Lil Wayne Cuts His Cheek During First Street Skating Mission [Video]

Thu, Feb 7, 2013 by

The Skateboard Mag releases some footage of Lil Wayne‘s first street skating mission with Greg Lutzka that you can watch in the video above.

During the clip, we can see Tune and his friends performing skateboarding tricks as well as the accident were he cut his cheek, which explains why he has been wearing a band-aid on his face recently.

Wayne did have a good way to put the cheek accident in words though: “I’m a lover and the streets kissed me”.

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  • first


    “KISS MY ASS IF YOU HATING” GOAT.fuck all eminem fans damn.

  • JK

    Follow @just6kidding on twitter !!

    s/o Charleston South Carolina

    DEWeezy !!!!!!

  • Krema jr

    Dope nigga getn better erday

  • streetz

    he really got better at skating

    he kinda sorta look like a pro skater now too

    weezy proves the haters wrong one again

  • Tic Toc

    “The streets kissed me”


  • big dean

    scooby doo pisses me off that fuckboi

    wayne that nigga just be feeding off you

  • batman

    fuckin skate videos
    where are the raf and love me music videos

  • J.M.I

    @Danny M

    Danny is it true that Lil’ Wayne is making a Music Video for “I Ain’t Nervous” ??

  • Sosababy

    Say bye to weezy in rapping cuz he is officially a skater now after this album he is done

  • Rem111

    What is the music in the background?

  • Tony Montana

    If u really think he s good at sk8ing you dont know a thing bout it, but he s improved

  • Showiz


    It’s called “I Remember” by The Game.
    By it’s the instrument version.

  • Eshall

    I love Lil Wayne skating! He is improving a lot and having so much fun. I applaud him. Also he took damage like a soldier! I’d have to sit down and have a cry if I scuffed my face like that. But I’m a chick so its cool.

  • turtle

    zig zag blunt wrap where da bud b

  • Christian

    Yo u da best and wht u said is true and TRUCKFIT

  • Young Teezy

    My big bro killin it he be on skateboard he got some moves and homies just please bro dnt retire rapping and skateboarding motivate u u are really good no lie when they define rapping and skateboarding itz going be u big bro u are the exactly tha definition of it

    Last Kings, OVO, YMCMB, The Flamez Bitch, B.W.A, L.A.T, B.W.S
    Vampire Life, Skull Gang

    Martians 4 Life
    Truk Da Wurl
    Young Mula Baby !!!!!!

  • maria_latina_wayne

    wayne why are you not careful when you skating.

  • sticki

    some bitch called karrine says she writtin a book bout how 2 make luv to Weezy they all wonna make mula of this niggas,name has fed billions!!

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    Lol to the dude a couple posts above me that shouted out all those sets and crews. Like those sets even give a fuck about some Internet fuckboi. I swear, these Internet gangsters think they’re gettin harder and harder by the minute.

    Oh yea… And Wayne, put out some fuckin music. 2005 Wayne and earlier woulda never been on a skateboard. That nigga woulda been in the streets flippin work not kickflipping. Ur a fuckin poser

  • Rem111

    Thanks bro! I have the remix on my playlist in Tyga’s Well done 3 🙂 good shit

  • Thats some nigga shit man, real niggas don’t surrender man, and this is what Tunechi is showin. fuck all ya hatin.

  • Suckmydeck

    Wow the constant handshaking after every fucking trick is really started to annoy the fuxk outta me

    Yall be touching too much too intimidly

  • Weezy shuldn’t dump rap coz he’s made for it, and am gonna miss his punchlines dat drives me crazy