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Throwback Thursday: Scans Of Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Cover Story For XXL Magazine’s 2006 Issue

Scans Of Lil Wayne & Birdman Cover Story For XXL Magazine 2006 Issue

For #ThrowbackThursday today, I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne and Birdman‘s cover story for the December 2006 issue of XXL magazine, which took place not long after their Like Father, Like Son collaboration album had been released in stores.

In an interview with Jon Caramanica for the mag, Weezy and Baby discussed everything from how they first met each other, why artists such as Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, B.G. and Turk all left Cash Money Records, and how they really felt about that.

You put out the “I Miss My Dawgs” song, and you said it came from a sincere place. The other [Hot Boys] guys said it was some sport of publicity stunt. How did that make you feel?
Fuck them niggas. They should be happy a nigga was still seeing them at that time. I don’t see them no more. Literally. They dead to me, man.

You can check out scans from Wayne and Baby‘s cover story below, courtesy of RSA, that also includes the two of them chatting about their family-like relationship, the early Cash Money days, relocating to Miami from New Orleans, and much more!

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Young Thug Reveals Why He Doesn’t Think Lil Wayne Likes Him, Reginae Carter Responds

Young Thug Reveals Why He Doesnt Think Lil Wayne Likes Him, Reginae Carter Responds

Just over a week ago, Young Thug sat down with Big Boy on his Real 92.3 radio show in Los Angeles, California for an interview.

During their conversation, Thugger was asked about his relationship with Lil Wayne to which he answered: “I don’t think that n*gga like me”. He then went on to reveal his reasons why he thinks so, which you can watch below.

Weezy‘s daughter Reginae Carter also took to Twitter to write the following message after seeing the Thug interview: “If you’re a rapper and you think my father doesn’t like you … that’s not the case always. He probably really just don’t know you. Lol or don’t care to get to know you, no beefs. He really just be on his shit and only that. No clout chasing cause that’s not apart of his job.”

Do you think Tunechi and Young Thug will ever work together on a song again now that Tune is recording tracks with Birdman?

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Lil Wayne Addresses Frank Isola & Eli Manning Over Their Comments About An Odell Beckham Interview [Video]

Lil Wayne Addresses Frank Isola & Eli Manning Over Their Comments About An Odell Beckham Interview

Lil Wayne has took to social media today to address all of the negative feedback about Odell Beckham Jr.‘s interview, who had Wayne sitting next to him, with journalist Josina Anderson.

The Young Money founder first responded to sportswriter Frank Isola after he was quoted saying “how can Odell Beckham be taken seriously if Lil Wayne’s sitting next to him?”. Weezy had the following to say:

“Frank, I actually like you when you come on television. You mentioned my name this time though and when that happens I’m going to fight back. You all know I don’t get on here to do this. I only get on here to do positive things and say great things. But Frank, come on, I don’t know much about you and the fact is, you don’t know much about me so with that said… keep my name out your mouth.”

“So to answer your question as to why should you take him serious if he’s sitting next to Lil Wayne? To answer that is because Lil Wayne is serious, and I was serious when I said keep my name out your mouth, Frank.”

The New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning mentioned “I don’t watch Lil Wayne much” when he was asked about Odell‘s interview and Tune was not cool with this:

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Lil Wayne Compliments Nicki Minaj & Praises Her “Queen” Album [Video]

Lil Wayne Compliments Nicki Minaj & Praises Her Queen Album

Lil Wayne took to social media to praise and compliment his Young Money artist Nicki Minaj on the release of her latest album, Queen.

In a recorded video, Weezy congratulated Nicki, called Queen one of the best albums ever, and wished the “Barbie Dreams” songs was dedicated to him.

After seeing the clip, Minaj responded on Twitter by saying she was “speechless” and called Tunechi the “greatest rapper alive”. You can check it all out below! Do you enjoy Queen?

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Turk Responds To “I Miss My Dawgs” With A “My Dawg” Freestyle Dedicated To Lil Wayne

Turk Responds To I Miss My Dawgs With A My Dawg Freestyle Dedicated To Lil Wayne

After all of these years, Turk has responded to Lil Wayne‘s “I Miss My Dawgs” song, which appeared on Wayne‘s Tha Carter album back in 2004.

The YNT founder has teamed up with DJ Hektik to release a new mixtape called Hot Boy Shit that is full of collaborations between Turk and Mr. Carter.

One of these collabos includes Turk adding a verse to Weezy‘s “My Dawg” track off Dedication 6, which is actually a freestyle over Lil Baby’s “My Dawg” instrumental.

You can listen to Turk‘s “My Dawg” freestyle that is dedicated to Tunechi below. Tune also responded by writing “All Love Big Bro….4 Life!!!” on Twitter! What are your thoughts on it?

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