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Lil Wayne Got Off His Private Plane To Pay Respect To Around 30 U.S. Military Men

Lil Wayne Got Off His Private Plane To Pay Respect To 30 US Military Men

After performing live in Bloomington, Indiana on March 3rd, Lil Wayne headed to the IND airport so that he could leave the city and head to the next one on his “The Dedication Tour“.

Just as Tunechi‘s private plane was set to take off, a Lockheed C-130 Hercules military aircraft pulled up next to him. Tune then told his pilot to shut down their engine, so that he can go and meet all of the men in uniform (there was around 30) and shake their hands, as well as thank them personally for their sacrifice.

Amanda Lickliter was one of the people at the airport who witnessed all of this and she shared a post on her Facebook page with a photo saying how impressed she was with Wayne‘s act of kindness. You can check out that photo and message after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne To Appear In The Pilot Episode Of FOX’s “Grandpa” TV Show With Christina Milian

Lil Wayne To Appear In The Pilot Episode Of FOX Grandpa TV Show With Christina Milian

Earlier this month, we found out that Christina Milian was casted as a lead in the pilot episode for FOX’s forthcoming comedy TV show called “Grandpa“, which will also star John Stamos and Josh Peck.

Now it seems that Lil Wayne will be adding more to his filmography by making an appearance in the pilot episode too after Tina Turn Up confirmed the news on her Instagram page with the photo above and the caption below.

“Look who made a cute cameo on my pilot for #TheGWord aka #Grandpa fun times! Life is all about trying new things. #blessed to share the fun! #tunechi #dionsanders #donrickles #tnt Safe to say you’ve never seen this group of men in one picture together @fox”

Also after the scenes were shot, Christina and Weezy were spotted holding hands while leaving the set earlier in the week to put more speculation on their relationship!