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Lil Wayne – On Fire [Official Music Video]

Wed, Jan 6, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “On Fire” single that includes cameos from Birdman and Mayday!

The visual was directed by Chris Robinson and the song can be found on Weezy‘s Rebirth album.

What are your thoughts on the “On Fire” video?

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  • JMB

    didn’t expected to be this quick after the teaser

  • YouNgCarter

    dopeee!! YM/CMB TILL I DIE BITCH

  • Chazz

    1st ! nice vid ! luv the song

  • Ooohhh

    LOL at that random snake and babys tattoo

  • GSK14

    Shit is off the hook! Love this vid!

  • izzi32

    damn sick

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    “Rockstar lifestyle might not make it”

    You were a rockstar in the vid Wayne

  • @Danny You Got This From The Forum’s Ina 😀

    But HOT Video Weezy was a T R U E Rock Star in This Video

  • Cate

    YouTube please! You can’t view this from mobile!

  • lilveezy

    thats whassup. weezy killed it.
    haha laughin at weezy and his air guitar
    young money forever

  • It’sTheMula23

    This video is EPIC!!! The song is on fire but the video took it to another level, it’s flameing

  • perfect job wayne

  • GSK14

    it dont get no better



  • YoungMoney

    i love the video

  • Amazing =]

  • weezyjoachim

    love it <3 😀

  • young nas

    rebirth aint never cumin out anyways



  • Sick video, Hope everyone likes it.

  • johnwayne

    lol weezy a true nigga

    watz good wit the litle baby dolls tho ya feel

  • grand buzz

    that girl is on fire, she was so hot…… but i hope we get another video before he goes away from rebith……… maybe paradise, drop the world or knockout

  • WeezyForLife(408)

    WoW! video is siiicckk!! Song is dope. Weezy!

  • WeeZy

    rlly sick vid. wayne did his thing
    …oh and that girl was fine as hell haha.


  • Alexei

    HOLY SHITT’,, THAT IS THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME. SHIT, the music is good and the video is amazin! WOOOW what a freaking video. YOUNG MULA BABY

  • Jlsundftd

    Make a youtube please!!!!

  • Weezy Fan

    I am speechless. wooow

  • Mac

    The video iz hot as hell so lets call it hellen!

  • mudu

    why are there so many ham sandwiches on my fat face?

  • m

    food for thought – damn i’m cold feat. bun b

  • this vid is sick!!!!!!!

  • the video is sick. i love it.

  • Added a YouTube video

  • r.ichii

    On Fire, is ON FIRE!!!!

  • Shaun M.

    video is fire! can’t wait to cop rebirth cause all tha leaks is FIRE!

  • holy shit that video was amazing. keep rockin weezy, and thanks Danny for posting this.

  • c_ron

    HELL YEAH!!! sick

    thanks danny!!

  • wayne_bow

    this is a PERFECT video for the song. the director did a brillant job. wayne is too sexy!

  • Kandy

    Amazing song and Amazing vid. wayne was tooo hottt and sexy

  • luiseezy f crazy

    anybodi knows dat chicks name shes hot can anyone tell me her name??????????


    FUK LIL WAYNE DEVIL WORSHIPING AZZ !!! DIS SONG AINT ABOUT A GIRL ITS ABOUT SATAN “THE FALLIN ANGEL” SHE’S(SATAN)ON FIRE “SHE GOT THE DEVIL IN HER” Snakes in the video ..Snakes are EVIL, the DEVIL created them ! snake and his identification with the Devil …the girl with the angles wing is SATAN ..Birdman 5 star tattoo is the devil star symbol and aint no gang thing …..WEEZY A FREEMASON!

  • CD

    THIS VIDEO ITS ON FIRE! lol WEEEEEEeeeeezzzy F Baaaaaaabyyy!
    DOPE! Azz Video it looks crazy and everythinq,… with snakes and all the shit.. and im also lovinq the gurl, she Madd sExy Oh God! DaMn.. I LIke THe Part when He Starts Rappinq in the Video 2:14 2:14 — IT Looks Crazzy!!!!! DAMN, I Got high just by Watchinq this video uhfff..

  • Matt

    Man first yall clownin Hov with that Freemason rumor and when that turned up B.S yall use it to take shots at Weezy. lol Man these hatin ass foolz ignorant

  • YMBman

    Didn’t like the song at 1st but after wacthin the video its goin straight to the iPod touch. Props Weezy!

  • Matt

    O and mad props on the song and video Weezy I know you gonna pull through with Rebirth homey, but really anticipating that Carter 4!

  • CD

    2:37 2:37 LOVE When WaynE Looks Like Hes Flyinq!! Yuh Gotta Check all the Details.. PEople Post this Shit in Yur Myspace and everywhere. to make it Popular and shit !!! Weezy F/orever baby

  • Lukey

    NIqqa, Weezy f Baby its GOD! GOD GOD GOD 5* 5*

  • Lukey


  • B-Cloud

    Hell yeah …. Weezy got he’s guitar skills …. So fuck ya’ll who’s said something like “Lil Wayne need a lesson” … Fuck ya’ll hatas …… !!!!

    One love from Vietnam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zach

    i love it! Wayne is beast! he can do it all! i really hope REBIRTH comes out in february.. cuz FEb. 1 is tha day after my bday.. b an awsum bday present

  • Boring video, crappy song.

    Get Tha Carter 4 going please…hate this crap.

  • Ym

    go buy ” on fire ” on iTunes !!! Let’s make this a hit !!
    According to sources it’s getting great promotion and getting a lot of airplay but very low digital sales …

    Help weezy get another hit !!!

  • S

    @Lukey: It’s a pun cause he says “She hot as hell, let’s call her Helen”, but also it reminded me of the woman Helen, supposedly the most beautiful women on earth, that was stolen and started the Trojan War featured in the Iliad.

  • rg


  • Zach

    i bought ths song bout a month or so ago on itunes along with Da Da Da

  • After the feather falls… and When the beat drops, It (The Music) takes over me!

  • Omg!!!!!! The video was hottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lil wayne was soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!! Ive never seen him this sexy before!!!!!!! this video really did put me “on fire”!!!!!!!!!

  • No No No! After the sample plays and the and all the parts DROP…. Now That’s Droppin The World on Em! I told EM you were gonna make Rolling Stone for this one.

  • Spy Tice glasses?

  • albert pajotte

    I got the Parental Advisory Hat.

  • SMF

    This Video is ON FIRE !!!!!

  • Zach

    albert pajotte.. where did u get tht hat @?

  • awww, si seulement réalité. rêverie…

  • That was sick! Weezy just promoted the song and album big time. If “On fire” was this good, I can’t wait to see “Drop the World”.

  • rccola1013

    at 3:49 weezy does the sign of the cross haha fitting for the song

  • flyguy26

    video is hott but homrun will be the wun i wanna see !!!!!

  • martijnjwz


  • natalskaa

    wow. i love this video, i honestly say i really enjoyed it, i’m going to even watch it a couple times now. yeahhh!! haha.

  • immortal technique check out this rapper called fon-z and become a fan please, or subscribe on his youtube page;

  • billymon

    ok, now lets get back to the money

  • dan

    video is hot, i love the video.

  • tres bonne video.Lil wayne est le meilleur rappeur vivant,et un rockstar.

  • fuckdwayne

    fuck that nigga oops i mean cracker opps i mean… whatever he is.

  • Wayne looks cute as usual. (Check out my name.) The song is obviously better than “Prom Queen” and but it could be better without auto-tune. White girls love rock, bring it on. =)


  • Thomas

    Love the Video! <33

  • Gettnmunny09

    Creative…but what happen to…”if I’m one sellout record from being famous/ well shit, I guess I ain’t it…”-lil Wayne ‘miami vice’…..The hood still luv u weez but damn where the black ppl in this video? Ahh well…get ya money nugga lol

  • Plaxonti

    the video is Sick. I love it

  • Sexy215

    That song is HOTT, I wish I could of been the Bitch on his lap

  • B-Cloud

    So do Wayne’ll gonna make the music video of “Drop The World” ???? If he’ll do that,i’ll very happy,becuz i’m so addicted to this shit ……….. !!!!!!!

    He is the King of my mind …………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluntking

    where can i get that hat at???

  • danut

    cel mai tare raper…imi place foarte mult

  • Felicia

    i love it, weezy is sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!

  • Abreago

    I love this video, wezzy is truly a rock star…



  • Jbedolla

    lukey, She hot as HELL lets call her HELLen, get it?

  • Deviant+

    Does Wayne not write(so to speak) everything by himself now? I go on wikipedia and songs like Drop the World and On Fire has writing credits to people other than himself(like Cool n Dre). hmm… maybe he’s just collaborating with others lyrically just for this album since it isn’t just rap. but idk…

  • WayneBudskie

    Anybody know what kind of shades he’s wearing in this vid? Thanks in advance.

  • Kimmy Carter

    this video is fucking sexy, im wet. hahahahahahahah

  • YMB

    So glad the album is not pushed back.
    and I also want to know what shades he is wearing.

  • Rock LIfe

    Mr. Chris Robinson this is a verry Good work lol , this is an awesome video!!
    Now I want “Drop the World, Knocout and Paradice” video 🙂

  • lucie

    Omg amazing video!! makes me want wayne sooo bad, so sexy! :O love him! xx

  • kik

    youtube not working!!!!

  • I really like it

  • Rebel

    People have been asking me if I think it’s Satanic. My answer is COMPLETLEY NOT!! If you listen to the words, he is saying that the girl is “ON FIRE” and he says she is “hot as hell”. Basically he’s saying she’s the devil and he needs to get away from her, and the video clearly portrays that. C…heck out the line “I got on my knees and asked my LORD to keep me clear from the devil”. Also notice that she is trying to tempt him throughout the whole video. At the end of the video she Disappears and it was all a dream! GREAT VIDEO!!

  • yunghustla419

    couldnt watch it

  • yunghustla419

    fuck haters. watch out rapper on d block DARE

  • yunghustla419

    new mixtape coming soon. my e-mail is

  • @Bluntking – The fedora hes rockin is an Ampal Creative Ash Quattro Fedora

  • Dirty-Burky209

    this video was soo fucking sick. i used to talk mad shit on black ppl but this mother fucker right here is the greatest person alive. best rapper till da day earth ends. no person can compare to him

  • johanna

    cool ;D

  • lvwayne

    aaahhh, thanks Rebel. I really loved this song and video and then peeps have to bring Satan into it. Glad to know those lyrics (got on my knees and asked my Lord . . .)

    Just want to groove on good tunes yo!

  • MO

    I love it!
    Weezy is that rockstar and the beatiful women is amazing!

  • sasseydiamond

    Loving that one wayne sexy you always come out wit another hit!!
    auto tone and everything is right luvin your Cail. Swagg


    is it just me or is the girl he mentions (HELEN)
    the very same one he was heard to be hollering at.
    same one that said “thanks but not thanks”
    rumored to be at that time TREY SONGZ girl.
    wayne even spoke about it to vibe magazine.
    look it up ppl!!!!!

  • black id

    the shade that he is wearing is this click link, your welcome

  • Smack

    Yea man i was a huge weezy fan till i did some research and found out that weezy is down with illuminati’s and freemasons its true people just accept it they are using the media to brainwash us and make us more ignorant please people go to google and type in illuminati news theres a website that explains everything please educate yourself. Immortal technique is a real rapper please youtube and listen to how different they rap. please knowledge is power

  • Love this song
    Btw for anyone looking I was able to grab the ringtone from here–looks like they’re giving it away for free at the moment.
    Ringtone Download: Lil Wayne – On Fire

  • MissdivaJ

    He for sure talkin bout Trey songz girl he fucked on tour he mentioned in in a vibe mag her name is Helen Gedlu or “Honeydip some ethi bitch I went to high school wit….