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Man Who Allegedly Shot Up Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Has Had His 20-Year Sentence Overturned

Man Who Allegedly Shot Up Lil Wayne Tour Bus Has Had His 20-Year Sentence Overturned

Back in 2015, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe pleaded guilty to the shooting at Lil Wayne‘s tour bus outside of Compound nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia on April 25th.

Peewee was served with a 20-year sentence (10 years in prison and 10 years on probation), but according to a new report by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, he has had his sentence overturned.

The good friend of T.I., Birdman and Young Thug appealed his sentence in February this year by claiming the Cobb County judge, Mary Staley Clark, “pushed” him into accepting a plea deal that he had previously declined by allegedly threatening him with a harder sentence.

Winfrey will now remain locked up behind bars while his case goes back to the Cobb County State Court to start over again!

Photo credit: Michael Rhian Tjader.


Jimmy Winfrey Receives A 20-Year Sentence For Shooting At Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

Jimmy Winfrey Receives A 20 Year Sentence For Shooting At Lil Wayne Tour Bus

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe has pleaded guilty to the shooting at Lil Wayne‘s tour bus outside of Compound nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia back on April 25th.

According to TMZ, the judge sentenced Jimmy Winfrey, who is good friends with Young Thug and T.I., to 20-years (10-years in prison and 10-years on probation)!

Both Birdman and Thug were named in an indictment alleging that they were involved in this tour bus shooting, but they have both come out and said that they had nothing to do with it.

Do you think the punishment is reasonable?


Peter Gunz Announces New Cory Gunz Single Featuring Lil Wayne On The Hook

Young Jack Thriller from ThisIs50.com chopped it up with Peter Gunz for a one on one interview, which you can watch above.

Peter spoke on his son Cory Gunz and explained why he told him to not release any big songs while he was fighting a gun charge, so that he can try and stay out of jail.

This plan worked because at the end of 2013, we found out that the Gunna will be going on probation and face no jail time for getting caught with a gun in the Bronx.

Also during this interview, Peter Gunz mentioned that Cory Gunz has a new single on the way featuring Lil Wayne on the hook and Cory handling the verses. Hopefully this drops soon!


Lil Wayne’s Probation Ends!

Lil Wayne Probation Ends

After Lil Wayne was released from prison back in 2010, we found out from TMZ that he was put on probation for 36 months. This meant that Tune could not drink alcohol, take drugs, or associate himself with any other person engaged in criminal activity or with a criminal record.

Today marks three years since Weezy F Baby was released from Rikers Island, so this should also mean that his probation is finally over too!


Lil Wayne Watches Marlins vs. Giants Game With Dhea x New Interlude

Lil Wayne Watches Marlins vs Giants Game With Dhea

Yesterday, Lil Wayne attended the Miami Marlins vs. San Francisco Giants baseball game at Marlins Park in Florida. Weezy‘s homie T@ and girlfriend Dhea was also spotted watching the game with him, so this puts all rumors of them falling out to rest. If you are interested, the Marlins beat the Giants 5-3. You can view more photos of Wayne at the game with his girlfriend after the jump below.

Also after the jump, you can listen and download a funny interlude Tune recorded for DJ Stevie J’s The Appreciation Volume 4 mixtape over The Weeknd’s “The Zone” instrumental. Tunechi mentions the things he appreciates in life such as good Kush (says he can’t really mess with it anymore because of his probation), good pussy (says he doesn’t get too much of it because he works hard and skates even harder), and a good skateboard!

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