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Lil Wayne Spits A New Verse During His Show In Indiana [Video]

Lil Wayne Spits A New Verse During His Show In Indiana

During his “The Dedication Tour” at the Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana on March 3rd, Lil Wayne spat some new bars for everyone in attendance at the show.

After performing “Every Girl” live with Mack Maine and shouting each other out, Weezy rapped the following bars:

“It’s so simple that it’s complicated; You think about mistakes that’s when you made ’em; The water’s runnin’ baby I ain’t chasin’; Cause only in still water is when we see our faces; I told my homie: ‘boy you better watch them hoes when you sleeping’; Nigga them dog-ass hoes been creeping”

You can watch Tunechi spit the new lyrics in a clip after the jump below, courtesy of Colin Habeeb! I wonder when we will be hearing this verse in CDQ?

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Denzel Washington Mentions Lil Wayne & His “Lollipop” Song In His Commencement Speech At Dillard University [Video]

Denzel Washington Mentions Lil Wayne & Lollipop In His Commencement Speech At Dillard University In New Orleans

Actor and filmmaker Denzel Washington delivered a commencement speech to students graduating at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 9th.

What’s funny about that is during the beginning of his speech, Denzel was asking someone if they can spit like Nas or Jay Z, but then realized he was in Louisiana, so he changed his choices to Cash Money and Lil Wayne.

“Can you spit? A little bit? Nas or Jigga? No, no, we in Louisiana… Cash Money All Stars? Lil Weezy? Not “Lollipop” though, not “Lollipop”!”

You can check out this cool clip out after the jump below. It looks like Denzel Washington isn’t a big fan of Weezy‘s “Lollipop” song haha!

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Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Crew Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

A police report filed in Miami last week accuses Lil Wayne‘s entourage pushing a photographer to the ground in the rain, spitting in his face and smashing his bicycle up with skateboards! This was because the photographer spotted Weezy and his crew skating outside a church that had a “no skateboarding” sign and decided to take some photos of them.

Wayne didn’t like the attention he was getting from the photographer, who had called him a “nobody”, so he sent his 8-men-entourage to take the photographer’s camera and make him delete several of the pictures he took. This is then when the men started pushing the photographer to the ground, beating the crap out of his bicycle and spitting in his face.

You can read what TMZ reported, some pics of Tunechi and his entourage skating, and a video that catches Tune not being liked called a “nobody” all after the jump below.

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