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Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage & Hints At Quitting His Joint Tour With Blink-182 [UPDATED]

Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage & Hints At Quitting His Joint Tour With Blink 182

Lil Wayne is currently on a North American tour with Blink-182, but it looks like Wayne may already be quitting after 8 shows in for not being happy with the crowd response.

Last night during their concert at the Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia, Tunechi stopped performing his “John” song to tell the crowd the following:

“Please forgive me, but I am so not used to performing to a crowd and there’s not too many, you know, like still from… that’s not my swag. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do this tour, but make some noise for Blink-182 for including me anyway. This might be my last night though.”

Tune then walked off stage after 20 minutes of his 45-minute set. According to someone who was at the concert yesterday, Blink-182 also took a shot at Weezy during their set by telling the crowd: “We are going to play one more song then we are going to play more! You know why? We are contractually obligated!”

You can check out some footage of all of this after the jump below. UPDATE – Lil Wayne has announced he will not be quitting the tour on Twitter:

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Lil Wayne Appears On “Skip And Shannon: Undisputed”, Addresses Retirement Tweets, Racism, Birdman & More

Lil Wayne Appears On Skip And Shannon Undisputed, Addresses Retirement Tweets, Artists Supporting Him & Birdman

This morning at 9:30AM, Lil Wayne made an appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Skip And Shannon: Undisputed” show to chat with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, which of course we already know Wayne has the theme song for.

While on the show, Weezy spoke on his retirement tweets by saying he did them after an argument with what’s going on with his Cash Money situation, explained he hasn’t deleted them as he still feels “mentally defeated”, mentioned he will never work with Birdman ever again even if he pays him what he is owed, and how it felt to have a bunch of music artists like Drake, Young Thug and Kendrick Lamar come to his defense.

Before the interview wrapped up, Tune also talked about creating the “No Mercy” song, wanting to work with Michael Jackson and Prince, why there are no such thing as “remixes” anymore, how he became a Green Bay Packers fan in New Orleans, Aaron Rodgers, the only politics to himself are his kids, LeBron James, his tattoos, Kevin Durant‘s decision to sign to the Warriors, Dwayne Wade returning to Chicago, Colin Kaepernick‘s protest, being blessed enough to never deal with racists throughout his life, being saved by a white police officer when he shot himself, not thinking there is such thing as racism anymore after seeing every race at his shows, and plenty more!

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Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Lil Wayne Saying He Will Quit Music, Raps Old Wayne Verses Word For Word [Video]

Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Lil Wayne Saying He Will Quit Music, Raps Old Wayne Verses Word For Word

Like everyone else, Kendrick Lamar does not want Lil Wayne to quit or retire from music! The Compton rapper, who had been drinking, recorded a public service announcement of himself talking to the camera about Wayne and rapping his old verses word for word at 5:30AM this morning.

K. Dot‘s reaction to hearing Tunechi wanted to leave hip-hop was “Fuck that!”, as well as shouted “No!” more than a few times. He also mentioned that he was in the studio working on features and he can remember Tune back in 2007-2008 knocking out “ten motherfucking features in a row… back to back”.

The old Weezy verses that Kendrick was rapping are: “Gangsta Shit” off 500 Degreez, “Ridin’” off Guerrilla Warfare, “Respect My Mind” off Guerrilla Warfare, and “Where You At” off 500 Degreez. You can check out the 3-minute-and-a-half clip after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Talks “Tha Carter V”, Retirement, Hot Boys, Music & More In An Unpublished Interview

Lil Wayne Talks Tha Carter 5, Retirement, Hot Boys, Music & More In An Unpublished Interview

Back in early 2015, we saw Lil Wayne on the front cover of NYLON Guys magazine’s December 2014/January 2015 issue and read his cover story. Over a year later, the full unpublished interview that Jeff Weiss did with Wayne in Miami has surfaced online.

Weezy chatted about a lot of things including Tha Carter V, Mannie Fresh having 2 beats on the upcoming album, always listening to his Tha Carter albums, recording one of them overseas, retirement, and weed helping his creativity.

He also spoke on if jail changed him in any way, suffering from seizures, “Georgia Bush“, his favorite subject in school, Hot Boys, his favorite rapper of all time, religion, what he shares in common with Kobe Bryant, skateboarding, what he hopes people who listen to C5 will take away from him as an artist, and plenty more.

You can read the full unpublished conversation after the jump below, courtesy of Passion Of The Weiss!

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Chris Brown, Drake & Young Thug All Compliment Lil Wayne After His Hint At Retirement

Chris Brown, Drake & Young Thug All Compliment Lil Wayne After His Hint At Retirement

After complimenting Lil Wayne just over a week ago for letting him come out during “Lil Weezyana Fest” in New Orleans, Chris Brown has took to his Instagram page again to share some nice words for Wayne after he hinted he wanted to quit music. He even revealed that he knows Weezy wrote for most of the Cash Money artists when he was a teenager.

Mr. Carter‘s artist Drake also went on Instagram to share the picture above and say he is fighting for the boss’ freedom to drop new music, it’s Young Money “forever”, and to thank him for giving him his shot with what seemed like a little diss to Breezy.

As well as Chris and Drizzy, another must artist that has showed love to Lil Wayne on social media after his hint at retirement is Young Thug. He mentioned he will hold Tunechi down for life, Tune is the reason he raps, hopes he is sorry for bashing him, and wants Wayne to know how much he loves him!

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