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Lil Wayne Spits A New Verse During His Show In Indiana [Video]

Thu, Mar 10, 2016 by

Lil Wayne Spits A New Verse During His Show In Indiana

During his “The Dedication Tour” at the Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana on March 3rd, Lil Wayne spat some new bars for everyone in attendance at the show.

After performing “Every Girl” live with Mack Maine and shouting each other out, Weezy rapped the following bars:

“It’s so simple that it’s complicated; You think about mistakes that’s when you made ’em; The water’s runnin’ baby I ain’t chasin’; Cause only in still water is when we see our faces; I told my homie: ‘boy you better watch them hoes when you sleeping’; Nigga them dog-ass hoes been creeping”

You can watch Tunechi spit the new lyrics in a clip after the jump below, courtesy of Colin Habeeb! I wonder when we will be hearing this verse in CDQ?

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  • HawaiianPunch

    Some wise words though, sound like some CV shit



      • HawaiianPunch

        Lol ok son

    • CarterBoy

      i hope it aint on c5

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Chance the Rapper feature I bet

    • philweezy

      I think it is too



  • Gudda Gudda

    the milf on the left is my type of woman

  • CarterBoy

    wayne set that up like he was gonna rap some crazy out of this world bars to show he the best rapper alive
    the verse aint bad and it will probably sound GOAT with his flow on a beat
    but im a bit disappointed

    • HawaiianPunch

      You disappointed with what? Lol some shit he probably came up with on the ride? He’s going for more conceptual bars, that the kinda shit that needa be on CV

    • How? He’s being real

    • ScrillaScrilla

      Sounds like he wrote it down or something

      • captain loudpack

        Hell nah there’s nothing writing about that shit was to basic

    • ScrillaScrilla

      Sounds like he wrote it down or something

  • BaltimoreBoy410

    I love that shit

  • BaltimoreBoy410

    It’s Good one of Wayne’s all time best tracks

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Lyrically its not insane but the message is very clear

  • Ye

    What that mean?

  • Teddy bear

    Verses like this with fat Albert flow Would be insane. 🔑

  • Skenny

    i bet mack didnt get the last 2 bars

  • Cv

    Daaaaamn Danny, back at it again with the updates

  • Damn Wayne rapping some real shit

  • Sparks

    Lol sounded like iggy azalea when he started rapping fast couldn’t understand shit he was saying. I like the barz he was spitting before that

  • Wayne976

    something comin’ then remember when he first teased glory or NC2 lyrics on stage !!


      Hell yeah

  • Clay Newman

    Man y’all tripping. Wayne definitely thought of that off the top of his head for the fuck of it. HAHA he even said naw im just playin.

  • Tune

    Haha real sh!t


    When Mack Maine think everybody knows his part lol

  • Untouchable

    Pissin me off how that guy kept turnin his mf phone

  • jayreeves

    bars sheesh

  • jayreeves

    i feel that shit tho i do wish i could fuck most girls in the world they so fine. hoes from every ethinicity too

  • jayreeves

    you aint a g till u fucked a bitch wit 10k followers on insta tho lol

  • Malik

    “The water’s runnin’ baby I ain’t chasin, Cause only in still water is when we see our faces”

    I like the wordplay on this, drop this asap Wayne

    • Scarface

      I would hope its either off the Collegrove songs to come or C5

  • jayreeves

    i feel like d6 gettin cooked up

  • jayreeves

    in 2015 wayne said he been listenin to E. 1999 eternal and a lotta bone thugs and you can tell in his music he been harmonziing a lot. I dig it fr fr

  • jayreeves

    we need a bone thugs wayne collab tho that would epic

    • Young Negger

      They been asked for that but Wayne never replied

  • T – Wayne#FreeC5

    Just got a car. Now I’m paranoid looking out my window every couple of minutes. Swear if somebody try me 🔫

  • Weezy F

    that milf look bad

  • Ralph Laüren

    he rapped that in State College too

  • Jessica King

    Omg!!! I’m spinning out!
    The first two lines are exactly what I wrote in my song for my EP
    Wtf. ..