest DVD, and the Cash Money millionaire gave it his stamp of approval.

” ‘Nino Brown Part 2,’ shit crazy!” Wayne is seen saying with a grin a couple of weeks ago in ATL. Weezy was surrounded by Young Money members Gudda Gudda and Short Dawg. In the DVD, Wayne plays a wicked trick on Dawg, a native of Houston. When Short falls asleep in the studio, Wayne puts hot sauce in a teaspoon. Then, the multi platinum prankster puts the spoon in Short’s mouth, literally giving him a rude awakening.

“The ‘Nino Brown’ superstar in the building!” Wayne said to Short and the room full of his friends, still ribbing his artists for the escapades in the DVD.

Short took the joke in stride, quoting lines from “New Jack City” (from which the DVD takes its name): “Am I my brother’s keeper?

“I went out like G Money in that bitch, man!” Short continued, talking about his look in the DVD.

Meanwhile, Wayne was tickled at how Scoob captured his jokester side.

“You gotta really pay attention the editing and you gotta pay attention to how your verse comes on when you wake up,” Wayne told Short. “Soon as the verse come on, that boy wake up [and starts drinking]. If you would have start singing the verse, that would have been the hardest shit that Martin Luther King died for. For real!”

As the night proceeds, Short drops more famous lines from “New Jack.”

“You’re a murderer, Nino!” Short yells, getting everyone to laugh. “Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change!”

Via MTV, and in other news – we should be getting the “We Are The World Remake” and Shawty Lo’s “WTF” featuring Lil Wayne any day now.