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Glasses Malone Shares An Interesting Story About Lil Wayne + Cash Money Records [Video]

Glasses Malone Shares An Interesting Story About Lil Wayne + Cash Money Records

Glasses Malone recently sat down with Bomb1st for a virtual interview, which you can watch down below.

Not long into their conversation, Malone opened up about signing to Cash Money Records and at the 1:05:00 mark, he shared an interesting story he has about Lil Wayne.

The Los Angeles rapper explained that while he was unwell on set of the “Haterz” video shoot, Weezy had asked him if he wanted to get his mother Jacida Carter, who is a former chef, to make him some soup.

He went on to add that Tunechi was the biggest artist in the world at this time and that speaks volumes if you know who Tune is as a person!

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Lil Wayne Talks Mental Health, Attempting Suicide, Loneliness, Lowest Point Of His Career & More [Video]

Lil Wayne Talks Mental Health, Attempting Suicide, Loneliness, Lowest Point Of His Career & More

In a sit-down interview with Emmanuel Acho for his mental health series “Uncomfortable Conversations“, Lil Wayne opens up all about his childhood and attempting to take his own life when he was 12-years-old.

Weezy speaks all about mental health, why he wanted to commit suicide, how the attempted suicide changed his mother Jacida Carter‘s ways with him, being lonely while being a megastar, and much more.

Also in their conversation (watch below), Tunechi reveals to Emmanuel that the lowest point of his career was when his record label would not let him release Tha Carter V, as well as how that made him feel!

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Throwback Thursday: Scans Of Lil Wayne’s Cover Story For Murder Dog Magazine’s 1998 Issue

Scans Of Lil Wayne Cover Story For Murder Dog Magazine 1998 Issue

I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne‘s cover story for the 1998 Hot Boys issue of Murder Dog magazine for #ThrowbackThursday today.

In his interview, Weezy spoke on Cash Money Records, the Hot Boys, what makes each of the members unique, joining B.G. aka Lil Doogie when he was going by the name of Baby D to create The B.G.z group, their True Story album, and leaving The B.G.z by his mother Cita’s request after he shot himself.

Tune also talked about Lil Slim bringing him to Cash Money, his debut solo studio album Tha Block Is Hot, what made him want to first start rapping, New Orleans, school, his daughter Reginae Carter, having a song called “Fuck The World” even though this was a time when he didn’t curse in his music, losing his daddy Rabbit to some haters, how everything changed for him when Rabbit died, and much more!

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Lil Twist Talks Being Around Lil Wayne When “Tha Carter III” Was Released, Witnessing Drake’s Come Up & More

Lil Twist Talks Being Around Lil Wayne When Tha Carter 3 Was Released & Witnessing Drake Come Up

The Knockturnal recently caught up with Lil Twist for an exclusive interview about his current role on “Growing Up Hip-Hop”, his relationship with Lil Wayne, upcoming projects, and more.

During their conversation, Twizzy revealed what it was like signing to Young Money at a young age, as well as witnessing Drake‘s come up and being there for when Tha Carter III was released.

Twist also discussed what it is like to have Tune as a mentor, why he calls him both a big brother and a father, and confirmed Weezy will be featured on Young Carter 2. Have a read of it all below!

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Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled Recall Betty Wright’s 1974 Hit About Losing Virginity [Video]

Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled Recall Betty Wright 1974 Hit About Losing Virginity

This Sunday (April 5th) at 10PM EST on TV One, an all-new episode of their award-winning documentary series “Unsung” on R&B star Betty Wright will be airing.

In a sneak peek of this episode, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled can be seen reminiscing on Betty‘s hit back in 1974 called “Tonight Is The Night“.

“There’s eras of the song in my life, the first is being in the backseat of a car. Your mom’s singing it and you’re singing it right along with her. The second era is you’re riding in that car alone and now you finding those words meaning something totally different than what they meant when you were sitting in that backseat.”

You can watch a preview of Wayne recalling when he first realized the lyrics on this Wright song meant something different after originally singing the record with his mom in the car below!

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