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Lil Wayne Speaks To 2 Chainz About Where He Gets His Drive & Motivation From [Video]

Lil Wayne Speaks To 2 Chainz About Where He Gets His Drive & Motivation From

We have previously saw the start of this interview, and now we have another clip of 2 Chainz‘ sit-down conversation with Lil Wayne before their Amazon Music Live show on November 17th.

In this new video, Chainz recalls witnessing Wayne produce, engineer, rap, sing and play a live instrument all on one song, as well as going to sleep on the I Am Music tour while Weezy was working and waking up to him still recording.

When asking Tunechi where he gets his drive and motivation from, Tune answers his mother Jacida Carter. He also says that his mother taught him that when you love what you do, it will not seem like work at all and you will not know how to stop. Check it out below!

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks All About Sex With Playboy Magazine

Throwback - Lil Wayne Talks All About Sex With Playboy Magazine

As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a rare Lil Wayne interview with Playboy magazine that appeared in the “Dirty Dozen” section of one of their 2009 issues.

In their conversation, Weezy discussed everything from losing his virginity at the age of 11-years-old, bedroom skills, most memorable sexual experience, celebrity crush he wants to have sexual intercourse with, safe sex, having naughty fun on an airplane, and fivesomes.

Tunechi also talked about the most orgasms he’s had in a 24-hour period, his favorite part of the female anatomy, if he has ever used drugs to enhance his experience in the bedroom, if he has recorded a song while having sex, and more. You can read Tune‘s full interview with Playboy below!

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Ray J Recalls Getting Kicked Out Of Lil Wayne’s Studio On Shrooms [Video]

Ray J Recalls Getting Kicked Out Of Lil Wayne Studio On Shrooms

Ray J and Wack 100 have a hilarious conversation on the app Clubhouse about a night in Lil Wayne‘s recording studio.

In the audio, Wack recalls receiving a phone call to say Ray was “lit” and “tripping” off mushrooms at Weezy‘s studio, and for him to come and pick him up as he was “out of control”.

It turns out that Ray had been telling Tunechi what he was rapping about in the booth was “wack”. Ray also says Tune knew he was joking when he said it and that’s why he shouted him out twice on the Dedication 5 mixtape back in 2013. Listen to the hilarious convo below!

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Robb Bank$ Recalls First Meeting His Idol Lil Wayne [Video]

Robb Banks Recalls First Meeting His Idol Lil Wayne

Robb Bank$ recently sat down for an interview with DROPS MEDIA while backstage of his augmented reality performance for the live music app Encore, which you can watch in the clip below.

During their conversation, Robb discussed what it was like to meet one of his idols Lil Wayne at the Super Bowl LII back in 2018 and how he reacted after it.

“I done met a lot of my idols and them n*ggas f*ck-n*ggas, this straight like that. A lot of these n*ggas, man, you let me down meeting you. You feel me? Not Wayne though. My biggest, my favorite Wayne story that I have, I was in the club. I’m walking through the club in Minnesota actually. On what was it? Like the Super Bowl weekend? Or like All-Star Weekend. You don’t remember when they threw the buckets of ice on 6ix9ine in Minnesota? I performed at that same show. Yeah, that time! Wayne was there. So I’m walking past and then I hear: ‘Yo Rob,’ and I look back and it’s Wayne. When I say I walked through afterward, after he said that, I start pushing n*ggas like: ‘Fuck out my way n*gga, Lil Wayne just said wassup to me. Leave me alone n*gga. Don’t talk to me.’ That’s like my favorite Wayne story.”

The New York City native also recalled another story involving Wayne. This time it was when he was at The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios in Miami recording music with Birdman and finding out Weezy really does live inside the studio as his room was next to their room!

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Steve EQ The Great Recalls Recording Lil Wayne In 2005 & Reveals How “I Can’t Feel My Face” Leaked [Video]

Steve EQ The Great Recalls Recording Lil Wayne & Reveals How I Cant Feel My Face Leaked

A few months ago, Steven Vargas aka EQ The Great aka Steve The Engineer sat down with GRLA Hebrew and Tazadaq Sicarii to explain how he was done wrong by Juelz Santana.

Around the 1:45 mark of the clip below, Steve revealed how he first got started to become Juelz‘s recording engineer, which was back in 2005, and one of the first projects he worked on was I Can’t Feel My Face. He even recalled recording Lil Wayne in his brother’s closet in New Jersey.

The former Dipset engineer also spoke about why Juelz Santana and Wayne decided they wanted to release ICFMF as an album instead of a mixtape (money involved), as well as mentioned it was Santana‘s artist from Philadelphia, Jay Bezel, who leaked the project online by leaving a copy of the CD in a car!

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