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Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler, Who Saved Lil Wayne’s Life, Dies At 65

Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler Who Saved Lil Wayne Life Dies At 65

The ex-New Orleans police officer who saved Lil Wayne‘s life when he attempted suicide and shot himself at 12-years-old, Robert Hoobler, has passed away at the age of 65.

According to his friends, Robert was found dead on Friday (July 22nd) inside his Old Jefferson home. He had been suffering for many years with health issues, due to a bad car crash that led to him having both of his legs amputated.

It’s possible Tunechi will be paying for the funeral costs as when Tune had previously heard rumors of Hoobler passing away (listen to “London Roads“), he was ready to pay for the funeral costs then. R.I.P. to Robert Hoobler aka Uncle Bob!


Videos: Lil Wayne’s “Behind The Music” Bonus Clips

Here are some clips from Lil Wayne‘s VH1 “Behind The Music” show that is airing tonight. If your going to be watching this show later, then there is no point in watching these videos 😛 Just wait for tonight haha.

Lil Wayne talks about how young minded he was when his father passed away and the need to escape his home during the difficult time:

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