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Lil Wayne Gets New Face Tattoos [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Gets New Face Tattoos

Last month, Lil Wayne hit up the Till The End Tattoos shop in Miami, Florida to get some new face ink from artist Chino.

It’s hard to see exactly what Weezy got tatted, but it does look like he got a peace symbol, a rocket, and lightning bolts on his cheeks.

You can check out a few pics of Tunechi‘s latest ink below. You may even be able to get a better look at the face tattoos in Tune‘s tour announcement video here! What are your thoughts on the tatts?

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Lil Wayne Attends IVY Nightclub In Miami For Halloween, Wears A Guy Fawkes Mask [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Attends IVY Nightclub In Miami For Halloween, Wears A Guy Fawkes Mask

On October 30th, Lil Wayne hit up IVY Nightclub in Miami, Florida to celebrate Halloween, as well as to premiere his “Back To Back” and “Where Ya At” freestyles that will be appearing on the upcoming No Ceilings 2 mixtape.

Weezy and his homies Hood, T@, Mack Maine, Troy J, Stephanie Acevedo, and Evan Hernandez all rocked a Guy Fawkes mask. If you are not familiar with “the Guy Fawkes mask”, then you may know the face from the “V For Vendetta” film, or even the symbol for the online hacktivist group Anonymous!

You can view some more photos of Tunechi at the nightclub after the jump below. If you or someone you know dressed up as Tune for Halloween last night, don’t forget to send me a pic and I’ll feature it on LilWayneHQ.com!

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Lil Wayne Tattoos The “Power” Symbol On His Face

Lil Wayne Tattoos The Power Symbol On His Face

Lil Wayne has decided to get some more ink on his face! You can see in the picture above that Tunechi has tattooed the symbol for “power” on the side of his face in between his “Misunderstood” and “Tune” tatts, as well as above his “5 strikes” tatt.

There could be a lot of meanings behind this symbol tattoo and if you are an Xbox and iMac user like myself, you should recognize the symbol straight away from it being on the power buttons.

Click here to check out a lot more of Weezy F Baby‘s tattoos and the meanings behind the ink. Also don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on Wayne‘s latest tattoo!