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Lil Wayne – On Fire [Official Music Video]

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “On Fire” single that includes cameos from Birdman and Mayday!

The visual was directed by Chris Robinson and the song can be found on Weezy‘s Rebirth album.

What are your thoughts on the “On Fire” video?


Video: Sneak Peek Of Lil Wayne’s “On Fire” Music Video

Here is a sneak peek of Lil Wayne‘s new video, “On Fire” from his upcoming rock album, Rebirth. You can view behind the scenes pictures from the video shoot here, and a behind the scenes video here. The full music video will be premiered tomorrow on MTV.

Shouts to MTV

Update: Some people are saying that they cannot see the video – I have added a YouTube video after the jump below:

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Video: Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne’s “On Fire” Music Video

Check out the behind the scenes from Lil Wayne‘s “On Fire” video shoot in the video above. Weezy rocks out with MAYDAY! on the set and of course, Birdman makes a cameo. This video was shot in Miami and directed by Chris Robinson. You can view pictures from the shoot here, and shouts to the homie Derick G.

Hit the jump to see another video, this time of the Cash Money family at their party in London on the 27th November 09. Guests to the party included Rihanna, Alesha Dixon, Ice T, and Coco.

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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs Live In Laredo, Texas

Lil Wayne performs “Wasted”

Check out some of these videos of Lil Wayne performing in Laredo, Texas at the Laredo Entertainment Center with his Young Money fam and Birdman. You can see Weezy F Baby perform some of his ‘newer’ songs such as “Bedrock“, “Steady Mobbin’“, and “I’m Goin’ In“. The next tour date is 26th December at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and you can view more videos after the jump below including some from the Hildalgo date.

Lil Wayne performs “Steady Mobbin'”, “I’m Goin’ In” and “Pop Bottles”:

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Video: Lil Wayne’s Official Rebirth TV Commercial

Here is the official TV commercial for Lil Wayne‘s upcoming rock album – Rebirth. The video was directed by Jake Davis, and it video shows Weezy in different pictures with his tattoo’s glowing and “On Fire” playing in the background. The words “I Am Music” also appear on the commercial, and unfortunately it doesn’t say a date on it.