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Florida Police Department Use Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” To Soundtrack Their Latest Drug Bust

Florida Police Department Use Lil Wayne A Milli To Soundtrack Their Latest Drug Bust

Well this is different! Lil Wayne‘s iconic 2008 single “A Milli” is being used as the soundtrack for a huge drug bust on the social media platform TikTok.

In a video shared by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office account on TikTok, the Florida police department’s Carmine Marceno announces they have seized $1.1 million dollars in illegal drug money, kilos of cocaine and a gun during their latest raid before “A Milli” begins to play.

“Christmas is canceled for these two drug dealers and the streets are cleared of drugs, guns and a milli.”

You can check out the clip after the jump below! With “Lollipop” just reaching Diamond status, how long do you think it will be until “A Milli” surpasses 10 million sales (it is currently at 6x Platinum)?

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Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler, Who Saved Lil Wayne’s Life, Dies At 65

Ex-Police Officer Robert Hoobler Who Saved Lil Wayne Life Dies At 65

The ex-New Orleans police officer who saved Lil Wayne‘s life when he attempted suicide and shot himself at 12-years-old, Robert Hoobler, has passed away at the age of 65.

According to his friends, Robert was found dead on Friday (July 22nd) inside his Old Jefferson home. He had been suffering for many years with health issues, due to a bad car crash that led to him having both of his legs amputated.

It’s possible Tunechi will be paying for the funeral costs as when Tune had previously heard rumors of Hoobler passing away (listen to “London Roads“), he was ready to pay for the funeral costs then. R.I.P. to Robert Hoobler aka Uncle Bob!


Lil Wayne Accused Of Pulling Out An AR-15 Rifle On His Security Guard

Lil Wayne Accused Of Pulling Out A Gun On His Security Guard

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has been accused of pulling out an assault rifle on one of his security guards during a fight at his mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

The bodyguard has told the police that the dispute all started when Tunechi claimed he had been taking pictures and leaking them to the media. He says Tune asked him to leave his house before then turning to physical violence and waving a gun at him, which resulted in the security guard going to the bathroom.

After the bodyguard had left Wayne‘s crib, he went to the guard booth and called the cops, but when they had arrived to the property, Mr. Carter had already left. Even though he had reported this incident to the police, the security guard does not want to press any charges. The cops are also questioning this story as the guard does not have any marks or injuries on his body.

Back in January of this year, Weezy was pardoned by then-U.S. president, Donald Trump, after he plead guilty to a federal weapons charge and was facing up to 10-years in jail!

UPDATE (04/01/2022): TMZ are now reporting that the bodyguard has changed his mind and does want to file charges against Lil Wayne for this.


Turk Tells The Story Of Lil Wayne Catching Pubic Lice & Passing Them On To Toya Again [Video]

Turk Tells The Story Of Lil Wayne Catching Pubic Lice & Passing Them On To Toya Again

Turk recently chopped it up with DGB for an “Off The Porch” interview that you can check out below.

In their conversation, Turk shared old stories from the early Cash Money Records days, as well as talked about going on tour with the Ruff Ryders, Lil Wayne going to school with a bulletproof vest and gun, violence in New Orleans, the legacy of the Hot Boys group, going to jail for a shootout with the police, suing Cash Money, Wayne‘s alien tattoo on his arm, and much more.

The YNT founder also revealed him and Tunechi had serious thoughts about leaving Cash Money and signing to either Diddy (Bad Boy) or Master P (No Limit), and told the story once again about how the two of them caught crabs (pubic lice) from two Houston sisters before Tune then passed them on to Antonia “Toya” Johnson!

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Ace Hood Talks Working With Lil Wayne & His Recent Comments About George Floyd, Black Lives Matter + Police Brutality [Video]

Ace Hood Talks Working With Lil Wayne & His Recent Comments About George Floyd, Black Lives Matter + Police Brutality

Ace Hood was a recent guest on the Hip-Hop Uncensored podcast where he chopped it up with hosts SamAnt and O’God.

During their conversation, Ace spoke about his experiences of working with Lil Wayne, who is someone he looked up to for years while growing up, as well as witnessing Wayne‘s evolution.

The Florida rapper also recalled playing Tunechi‘s Tha Carter album for 3 years straight when it was first released before sharing his thoughts on the recent comments that Tune made about George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and police brutality!

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