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Videos: Lil Wayne Interview With Tim Westwood [Part 1 – 5]

Thu, Oct 15, 2009 by

Westwood and Weezy talk about the tour, Tha Carter 4, Young Money, Rebirth, Rock, and more.

πŸ˜† at the 5:56 mark.

Hit the jump below, to see part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5:

Lil Wayne talks about his tattoos, girls, his image and more:

Lil Wayne talks about ‘the cup’:

“Suck my dick, and my cup bitch”

Lil Wayne talks about Drake, money, his birthday, Omarion, Death of Autotune, the UK artists, and ‘Rebirth of Autotune’ πŸ˜‰

Lil Wayne talks about the MTV Hottest MCs list, “Down” with Jay Sean, retirement, his most personal song, whether he’s hit his peak yet, and answers Twitter questions:

Funniest one ^ πŸ˜†

Bonus: Take a look back at the past months of Jay Sean with Cash Money including Weezy F Baby:

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  • Ooohhh

    We need part 2 just to see that ‘Gucci Who’ lol

  • james roby

    that face was pricess rofl
    and he says carter 4 is not coming with rebirth once again πŸ™

  • part 2 part 2!!

  • jay money

    where the fuck is part 2 at ? why put up part 1 again if we [the fans] already saw it

  • Drizzy Drake

    Whens no ceiling dropping?

  • nice interview. i can’t wait for part 2. i think no ceiling comes out in November.

  • Frankthetank

    what the fuck, no carter 4 now? they need to get their shit straight. i was so excited for C4 and now its not coming with rebirth?

  • trizzy

    Yea we need part 2, “Shout Out My Nigga Gucci!”, Really Cant wait till No ceilings drops, November thanks danny

  • Yayuhh, part 2 ;D

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  • Julie

    we already saw the gucci part with the other one.

  • Wildcat offense… lol. Nobody can mess wit that. Now he’s sayin rebirth might come with the young money album?

  • waynefan24
  • ttlly

    i dont get why he would cover a tear… are they not supposed to represent a hommie of his that died (or one of the other things they represent.).

  • Chazz

    about covered up he covered up my fav tear -.-

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  • SwayYME

    Wayne come to the west! No Homo! Can’t wait no more. Best show in the world who Feels Me?

  • waynefan24
  • dsfff

    waht other artist he like? sexy bitch and?! chip monk?! i dont now tell me!!!

  • luiseezy

    yesssss finally i hear him mention soccer

  • paige

    nice nterview i loved it all

  • Crystal Marina

    hahahaha β€œSuck my dick, and my cup bitch”

    my fav part!!!

  • JMB

    Jay”Hownslo most people have even never heard of it”
    Wayne”i got a baby mama over there thats how i knew it”

  • KharliMichele

    He sho got tired fast in the 5th part one lol

  • luiseezy

    “if you pay for a mixtape you are jacked” whoever dosent know dat they stupid

  • Richii

    (L) LIL’ WAYNE
    (NO HOMO)

  • luiseezy

    check out this video could it be t-pains dead of autotune?

  • C4

    so is wayne glad da eminem wasnt on da list n gucci man was ? or surprised, kause em shud hv been thurr instead of gucci man

  • rodger rodge

    what is the name of the second group he said it sounded like “hang ups”??? i wanna look them up iv heard that somewhere before.

  • thats mi husband all parts was good!

  • Dwaynefan

    “Auto-tune is like dollars. They didn’t make auto-tune to say ‘You can’t use it.’ Use it.”

    gooo weezy<3

  • Sweet Details I adore a few of the articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!