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Lil Twist Talks Being Around Lil Wayne When “Tha Carter III” Was Released, Witnessing Drake’s Come Up & More

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Lil Twist Talks Being Around Lil Wayne When Tha Carter 3 Was Released & Witnessing Drake Come Up

The Knockturnal recently caught up with Lil Twist for an exclusive interview about his current role on “Growing Up Hip-Hop”, his relationship with Lil Wayne, upcoming projects, and more.

During their conversation, Twizzy revealed what it was like signing to Young Money at a young age, as well as witnessing Drake‘s come up and being there for when Tha Carter III was released.

Twist also discussed what it is like to have Tune as a mentor, why he calls him both a big brother and a father, and confirmed Weezy will be featured on Young Carter 2. Have a read of it all below!

The Knockturnal: Was it difficult trying to balance being a kid while working as an artist?

Lil Twist: Not at all, it wasn’t really hard because I started doing music at 7 years old so it’s always been in me to do music. I wanted to be a preacher when I was 5, that’s how I knew I wanted to control a crowd. I’d walk around the house preaching to my family all the time. I’m the youngest of all my cousins and my cousins are rappers so I just followed them wanting to rap.

The Knockturnal: What was it like having your mom as your manager?

Lil Twist: My mom was like the momager – she was the mom and the manager, that’s always just been there since the beginning. She’s the one – after being signed to Diamond records, I started failing in school so she took me off his label and the money that she was getting from her job she would just put it into me and that’s the CD that she had pressed up and that’s the CD I got signed off Young Money from.

The Knockturnal: How did it feel signing to Young Money at such a young age?

Lil Twist: Man, it was amazing, it’s still amazing, but definitely at its peak was crazy coming off Tha Carter 3 was just a sight to see, it was historical. I loved being a part of it and seeing Drake’s whole come up and all of us in hotel rooms and the same bus it was dope.

The Knockturnal: What was it like having Lil Wayne as a mentor at such a young age and what’s your relationship like today?

Lil Twist: It’s the same as it’s always been, Wayne is like a big brother/ father figure. At times I call him Pops when I’m tryna get more stuff done, ‘Pops I needa get this music done, Pops I need a new car,” (laughs) stuff like that. He definitely been a brother/father figure, his guidance always been there for me.

The Knockturnal: Can you tell us about your upcoming project Young Carter 2? Can we expect any features?

Lil Twist: This new project that I been working on, Young Carter 2, I been working on the past three years since I got out of jail and I feel like it’s going to put me back where I need to be. I just got a verse back from Wiz Khalifa last night and he murdered it. I got Chris Brown on there like four, five records, Wayne’s on there, Young Money.

The Knockturnal: Can you tell us about this season of Growing Up Hip Hop and what it’s like to be on a reality show that showcases people with similar experiences?

Lil Twist: It’s dope, it’s pretty organic to me that’s why I guess I’ve come over to the show and took over. Fan-favorite Twizzy! It’s authentic to my real life, I grew up Hip Hop under the Hip Hop giant Lil Wayne so it’s familiar to me.

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