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Lil Wayne Wanted To Stop The Release Of Da Drought 3 To Change The “My Flow Is Nasty Like C-Y-Philis” Lyric Because Of A Spelling Mistake [Video]

Lil Wayne Wanted To Stop The Release Of Da Drought 3 To Change The My Flow Is Nasty Like C-Y-Philis Lyric Because Of A Spelling Mistake

First thing’s first with this interview, all of the blogs are currently reporting that Lil Wayne‘s “Weezy F Baby and the F is for Fenomenal” lyric was a mistake and he wanted to change it when he found out he had spelled the word “Phenomenal” wrong. I fully believe this is wrong. Even though Cortez Bryant says this was the lyric, you can tell he was not fully sure.

When you work out what else Tez says about the bar, such as Tunechi wanting to stop the release when he found out how to spell the word correctly and that it was too late as it had already been put out – “Yes” with Pharrell was actually a leak and has never been officially released. Also the next line after the “Phenomenal” one uses wordplay on “typo” to show Tune knows exactly what he did.

While they had just been speaking about the Da Drought 3 project, I think we can all fairly agree that the lyric Cortez was thinking about was “My flow is nasty like c-y-philis” off the “Ride For My Niggas” aka “Sky Is The Limit” song. If you didn’t know, “cyphilis” is actually spelled like “syphilis“.

Anyway, in this conversation with Andrew Barber that you can watch in full below, Bryant also discusses Tha Carter III Sessions, Wayne‘s mixtape run, how he plans to add the rest of Wayne‘s tapes to streaming platforms, how it has been managing Wayne‘s career (including being a DJ for him), Tha Carter album series, noticing the first commercial shift was the feature on Destiny Child’s “Soldier” single, Wayne becoming a “God” in New Orleans after the Sqad Up tapes, releasing The Leak EP to give Wayne more time to record a whole ‘nother C3 album, and much more.

Another conflicting issue with this interview is the “I Feel Like Dying” convo. Tez calls it his one of his favorite Weezy songs, but reveals they could never drop it officially or perform it as concerts, because they could never get the sample cleared and says they even received an injunction over it. However, the publishers of the song that was sampled (“Once” by Karma) have said on Twitter that this information is incorrect and they would love to clear the track and see it released. So… who is lying?

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Cortez Bryant Gets Asked About “No Ceilings 3” & Reveals Why He Doesn’t Think Lil Wayne Will Ever Do A Verzuz Battle [Video]

Cortez Bryant Gets Asked About No Ceilings 3 & Reveals Why He Doesn't Think Lil Wayne Will Ever Do A Verzuz Battle

Cortez Bryant recently took part in an Instagram Live interview on Chef Nate‘s page.

At the start of their conversation, which you can watch below, Lil Wayne‘s best friend and manager gets asked about the upcoming No Ceilings 3 mixtape to which he stays quiet on.

Tez also reveals why he doesn’t think Wayne will ever do a Verzuz battle (says Wayne is an introvert), how album leaks happen, birthday plans, and how he missed out on managing Rae Sremmurd even though they were handed to him on a silver platter, due to the big lawsuit against Cash Money Records!

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Sarcastic Sounds Talks Producing Lil Wayne’s “Mahogany” Song & His Reaction To First Hearing It

Sarcastic Sounds Talks Producing Lil Wayne Mahogany Song & His First Reaction To Hearing It

Sarcastic Sounds, a 20-year-old producer from Toronto, recently chopped it up with DJ Booth for an interview.

During their conversation (read below), Sarcastic Sounds recalled how the very first rap song he heard was Lil Wayne‘s “Got Money” single featuring T-Pain.

The producer also discussed how he was approached to create Wayne‘s “Mahogany” beat on the Funeral album that involved some help from Mannie Fresh, as well as how he reacted to hearing it for the first time when it leaked on YouTube!

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Drake & Lil Wayne Recall Their Songs Leaking In The Past, Listening To “Lollipop” On The Bus With Kobe Bryant & Announce A New Song

Drake & Lil Wayne Talk About A New Collaboration, Their Songs Leaking In The Past, Listening To Lollipop On The Tour Bus With Kobe Bryant & More

During episode 2 of “Young Money Radio” last night, one of the special guests that called in to speak with Lil Wayne was none other than Drake.

They spoke about Drizzy‘s father Dennis Graham, his son Adonis who Wayne says he can’t wait to meet, Tunechi‘s boys Facetiming celebrity females, the new Dark Lane Demo Tapes project, and how a lot of Tune‘s music got leaked from getting his car washed. The two of them also recalled the night Weezy played “Lollipop” for Drake and the late Kobe Bryant on his tour bus while getting angel wings tattooed.

Towards the end of their conversation, Drizzy Drake revealed him and Wayne will have another collaboration on the way as he is sending over some new music “by mid-week or maybe Monday night”! I wonder if this could appear on the deluxe edition of Funeral, or the 6 God album that is dropping in the summer of this year?

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Mannie Fresh Says He Has A Bunch Of Unreleased Cash Money & Birdman Disses From Lil Wayne [Video]

Mannie Fresh Says He Has A Bunch Of Unreleased Cash Money & Birdman Disses From Lil Wayne

Mannie Fresh was a recent guest appearance on Power 105.1 FM’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show, but of course DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee had to do the interview from their own homes on Skype as everyone is currently quarantining.

Throughout their conversation, Mannie discussed his recent Instagram Live battle with Scott Storch, who he thinks Lil Wayne should battle live with on social media, fans wanting one more joint album between himself and Wayne, having a bunch of unreleased songs with Weezy, and more.

The New Orleans DJ, rapper and record producer also revealed he keeps reminding Tunechi every time he see’s him in person to drop their Tha Carter/Fresh Files project, but a few of the songs are from the time he was dissing Cash Money Records and because he is in a better place right now, Tune does not want the tracks to come out!

“In my whole career, I never had a song that I done with somebody ever leak or anything that got in the wrong hands. If Wayne don’t agree with it then I’m not gonna put that song out. As tempting as it is a lot of times cause you’re like damn bro come on. Some of them songs that I got right now with Wayne was just out of frustration because of the deal that happened. He was saying some stuff on ’em. He was just like now he’s in a better space, in a better place… he was like nah dude: ‘I really don’t want them songs to come out because I don’t want to deal with the repercussions of them.’ He was like: ‘I’m over that. It was just me airing out and I rather not have that out there.’ So out of respect, I’mma respect his wishes and not put ’em out.”

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