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Lil Wayne Teaches Us What “Sylph” Means [Video]

Lil Wayne Teaches Us What Sylph Means

In episode 4 of their “A Word With Wayne” series, Bumbu rum team up with Lil Wayne to teach us about new words in Wayne‘s very own way.

This week’s word of the day is “sylph” and if you have never heard of this word before, you can watch Weezy explain the definition below.

Click here to check out episode 3 (teases us what “flahoolick” means), here to check out episode 2 (teases us what “hootenanny” means), and here to check out episode 1 (teases us what “supercilious” means) of “A Word With Wayne”!

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Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz Discuss “Section” & “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday” Lyrics Off “ColleGrove” [Video]

Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz Discuss Section & Rolls Royce Weather Everyday Lyrics Off ColleGrove

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz chat about their lyrics on the ColleGrove songs “Section” and “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday” in part 4 of their interview with Rob Markman from Genius, which took place after their “TIDAL X: ColleGrove” show backstage at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia 2 weeks ago (March 30th).

Even though his real-life situation was hard for Tity Boi to speak on, he did give us a scenario to make us understand. Tunechi also confirmed that his “I just got a text message from wifey nigga; I scroll down, the next message from Nike nigga” lines are indeed true.

Hit the jump to check out part 4 of the conversation. Click here to watch part 3, here to watch part 2, and here to watch part 1. The final part of the interview drops tomorrow!

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Video: Young Money Artists React To Lil Wayne’s “Nino Brown 3” In New York

We were going to include this video into another post on LilWayneHQ, but when we read what MTV put in their article, we just had to make a post for it. You can read the article below and watch the video above were a couple of Young Money artists and Hip Hop experts speak on “The Nino Brown Story Part 3“.

One of the film’s highlights is Wayne‘s reaction to Drake when he hears a verse from “Over” for the first time. In the scene, the two are freestyling in front of a green screen on the set of Drizzy’s “Miss Me” video.

“‘Bout to go Thriller, Mike Jackson on these niggas,” Drake raps. “All I need’s a fucking red jacket with some zippers/ Super good smiddoke, a package of the swishers.”

“Stop,” Wayne yells in admiration, as if to say Drake’s line was too good.

“I did it overnight, it couldn’t happen any quicker,” Drake continues. “Y’all know them? Well, fuck it, me either/ But point the biggest skeptic out, I’ll make him a believer/ It wouldn’t’ be the first time I done it/ Throwin’ hundreds when I should be throwin’ ones.”

Wayne, with a smile on his face yells, “Stop! You should be throwing ones, man.”

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Lil Wayne Speaks About “Steady Mobbin'” Video, Getting Caught With An iPod & More


In the video above, Lil Wayne calls DJ Scoob Doo from prison! They speak on life, the “Steady Mobbin’” music video (tryna get Gucci to shoot his parts), and getting caught with an iPod in his cell. Scoob Doo also tells us that the release date for The Nino Brown Story Part 3 will drop in June instead of May 21st, and also parts from The Nino Brown Story Part 4 and Part 5 will be included in the Part 3 DVD.


Lil Wayne’s Pre-Jail Video: “The Road To Rikers Part 4 & 5”

In the latest clip to come into MTV News from Wayne and his videographer DJ Scoob Doo, the Cash Money MC takes us on a trip to Miami, where he shot scenes for Diddy-Dirty Money’s new video “Strobe Lights.”

“I’m the hardest-working man in show business,” Wayne said on the way to the set. “Shout-out my nigga James Brown. Young Wayne Carter.

“Look at the attitude, though,” he continues with a buoyant swagger. “This is what you artists need to catch. Look at the attitude. No drugs, no nothing — I ain’t even get no pussy. I go away in two days, I ain’t even get no pussy.”

After Wayne goes in to shoot his video, we see him leave and go back to his Miami estate.

“There you have it. Nino. I don’t know how many videos we did,” he said. “But y’all saw it. Now I’m back where we started. I’m about to get my bottom grills and we party tonight. Nino! @liltunechi.”

Sunday night Wayne held a farewell party at Club Liv with his Cash Money/ Young Money family members such as Shanell, Mack Maine, Bow Wow and the #1 Stunna, Birdman.

Via MTV, and hit the jump to watch part five of Weezy‘s “Road To Rikers“:

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