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Lil Wayne Goes Skating Through The Miami Streets & Sings “Thinkin’ About You” [Video]

Lil Wayne Goes Skating The Miami Streets, His Skate Park & Sings Thinkin About You

Check out some new clips of Lil Wayne skateboarding in the streets of Miami, as well as at his private skate park in Miami.

Weezy can be seen showing off his skills and new tricks that he has learned. He also starts to sing “Thinkin’ About You” off his Dedication 5 mixtape at the very end!

You can watch the footage after the jump below.

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Lil Wayne Has An Early Morning Skating Session At The Hit Factory Recording Studio Car Park

Lil Wayne Has An Early Morning Skating Session At The Hit Factory Recording Studio Car Park

Earlier this morning at around 8:00AM, Lil Wayne took a break from recording his The Free Weezy Album to have a skateboarding session with Lil Twist and Hood at the Hit Factory recording studio car park in Miami, Florida.

You can check out some footage of Tunechi showing off his skills in the clips below. Do you think Tune is getting better and better on a skateboard in every new video we see of him skating?

In other news, Wayne and T.I. are hosting an event later tonight from 9PM at Label nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina. More details can be found here!

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Lil Wayne & Lil Twist Have A Skating Session

Lil Wayne & Lil Twist Have A Skateboarding Session

As he had a day off from touring yesterday, Lil Wayne decided to have a little skateboarding session and teach Lil Twist some tricks. You can watch three clips of Tunechi and Twizzy skating after the jump below.

“Big Bro outside fukin around !! “Fakie Crook” for all u skaterz out there!! #Trukfit”

“Big bro tryna teach me this trick ….. Pt. 2 .. Got my drop in down ya heard me!!! Big bro still clownin on the board!!! #youngin #family”

If you are wondering what t-shirt Weezy F Baby is wearing, it is the “Too Drunk To Fuck” tee from Supreme and Dead Kennedys’ collaboration collection!

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Lil Wayne Practices His Skating Tricks With Grizzly Gang’s Chance Eldridge

Lil Wayne Practices His Skating Tricks With Grizzly Gang Chance Eldridge

Early Saturday morning, Lil Wayne had a Grizzly Gang skateboarding session at an indoor skatepark with Chance Eldridge. You can check out two clips of Tunechi practicing his skateboard tricks, as well as another photo after the jump below.

In other Wayne news, Power 106’s Big Boy recently asked Christina Milian about Weezy F Baby. Click here to check out that interview!

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Lil Wayne Takes A Break From Recording “Tha Carter V”, Goes Skating At The TRUKSTOP [Video]

In the video above, you can watch some recent footage of Lil Wayne taking a break from recording Tha Carter V in the studio and skateboarding at his TRUKSTOP skate park.

The title of the clip that was filmed by Jared Glassman is “#FUKKITFRIDAYS”, so maybe this will be a weekly series that shows new footage of Weezy F Baby skating and performing tricks?

Wayniacs, do you think Tunechi has improved a lot at his hobby?