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Birdman Claims Lil Wayne & Cortez Bryant Have Been Plotting With Their Lawyer To Earn A Bigger Share Of Drake’s Profits

Birdman Claims Lil Wayne & Cortez Bryant Have Been Arranging A Way To Earn A Bigger Share Of Drake Royalties

Even though it seemed like everything was getting back to normal between Lil Wayne and Birdman, it looks like their feud is still ongoing.

According to The Blast, Baby is accusing Wayne and his manager/best friend Cortez Bryant of taking part in an elaborate plan to earn more money from Drake‘s music.

Last year, Aspire Music Group, which is a record label co-founded by Tez Poe, sued Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group for not paying the revenue that they owed from Drizzy‘s royalties.

After looking at the documents, Aspire are claiming that they discovered the 6 God and have a deal in place with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money permitting them to a 1/3 share of the net profits from Drake‘s first six projects.

Birdman and CM counter-sued Aspire Music Group‘s lawsuit on Friday (August 17th) by accusing Weezy and Tez for plotting with their lawyer Ronald Sweeney to get richer off a bigger share of Drizzy Drake‘s royalties:

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Lil Wayne’s Lawyer Confirms He Is Now A Free Independent Artist Who Owns All His Rights

Lil Wayne's Lawyer Confirms He Is Now A Free Independent Artist Who Owns All His Rights

First thing’s first, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the real fans who have stuck with Lil Wayne as he has gone through this situation that felt never-ending with his record labels!

After we first heard about Wayne winning his legal battle with Universal and Cash Money Records a few days ago, Mr. Carter‘s attorney Ron Sweeney has given a statement to Billboard about the case:

“Per our settlement agreement, the matter has been amicably resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. In terms of the particulars, we’re prohibited legally from saying anything further. I can say that my client is happy. He is his own man, a man that owns his assets, his music and himself. At some point, Wayne will let his fans know what’s going to happen next.”

This confirms that Weezy has reached a settlement with Cash Money, which means he is now a free independent artist who owns his rights again (but he is still cool with Birdman). However, the lawsuit is not fully closed yet.

If you didn’t already know, Sweeney has been Tunechi‘s main lawyer for 13 years and he hired Howard King to litigate this case against Universal and CM. I guess we now just have to wait for Tune to make an announcement on what we can expect next from him! Maybe he will say something later today at Summer Jam?


Lil Wayne Will Take Martin Shkreli To Court If He Plays Anymore Music Off “Tha Carter V”

Lil Wayne Will Take Martin Shkreli To Court If He Plays Anymore Music Off Tha Carter 5

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne and his lawyers will be taking Martin Shkreli to court if he plays or leaks anymore of Tha Carter V album online.

This news all comes after Shkreli played a snippet of Weezy and Kendrick Lamar‘s “Mona Lisa” collaboration off C5 earlier this month.

So if Martin plays anymore music off Tunechi‘s upcoming album, he can be expecting a big lawsuit against him from Tune and Universal Music Group!


Martin Shkreli Previews Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar’s “Mona Lisa” Song, Cortez Bryant Addresses The Situation & Says “Tha Carter V” Is “Close”

Martin Shkreli Previews Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar Mona Lisa Song, Cortez Bryant Addresses The Situation & Says Tha Carter 5 Is Close

Even though he assured Lil Wayne‘s team at the start of the year he will not be teasing or leaking anymore music from Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album, Martin Shkreli has gone and done the complete opposite.

Last week during a live stream session, Martin played a snippet of Weezy‘s “Mona Lisa” collaboration with Kendrick Lamar off C5 that was produced by Infamous. He even claimed it was the best song on the project.

In related news, X17Online caught up with Cortez Bryant at an airport to ask him about Shkreli teasing Tha Carter V music to which he mentioned they are on top of the situation with lawyers.

Tez Poe also revealed we are “close” to hearing C5! You can check out the “Mona Lisa” preview and Cortez‘ interview in the clips after the jump below.

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Lil Wayne’s Former Lawyers In His Private Jet Case Have Dropped Their Lawsuit Against Him

According to theJasmineBRAND, Lil Wayne‘s former lawyers who represented him in the private jet leasing company case, which he lost, dropped their lawsuit against him earlier this month on August 11th.

The legal team were demanding a $47,000 payment for a settlement that was reached back in June, as well as the $322,000 debt Wayne owed them. However, they have now dismissed all claims against Weezy in court.

In the new court documents, it says that the lawyers are dismissing the full lawsuit forever with no chance of it being refiled in the future, so more than likely Tunechi has paid the payments he owed!


Lil Wayne’s Former Lawyer Drops $375K Lawsuit Against Him Over The Birdman & Cash Money Case

Lil Wayne Former Lawyer Drops 375K Lawsuit Against Him Over The Birdman Case

Just one week after Michel Kramer of Michael B. Kramer & Associates filed a federal lawsuit against Lil Wayne for $375,239, the lawyer has dropped the case and all claims against Wayne.

Kramer accused Tunechi of not paying him what he was owed for his work in Tune‘s $51 million lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records.

You can read the full story and get more details after the jump below, courtesy of theJasmineBRAND.

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