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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance On BET’s “106 & Park” In 2006 [Video]

Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance On BET 106 & Park In 2006

As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is some footage of Lil Wayne‘s appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” show over 15 years ago on January 10th, 2006.

While on the show, Weezy explained how he injured his wrist while playing basketball, as well as wanting to shoot his “Hustler Musik / Money On My Mind” music video inside The Carter building in New York City from the movie “New Jack City” before he then premiered the visual.

You can check out a clip of Tunechi, who was rocking clothing from A Bathing Ape, chatting to Big Tigger and Julissa Bermudez on “106 & Park” back in 2006 for #TBT below. Enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks Hustling, “Tha Carter” Album, Remixing “Ether” & More With Pete Finch [Video]

Lil Wayne Talks Hustling, Tha Carter Album, Remixing Ether & More With Pete Finch

For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a Lil Wayne freestyle and interview that he did with Pete Finch back in the early 2000s.

During their conversation, Wayne revealed what his very first hustle was, the longest he has ever rapped without stopping, where his Tha Carter” album name comes from, what made him change as a person, a message for upcoming music artists, if he has any problems with Nas after freestyling over the “Ether” beat on SQ1, and more.

You can check out this full throwback video after the jump below that also includes him spitting a verse from his “BM J.R.” song!

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Find Out How & Why Lil Wayne Decided To Name His Album Series “Tha Carter”

Find Out How & Why Lil Wayne Decided To Name His Album Series Tha Carter

Have you ever wondered how Lil Wayne came up with the album series title “Tha Carter“? If so, it has now been revealed that it was Hakim Green from New Jersey duo Channel Live who told Wayne to use the name for his 2004 album.

Hakim took to his Instagram page to make this statement and also let everyone know the story of how this all came about in the comments section:

“I was his weed guy #madizm.. I had the idea for #JAYZ but because Wayne was on #CashMoneyRecords and in the movie #NewJackCity they sold their work out of #TheCarter it just made since to share it with him. Especially after @LilTunechi made it clear he was the creative behind much of the group material. He was adamant that he wanted to be taken seriously as a #lyricist by #NewYorkCity.. he made me a believer..”

So there you have it! I wonder if we are any closer to hearing the fifth installment of Weezy‘s Tha Carter album series?

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Video: Lil Wayne & Short Dawg Joke About The ‘Hot Sauce’ Incident In “The Nino Brown Story”

During a recent trip to Atlanta (before Wayne‘s jail sentence was postposted earlier this week), Scoob was finally able to present Wayne with the latest DVD, and the Cash Money millionaire gave it his stamp of approval.

” ‘Nino Brown Part 2,’ shit crazy!” Wayne is seen saying with a grin a couple of weeks ago in ATL. Weezy was surrounded by Young Money members Gudda Gudda and Short Dawg. In the DVD, Wayne plays a wicked trick on Dawg, a native of Houston. When Short falls asleep in the studio, Wayne puts hot sauce in a teaspoon. Then, the multi platinum prankster puts the spoon in Short’s mouth, literally giving him a rude awakening.

“The ‘Nino Brown’ superstar in the building!” Wayne said to Short and the room full of his friends, still ribbing his artists for the escapades in the DVD.

Short took the joke in stride, quoting lines from “New Jack City” (from which the DVD takes its name): “Am I my brother’s keeper?

“I went out like G Money in that bitch, man!” Short continued, talking about his look in the DVD.

Meanwhile, Wayne was tickled at how Scoob captured his jokester side.

“You gotta really pay attention the editing and you gotta pay attention to how your verse comes on when you wake up,” Wayne told Short. “Soon as the verse come on, that boy wake up [and starts drinking]. If you would have start singing the verse, that would have been the hardest shit that Martin Luther King died for. For real!”

As the night proceeds, Short drops more famous lines from “New Jack.”

“You’re a murderer, Nino!” Short yells, getting everyone to laugh. “Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change!”

Via MTV, and in other news – we should be getting the “We Are The World Remake” and Shawty Lo’s “WTF” featuring Lil Wayne any day now.