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Lil Wayne Cancels His 2019 Rolling Loud Festival Set After Refusing To Be Searched By Police

Lil Wayne Cancels His 2019 Rolling Loud Festival Set After Refusing To Be Searched By Police

As we know, Lil Wayne was due to headline the 2019 Rolling Loud music festival at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida last night (May 11th).

However, when Wayne got to the venue, he decided to cancel his performance as he did not want to be searched by the police:

“To all my fans who came to see me at Rolling Loud, I’m sorry but I won’t be performing. The Festival Police (Not Rolling Loud) made it mandatory that I had to be policed and checked to get on the stadium grounds. I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job and give you guys a great show. I will be at Story tonight for the afterparty and you kan katch me on tour with my bros Blink 182 this summer!”

I do not know if Tunechi got news of Kodak Black getting searched and arrested for weapon charges earlier on in the day by the festival police and it made Tune decide to not go through with the mandatory search, or if he is just sticking to what he said on the “Do’s And Dont’s Of Young Money” skit off Dedication 3:

“I hate… don’t check, don’t you ask to check nothing of mine; If I’m coming into your place of business and you scheduled for me to be there; Bitch, I don’t have to be there; I have a very nice home, ya understand? And boy look here, just don’t be tryna check me dude; I ain’t tryna steal or hurt nobody in none of them places; I’m rich as a motherfucker and that’s the last thing I want, a confrontation or a problem; I am trying, I am; Son, don’t check me.”

You can check out Weezy‘s tweets below!

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Miami Police Department Respond To Hoax Shooting At Lil Wayne’s Mansion For The Second Time In Just Over A Year

Miami Police Department Respond To Hoax Shooting At Lil Wayne's Mansion For The Second Time In Just Over A Year

A few days ago on September 2nd, the Miami police officers were called to Lil Wayne‘s crib on La Gorce Island in Florida after they received a 911 call reporting there was a shooting inside the house.

Of course when the police turned up, they found no victims and it ended up being another hoax 911 call, which is the same thing that happened to Wayne last year in March.

After the incident, Tunechi took to Twitter to thank the authorities for always being alert. The MPD (Miami Police Department) responded to Tune on their own Twitter page by saying they are glad he is okay and thanked him for the support.

You can check out a news clip of the incident after the jump below that also shows Weezy arriving to his mansion in his Bugatti!

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Police Say There Were No Shots Fired At Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach Home, It Was One Huge Expensive Hoax

Shots Have Been Fired Inside Lil Wayne Miami Beach Home

Earlier today, police received a phone call from an unknown person that said he had shot four people and “seriously wounded” them at Lil Wayne‘s Miami Beach home.

Police officers arrived to the scene quickly and set up a perimeter. After waiting for it to be secure, the SWAT team entered Weezy‘s home and searched room for room, but found nothing.

Mack Maine also confirmed on Twitter as this was all going on that Tunechi is okay and was not at his house when the so-called shots were fired. Cortez Bryant was spotted co-operating with the police outside of Tune‘s crib too.

After the search was completed, police gave the all clear and said there were no indications of a shooting at Wayne‘s mansion, as well as confirmed that it was a large expensive hoax. They said they will now make an investigation to see who made the phone call!

UPDATE: You can listen to a recording of the hoax phone call below.

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