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Lil Wayne Performs “No Problem” Live At The Audiotistic Music Festival, Chants “C5” [Video]

Lil Wayne Performs No Problem Live At The Audiotistic Music Festival, Chants C5

A week ago today on July 14th, Lil Wayne performed live at this year’s Audiotistic Music Festival in Mountain View, California at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

During his headliner set, Weezy performed his verse off Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem” single live for everyone in attendance, as well as chanted “C5” after it.

You can check out some footage of this after the jump below. Click here to see photos of Tunechi‘s live performance at the 2018 Audiotistic Music Festival!

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Chris Brown Calls Lil Wayne The GOAT For His “Suicide” Rhymes, Juelz Santana Teases “Tha Carter V”

Chris Brown Calls Lil Wayne The GOAT For His Suicide Rhymes, Juelz Santana Teases Tha Carter V

Taking to his Instagram account, Juelz Santana uploaded a photo of the fake Tha Carter V billboard, which is 100% photoshopped, with a caption teasing Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album.

With two words that us Wayne fans are certainly familiar with, Juelz wrote: “Soon Come #Carter5 @LilTunechi”. Do you think this could mean Santana will be featured on C5?

In other news, Chris Brown also took to his Instagram page to call Tunechi “THE FUCKING [GOAT]” with a clip showing Tune‘s rhyming skills on his “Bloody Mary” song that features Juelz Santana.

You can check out both posts from the two music artists below! My only concern is why does it take a viral video showing how Weezy rhymed “suicide” in a verse to make everyone on social media jump on the bandwagon? Did no one actually listen to the verse when the song came out at the start of this year?

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Lil Wayne Plays His “Tha Carter V” Album For Harvey Soto, Who Says It “Sounds Crazy”

Lil Wayne Plays His Tha Carter V Album For Harvey Soto, Who Says It Sounds Crazy

I previously posted up footage on Friday of Lil Wayne skateboarding at the Diamond Supply Co. indoor skate park in Los Angeles, California on the 3-year anniversary of his Free Weezy Album.

Below, you can see some more new footage from the skating sesh that has surfaced online, courtesy of Spanish Mike, and it shows Harvey Soto skating with Weezy while “HollyWeezy” plays in the background.

On his social media pages, Harvey revealed getting to know Tunechi was a personal “highlight” for him and also said Tune invited him to his studio to listen to Tha Carter V, which he mentioned “sounds crazy”!

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Fabian Marasciullo Says Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V Season” Is “Coming Soon”

Fabian Marasciullo Says Lil Wayne Tha Carter V Season Is Coming Soon

Lil Wayne‘s mixing engineer Fabian Marasciullo has took to Instagram to tease Tha Carter V season.

After calling out all the new albums this year, Fabian then mentioned Tunechi‘s C5 season will be here soon:

“The biggest albums that have come out this year sound like absolute shit. Y’all need to get yourselves together. C5 season coming soon. Hurt feelings to follow. YaBish”

We previously had a Tha Carter V season back in 2014 when athletes were releasing new information about Weezy‘s upcoming album and dropping songs off the project! Are you excited?

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Lil Wayne Reveals He Had A Meeting About The Release Date Of His “Tha Carter V” Album [Video]

Lil Wayne Reveals He Had A Meeting About The Release Date Of His Tha Carter 5 Album

Over the weekend on Saturday night (June 23rd), Lil Wayne hosted a party at Story Nightclub in Miami, Florida.

At the end of his appearance, Weezy let everyone know that he had a meeting earlier that day about the release date of Tha Carter V:

“Just to let y’all know I had a meeting today, it wasn’t a long meeting, but just so y’all know the meeting was about the release date of Tha Carter fucking V.”

You can check out Tunechi revealing this news about his upcoming C5 album at Story Nightclub in a video after the jump below! Who’s excited?

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